What's Included at your Open Inward Intuitive Integrative Journey Portrait?


Give YOU back to those you love

Let’s go on a deep dive into your worth

Let’s co-create together your dream shoot

Imagine being discovered long after you’ve departed this world

Are you ready to change the way you see yourself?

Pre-Shoot Consultation

We discuss the delicate subject of any concerns you might have, what your ‘why’ is and what outcomes you hope to achieve

We then get creative with shoot themes, tones, textures, accessories, and wardrobe

Most importantly, we get clear on your intentions (your why)

We then get to work to create your personalized boutique experience

Reassuring hand squeezing is always available…

Offered in-person at our studio or over the phone or Zoom

Your Day

The day is reserved just for you

We offer you the luxury of a relaxing, naturally safe and joy-filled experience

We encourage you to go digital-free, ‘disappear’ from your outer world for the day

We want to give you the time and space you need to feel safe so that the real YOU can show up and be witnessed

The Campbellford Studio Awaits you! 

Welcome to a Sanctuary of Self-Discovery: 

Your Portrait Studio in Campbellford, Ontario

Picture this: A place where creativity flows like a serene river, your authenticity is celebrated, and your soul finds its voice. Nestled in the heart of picturesque and quiet Campbellford, Ontario, our portrait studio is more than just a space; it’s a sacred haven, a journey into the depths of your being.
Step into our clean and spacious sanctuary, where the air is filled with possibility, and the energy is nurturing, like the embrace of an old friend.
Here, your privacy is paramount, ensuring you feel safe to open up and explore the depths of your authentic self without reservation.
But that’s not all—our portrait studio is an exclusive retreat, an intimate cocoon where you’re the show’s star. And we have a special companion to make your experience even more extraordinary—meet Bear, our therapeutic mascot. You’ll feel a sense of comfort and companionship, like reuniting with a dear friend.
But the magic doesn’t stop there. We understand the wisdom of preparation and the importance of being well-rested before diving into the creative fray. That’s why we offer you the option to arrive the night before.
We’ll break bread together, share stories, unpack your wardrobe and enjoy a good night’s rest. It’s a rejuvenation ritual because, as Wise Women know, the value of starting the day fresh and invigorated is immeasurable.
So, dear Wise Women, your journey begins here in Campbellford, Ontario, where the canvas of your soul meets the palette of creativity. It’s an invitation to celebrate your unique essence, explore the depths of your authenticity, and capture your story in portraits that speak to the world.
Are you ready to enter this sacred space and embark on a transformative journey? Your sanctuary awaits, and Bear is ready to greet you with open paws if you like!
With warmest regards,
Laurie Anne


Laurie Anne

Behind The Lens

I approach the camera not merely as a photographer but as a psychic medium and an intuitive, integrative coach. My lens is an extension of a deeply intuitive and spiritual ethos sharpened through nearly 40 years of service, personal trials and a dedication to growth.

Five years ago, the earthly journey with my late husband, Darryl, came to a close, ushering me into a chrysalis of profound transformation. The move from Australia to Canada wasn’t just geographical; it was a passage through complex emotions, where complicated grief served as both a challenge and a catalyst.

But even as I laid down my armour to navigate this odyssey, I found my intuitive gifts were my compass, granting me inner clarity and the courage to guide others toward their light. These gifts are your guides, too, as we co-create this transformative experience.

When I speak of getting ‘deeply authentic,’ it’s an invitation tendered with earned wisdom. I’ve faced my shadows, illuminated by the intangible yet profoundly felt spiritual insights. The vulnerability, the connection, the soul-deep resonance you experience in this journey. These are outcomes born not just from skill but from a melding of intuition, spirit, and an unquenchable curiosity for the human condition.

This is not your average portrait session; it’s an act of alchemy. With me as your guide, you’re not just facing a camera; you’re facing yourself—your past, present, and the luminous possibilities of your future. The goal here isn’t just a photograph but a transformative unveiling, a vivid revelation of your most authentic self.

I invite you, with the most profound honour, to join me in this sacred endeavour.

My time and talent are entirely and passionately dedicated to holding your hand while we go on a journey to co-create your legacy

Get out of your head, get into your intuition. Source your answer from your heart!


At last, the rewarding finality of your journey home to you.

Visualize a session (in person or Zoom) imbued with a sense of ‘the sacred,’ where the whispers of your soul crystallize into visual form.

I welcome you to your personal ‘Reveal,’ a tender session that elevates your experience from a mere photo shoot to a ceremony of self-recognition.

We unfurl the raw, hand-selected images from our time together. You and I will traverse these visual echoes of your essence, identifying the ones that chime harmoniously with your inner self.

This isn’t just the prelude to professional editing; it’s a rite of passage that honors the truth of your being.

As we discern your chosen images, contemplate immortalizing them in tangible form. On offer is an array of artisanal options, including intricately crafted albums, portfolio keepsakes, and evocative art pieces destined for your personal spaces. For your soul’s mirror should not merely exist in digital form but tangibly accentuate your daily life.

Because I understand that these are not mere photographs but talismans of your spirit’s journey, each Collection comes with high-resolution print files and adaptable formats for social sharing. 


FYI – I offer three generous Collections (Digital and Framed artwork) or A La Carte for you to choose from starting at $600. 00. I’ll share all the details on your discovery call! 

Your freedom to print and share these treasures is limitless, captured under Personal Usage Rights for each image you hold dear.

Come join me in this transformative ritual; it’s not just the closing chapter but the prelude to a lifelong romance with your authentic self.

Are you ready to be celebrated in such a soulful way?

Destination Portrait

Journeying to Your Sacred Spaces: 

Wherever You Are, I’ll Be There
Just cover my logistical essentials, and I am more than willing to traverse the globe to meet you in your sanctuary, wherever possible.

Boundless Gratitude: An Honour to Bear Witness
The joy and privilege of being your chosen guide and creator for this soulful portrait experience are beyond words.

The Royal Treatment: Your Spirit, Celebrated

Rest assured, from the first contact to the final reveal, you’re not just a client but an honoured guest in this transformative journey.

Expect nothing short of reverence and devotion in how we serve you.

Pre-Production Consult

Please note: This type of spiritual and personal work may excite joy, passion, creativity, ambition, physical processing, and old stories being reborn with refreshed perspectives.

Intuitive Integrative Coaching with Laurie Anne is not traditional therapy and one must be responsible for their experience and or see professional support when necessary.