What is Zen Breath Work?

Zen Breath Work

There are countless techniques for breath-work, and many are connected to ancient Buddhist, Taoist and Yogic practices. They all have one thing in common, to calm the mind, body and spirit. 

Zen Breath Work is very simple; however, it does require focused effort. The technique helps distract you from your Monkey Mind and achieve the objective, shifting back to the self. 

Pay Attention to your Breath: 

  • When you are trying too hard to receive ‘Spirits’ and Psychic Information, you stop breathing.
  • Maintain awareness of your Zen breath. 
  • When you find you are not breathing, do two cycles of Zen Breath to re-establish awareness.
  • Also, use your breath as a focus tool to stay riveted to the presence of the unseen world.
    • Use your Zen breath to detect your awareness of the frequency output of your listening stations.
      • Intentionally shift as you need to self-correct to flow with dynamic electromagnetic energy more efficiently.

Zen Breath Work Steps:

  1. Stand, sit or recline
  2. Place a hand over the lower Dantian and one hand on the middle Dantian.
  3. Follow the respiratory rise and fall of the body for a few breaths
  4. Shift and focus only on the sensations of your breath
  5. Begin by focusing on the in-breath. 
  6. Feel the sensation of the cool air as it passes through your nostrils and down into your lungs. 
  7. Feel the coolness, the dryness inside your nose. 
  8. You may even detect the hairs inside your nose being pulled inward on the in-breath and outward on the out-breath. 
  9. After a brief but sustained pause, transition to your out-breath. 
  10. Feel the warm air as it passes through your nostrils
  11. Feel the sensations of your breath outside your nostrils as the warm air from your lungs mingles with the ambient air. 
  12. After a brief but sustained pause, transition to your in-breath. 

Continue for as long as necessary to shift into a grounded, centred, focused state.