What is The Sacred Observing Self – S.O.S.

What is the Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S)? 

You learned about the Sacred Witness in OITEW. Now, I’d like to introduce you to the deeper aspect of the inner sacred witness – the Sacred Observing Self.

The Sacred Observing Self – the S.O.S. is that transcendent, omnipotent (powerful and capable of being influential), unchanging, wise, all-seeing, all-knowing aspect of your self-awareness that is vigilant to a non-attached perception of what is unfolding without and within you. 

  • S.O.S. exists outside the self and therefore does not judge; she only observes and accepts ‘what is.’ Her essential role is sacred. 
  • S.O.S.  experiences vicariously all your feelings, thoughts, and actions, bearing sacred witness to the expansive unfolding of your existence. 
  • S.O.S can mindfully observe the self unconditionally detachedly as if she is monitoring a stranger. 
  • S.O.S. will most often utilize metaphors to prevent agitating her conscious self. Metaphors are a trap door through which our lower consciousness can avoid revisiting a painful state or circumstances, allowing for transformative facilitation through a detached self-observing experience.
  • S.O.S.  is committed to liberating your self-perception, where it has become distorted and corrupted.

The Ego’s role

The lower or egoic aspect of the observing self can get lost in attachment to stories, experiences in the past, fears, and self-judgment, reacting to our thoughts and feelings, actions and behaviours. Sitting in self-judgment is what it means to be human. No other species self-reflects on themselves or their place in reality in this manner.  

If you find yourself in this denser aspect of the egoic observing self, immediately take a few moments to do Zen Breath Work and self-correct into the detached, all-seeing, all-knowing Sacred Observing Self. 

For a more in-depth method of connecting to the Sacred Observing Self, I’d like to share the Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice with you. 

Revisit: Zen Breath Work

  • Focus your awareness solely on your breath as it passes through your nostrils.
    • On the in-breath, the breath is at a cool temperature. 
    • On the out-breath, the breath is at a warm temperature. 
  • Even after a few breath cycles, your egoic awareness has shifted from your distraction, trigger, primary lie or pattern to the centring and calming connection to your breath.
  • Once you have a pattern established in your breathing in and out, observe your thoughts and feeling versus believing you are your thoughts and feelings.

Real Reality:

  • Beyond our ego perception, there is no separation and no illusions.
    • There is only the Unified field experiencing aspects of itself.
      • There is no you or me. 
  • When we upgrade our connection to our consciousness, we become aware that we are no one and nothing.
    • At that moment, we are free, no longer self-aware and in total flow in the unified field.
      • We are sacred mirrors of each other.
        • You are a version of your Dyad Partner, and she is a version of you. 
  • As you shift your awareness into your S.O.S., you will read the surrogate version of yourself. This mindset has its roots in Shamanic Taoist practice, the essence of 3 decades of training with my mentor Mr. King.

Why connect to our S.O.S.?

Very simply, to cultivate our higher awareness beyond the ‘self’ and become more integrated, balanced and harmonious. 

To progress along the path of becoming luminous beings of joy. 

There is a transformative potential between our conscious self-awareness and our sacred observing self.

We become free when we surrender the idea that we are separate beings.

Hall of Mirrors Dyad Exercise:

The Recipient Role:

  • Set a timer for 3 minutes and signal your Dyad partner to begin their Zen Breath Meditation.
    • When the 3 minutes are up, raise your hand to indicate the meditation is over. 
  • During the meditation, do Zen Breathwork, remain neutral, softly gazing at their Dyad Partner, intending to be an unconditional sacred mirror.
    • There is no ‘doing’ or observing in this role.
      • Your only job is to be like the unified field, no one, nothing and nowhere.
  • When your time is up, ground your experience
    • Discuss with each other your experiences
      • Switch roles

The Sacred Witness Role:

  • While doing Zen Breathwork for at least 3 minutes, intend to observe yourself through the lens of your Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.) 
  • Softly gaze at your Dyad Partner (in the Recipient Role) and allow your experience to unfold.
  • When your time is up, ground and document your experience
    • Discuss with each other your experiences
      • Switch roles