Why Do We Need Psychic Protection

Why do we need Psychic Protection?

At different times in our life, we feel overwhelmed, depleted by stress, vulnerable and unshielded from the harshness and chaos of reality, situations or unbalanced people. We may even be disconnected and psychically weak as a result.

We live during this timeline’s most significant shift of consciousness in the planet’s history. We are witnessing high levels of disorganization and the collapse of old systems and paradigms.

Reality Check: 

There are no magic tricks, visualizations, meditations, religious gods and goddesses, deities, angels or the Unified Field, store-purchased crystals or gemstones, mass-produced amulets and talismans, fingers and toes or arms and legs crossing, salty baths, essential oils, smudging with sacred plants, prayers of protection, or even white light that can keep you safe. 

So, how do you protect yourself from the constant barrage of unbalanced energies, intentions, actions, shifts of consciousness, etc.?

We simply must continue to cultivate and raise our level of awareness and persistently commit to adapting, overcoming and evolving through challenges with the consistent goal of self-correcting and living in a state of balance with the changing times. 

One sure method is harnessing the power of psychic protection. 

Creating, receiving and using protection talismans and seals sends a clear cross-hairs message to the Unified Field. However, that seeking protection message to the Unified Field can become obscured when we drift away from co-creating, building and maintaining the Electro (thoughts) Magnetic (feelings) outcomes.

There are countless recommendations for protection. Trust me; I’ve tried them all. They are all forms of spiritual bypassing ‘woo-woo’ without the keys to manifestation. The biggest obstacle is believing something outside of you will protect you. 

The keys to manifestation

  • We need to shift our vibration within. 
  • We need to rewire our brains.
  • We need to open our hearts. 
  • We need to keep energetically clean.
  • We need to be consistent and persistently committed to our protection intentions.

AKA – Open Inward Electromagnetic Manifestation Trifecta!

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