What is your Primary Type of Mediumship?

What is your Primary Type of Mediumship?

Determine what is the student’s primary type of mediumship in preparation for the meditation. 

The 4 Main Types Of Mediumship

The traditional definition of a Medium is one who is able to create a three-way connection between themselves, their client and their client’s deceased loved ones on the other side and so much more! (Angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, ET’s, etc. )

A medium is gifted in the ability to direct the energy of a Spirit through themselves and out into the physical world. You become an anchor for the spirit to come closer to the earth plane for the purpose of communications. 

Most Mediums strive to channel an energy that is more loving and wise than themselves, and there are four common types of Mediumship, which are covered below – 

#1 Spiritual mediumship

  • Spiritual Mediumship is the ability to receive psychic data and spirits through your psychic faculties, 
  • (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience,)
  • Once a connection is contracted, the Medium begins the process of translating the data. 
  • Messages are usually delivered through speaking or writing and with support from physical divination tools, such as oracle cards. 
  • I prefer you don’t use an oracle during your training because it can become a crutch and weakens psychic perception. An oracle should confirm not provide the information.

#2 Physical Mediumship

  • This form creates a physical phenomenon. It can include table tipping, noise-making, levitation, smoke billet pictures, and the creation of ectoplasm with the help of a visiting Spirit. 
  • The physical Medium and the Spirit work together to create and produce a physical phenomenon.
  • Physical Mediumship includes face changes, voice changes, and approbation.

#3 Energy mediumship

This form of Mediumship is bringing the Divine Light Energy of Spirit through your body to transform yourself and others. 

Called the laying of the hands in Pentecostalism, Energy Mediumship also refers to forms of energy sending like Reiki and Shamanism.

#4 Channelling Mediumship

  • Channelling Mediumship is much like Spiritual Mediumship, except rather than connecting with many Spirits, the Medium connects with only one spirit or the same group of Spirits, (a monad – a thousand souls which can be an ancestral pool of wisdom) time and time again. 
  • Channel Mediums allow their mouths and hands to be used to deliver messages through speaking and writing.
  • Message and delivery happen almost simultaneously in Channeling Mediumship. 
  • Many channelers feel they are allowing their body or voice to be taken over by the Spirit whom they are channelling.

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