What is Your True Will?

What is Your True Will?

Your True Will is a magical consciousness experienced through a body-mind conversation between your Soul and the Quantum Field. This compelling, wise and intelligent conversation is always about one thing, the fulfilment of your Soul’s Desire.

You know you are in the groove of your Soul’s Desire when undeniable synchronicity, coincidences, and opportunities blow up in your life! You are interfacing with creative energy at this point.

Unmistakable at first, but as time goes by, you move into acceptance of this magical co-creative relationship, flowing with opportunistic waves of change and evolution – this is ascension. 

At first, the wow factor is significant and gobbles up our energy and resources as we burn with excitement and joy. Eventually, we calm down and move deeper into the awareness and appreciation of living a magical charmed life. We have to remember we are Super Natural. 

You can’t take anyone with you; you can only be an inspiration. So, focus on recognizing the infinite value of your True Will and commit to persistently working away at expressing your Soul’s Desire. 

Wikipedia: True Will

How does one express their True Will?

Expressing your True Will requires focusing on programming and meta-programming your bioelectric magnetic computer – your quantum vibrational being.  

Recoding is easy to do with the right tools such as ritual, meditation and different brain states of consciousness moving from Beta, Theta to Alpha and potentially higher.  

Your Soul has a longing for something intangible, an expression, or a mission.

The knowing, sensing, seeing and hearing of your True Will fully expressing itself is a thing of sacred beauty.

The Trap

You may barely detect your True Will because so much of your energy goes into seeking a life of ease and comfort. An excellent soft life is like a drug that makes you sleepy around your awareness of your True Will. Your True Will never stops reaching out to your attention with a sense of Deja Vu, a longing you have yet to satisfy, something you were supposed to do in this lifetime but instead pursued the soft fuzzy comforts.

Creature comforts can become your trap from living your True Will, keeping the brave agency of your spirit suppressed. 

Your awareness of your Soul’s Desire, and the agency of your True Will, on various occasions, have been outranked by your pursuit of comfort and ease. 

Reach back to the first awareness of that ‘seductive thing,’ ‘your True Will’, that compelling thought that landed and began to take root in your consciousness?

In contrast, at that exact moment, your CCCS – Comfortable Complacent Contagious Self began diminishing your awareness of the call of your spirit, your True Will.

The voice of complacency will lead us to our redundancy. 

It is never too late to return to that moment of awareness of our True Will. 

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What would you give up for that True Will awareness again?