W8L4: Birth Name Connection

Overview & Purpose

Understanding how to connect with the Birth Name

Birth Name: 

What does it mean? 

Why is it important?

When a child is born or before birth, the birth naming ritual is the initial blessing, guidance, wishes, hopes and dreams offered by parents and often ‘the tribe’ to the child coming into the family. 

Have you ever asked someone, ‘what does your name mean’? I have, often. It’s always been an interest of mine. When I named my babies, they were in utero (before the days of gender reveal) that their names came to me. I intuitively had a big hunch about the sex of my babies. My son ended up with William Thomas Rupert Adkins. William was named after all four of his great grandfathers. William & Rupert and Thomas & Thomas. He is a powerful resilient character, and he is almost the spitting image of my Grandfather William – my Mother’s father.

A birth name can represent the parents’ hopes and wishes that admirable qualities inherently regulate that new person. The naming ritual can also be influenced by the desire to honour ancestors, their narratives, and cultural imprints.

Inadvertently, a child’s naming can also imprint fears, unbalanced emotional and mental patterns, religious beliefs or personal philosophies. Lastly, there are influences from the invisible realms as a spirit prepares to enter a new life with specific attributes and qualities. These subtleties are often detected unconsciously by the parents and other relatives. 

To name a thing or a person gives it its power.

I always include a Listening Station for the Birth Name but rarely get the go-ahead from Spirit to access that doorway into the individual. If a Recipient is inquiring about their purpose or spiritual gifts, I will activate the Birth Name Listening Station. It may also ‘light up’ intuitively. 

I will access the Birth Name Listening Station either during the Connection process or during a sharing of information portion of the session. 

For this exercise, you will access the Birth Name Listening Station right after having your Recipient call in their common name.

If someone’s common name and their Birth Name are the same, that is fine. Still make a second connection with the intention centred on the Recipient’s Soul identity. It is the intention that matters.

For the Birth Name Listening Station, a birth name is a full name as it is recorded on a birth certificate or other birth records.