Wise Woman Resurrected: Conjuring the Resurrection of Your Inner Wise Woman

A Four-Week Journey with four women through the Isis Myth and the Seven Scorpions, culminating into a legacy portrait of your alignment to your divine celestial being.

As I approach my 60th birthday this May, I can’t help but reflect on the journey that led me here. Five years ago, I found myself in a place of profound loss after the death of my beloved husband. Lost, I decided to come home, which meant uprooting myself even though I was happily established on the North Tropical Coast of Queensland, living a dreamy life. Moving from Australia to Canada to start over was no easy feat. I faced a mountain of challenges internally and externally, and let’s not forget Covid, closing my studio and being in a bubble by myself. Still, you know, I am one tenacious and stubborn Woman. I needed to be reminded of my strength and resilience through this long, gut-wrenching journey.

As I embrace my Wise Woman archetype, I am excited. I am now on a mission to hold the sacred space for women to conjure and resurrect themselves! This rich experience is definitely for women who have gone through a journey of significant change. 

I am thrilled to introduce a unique 4-week program, “Wise Woman Resurrected: Conjuring the Resurrection of Your Inner Wise Woman,” designed specifically for women looking to resurrect themselves and step into their power. 

“Conjuring the Resurrection of Your Inner Wise Woman” refers to the awakening and bringing back to life the wise woman archetype within you. It involves tapping into your inner strength and wisdom, reclaiming your power, and rediscovering your purpose in life. 

“Conjuring” implies an intentional effort to bring forth your inner wise Woman. At the same time, “resurrection” suggests that this archetype may have been dormant or suppressed and needs to be brought back to life. The phrase emphasizes the importance of connecting with the wisdom that comes with age and experience and empowering yourself as a woman.

This program is a beta experience for four lucky women, and I am offering it at a specially priced rate that is too good to pass up. Inspired by the Goddess Isis and the teachings of her 7 Scorpions, four women will learn to tap into their inner strength and wisdom. The program is geared towards you – women of my tribe who speak my language, know they are charged with a life mission and are ready to take control of their lives and step into their power as Wise Women.

This program is deeply personal to me, as it draws from my own experiences and the teachings that helped me to find my way through a challenging time of complicated grief and an avalanche of upheaval and personal reinvention. I am excited to share these teachings with other women and help guide them on their journeys of self-discovery.

If you are a woman or you know of a woman who is ready to resurrect herself and step into her power, I encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. With only four spots available, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. I invite you to join me on this journey and discover the strength and wisdom within you.

I am now accepting applications for four adventurous beta testers to join me on this journey. 


  1. Are you in your mid-40s and above?
  2. Do you consider yourself on a spiritual path of ascension and personal empowerment?
  3. Do you feel an alignment, a calling to enter a cathartic journey home to yourself?

If you answered yes to all three questions, I invite you to book a Discovery call and apply for this opportunity.

Wise Woman Resurrected Portrait Discovery Link


Please note: The Wise Woman Resurrected Project fee is reduced for a limited time for four beta testers. The investment is too crazy to post publicly. I am looking to attract four women to be the face of this project. 

Is it you? 

Together, we will co-create a beautiful and meaningful experience aligned with your highest purpose and focused on uplifting others and making a difference. Join me on this journey towards the resurrection of your inner Wise Woman, and let us transform ourselves and the world around us.

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