What is Your True Will, the 2nd Aspect of OISI Know Thyself

What is Your True Will?

(The 2nd Aspect of OISI Know Thyself)

Your True Will is a magical consciousness experienced through a body-mind conversation between your Soul and the Unified Field. This compelling, wise and intelligent conversation is always about one thing, the fulfilment of your Soul’s Desire.

You know you are in the groove of your Soul’s Desire when undeniable synchronicity, coincidences, and opportunities blow up in your life! You are interfacing with creative energy at this point.

Unmistakable at first, but as time goes by, you move into acceptance of this magical co-creative relationship, flowing with opportunistic waves of change and evolution. 

At first, the wow factor is significant and gobbles up our energy and resources as we burn with excitement and joy. Eventually, we calm down and move deeper into the awareness and appreciation of living a charmed life. 

You can’t take anyone with you; you can only be an inspiration. So, focus on recognizing the infinite value of your True Will and commit to persistently working away at expressing your Soul’s Desire. 

Wikipedia: True Will

How does one express their True Will?

Expressing your True Will requires focusing on programming and meta-programming your bioelectric magnetic computer – your quantum vibrational being.  

Recoding is easy to do with the right tools such as ritual, meditation and different brain states of consciousness moving from Beta, Theta to Alpha and potentially higher.  

Check out this article: 

5 Types Of Brain Waves Frequencies: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

  1. Do you agree that it is indeed true that we are aspects of the Divine incarnate in the material world?
    1. What is your proof
  2. Do you also believe that it behooves us to experience the whole gamut of our potential?
    1. What is your proof
  3. Is it time to wake up into our True Will, our strength and power as sovereign beings? 
  4. What would you imagine it would feel like to be with your soul mate?

When we are in that awareness, we are the world’s future. We wake up into our Future selves.

Resolute, strength of willpower and the ability to get in touch and keep in touch with who we are.

Our True Will encourages us to ground spiritual truths into our material world and align our experience to what we desire as the expression of our unique True Will. 

You would not be right here and now if you were not already long past the idea of praying to anyone or thing outside of yourself. 

Every day, we are on the threshold of being the agency of change within and without in our lives. The X-Factor is our connection to our True Will.

Are you part of a Universal Plan?

Of course, you are! 

  1. What are you doing to fully express the agency of your future self into the NOW?
  2. What can you do to deepen your connection to your divine feminine, the creative aspect? 

With persistence and commitment, we can create the optimum states for merging (through esoteric, magical and divination applications such as Open Inward Self-Connection Practice, Open Inward Trifectas, oracles, and other repatterning connection tools) our True Will and the True Will expressed by the Unified Field. 

We must reshape our reality beyond our limiting beliefs, patterns, and fleeting desire or longing for change. 

I.E., When one is stuck in their longing for a new job while remaining attached to what is familiar, instead of bravely moving into the vibration of what they truly want as an expression of their Soul’s desire, their True Will. 

We are battling to liberate ourselves, our future ancestors and future agencies of change at cultural, planetary and Galactic levels. 

  1. How does it make you feel that the changes we make as we align more honestly with our True Will, are merely part of the sacred fractal geometry of life’s longing for itself?

The eternal evolutionary hope of Universal True Will, aka the Unified Field, the Cosmic Mother. 

We must aspire to the next level of greatness and release our agreements with lower density thought forms counterproductive to the evolution of consciousness – the Unified Field.  

Outworn Old Earth 3D Mindset: 

  • Everything will work out
  • Peace will prevail
  • I’ll wait and see what happens
  • The Universe has your back
  • The Universe will provide
  • Ask the Universe
  • There is nothing more; there are no spiritual or higher ideals. 
  • We are material beings, and we are a solid matter of this world.
  • Discard your sacred yearning for Higher Ideals, your True Will and pursue comfort and joy.
  • Spiritual ByPassing
  • Sit in judgement of yourself and other others.

The outworn 3D mindset is the same mindset that eventually led to the fall of older empires, cultures, and ideals. 

  1. In the finite timeline of this lifetime, I invite you to be 100% honest where you have been dishonest about the work of fully expressing your True Self, your Soul’s desire. What do you intuit will block you from communicating your True Will in the future? 

Our blockages internally and obstacles externally are created by our dishonest decisions, actions and motivations. To dissolve those blocks to liberate your True Will, your Self Illumination -compassionately resurrecting and surfacing them to the light of day allows the energy to be freed up and re-directed towards manifesting new goals.

  1. What is it about you, your mindset and lifestyle that represents the consciousness of the 3d dualistic old world paradigm perspective? 
  2. What is it about you that hesitates from stepping into your True Will to create your best you and your best life?

The timing of our arrival at the threshold of our Soul’s Desire is never inconvenient. We generally partially awaken while enjoying or seeking material ease and the soothing comfort of loved ones. 

There are moments in our lives where a brief crack in our awareness happens. We suddenly become aware that a more incredible experience might be waiting for us just beyond the seductive, fuzzy warm, content dualistic state we are currently occupying. 

The Soul’s desire shows up to awaken the sleepy, delusive, disconnected and even discontent aspect of who we are. 

  1. When last did your disruptive Soul’s Desire show up? 
  2. What did you do?

Your Soul has a longing for something intangible, an expression, or a mission. 

The knowing, sensing, seeing and hearing of your True Will fully expressing itself is a thing of sacred beauty.

The Trap

You may barely detect your True Will because so much of your energy goes into seeking a life of ease and comfort. An excellent soft life is like a drug that makes you sleepy around your awareness of your True Will. Your True Will never stops reaching out to your attention with a sense of Deja Vu, a longing you have yet to satisfy, something you were supposed to do in this lifetime but instead pursued the soft fuzzy comforts.

Creature-comforts can become your trap from living your True Will, keeping the brave agency of your spirit suppressed. 

Your awareness of your Soul’s Desire, and the agency of your True Will, on various occasions, have been outranked by your pursuit of comfort and ease. 

Reach back to the first awareness of that ‘seductive thing,’ that compelling thought that landed and began to take root in your consciousness?

In contrast, at that exact moment, your CCCS – Comfortable Complacent Contagious Self began diminishing your awareness of the call of your spirit, your True Will.

  1. What has become of your life? 
  2. What has become of the world?

The voice of complacency will lead us to our redundancy. 

It is never too late to return to that moment of awareness of our True Will. 

  1. What would you give for that True Will awareness again?

Your True Will is an aspect of OISI Know Thyself. We will continue to explore OISI Know Thyself in the next unit.