W8L3: OITEW Guiding Principles

Overview & Purpose

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The perception of the psychic realms is, by its very nature, subjective. Therefore, no one can honestly claim 100% accuracy or offer a guarantee of accuracy. 

As the Sacred Witness, any information you receive (intuitively or psychically) should be shared in good faith and as clearly as possible with your Recipient. 

Your responsibility is to continuously cultivate your self-connection, only to offer to do a Connection Session and any other techniques shared in Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom when you feel 100%. Conduct yourself professionally and courteously and always act in the best interest of the Recipient.

The Recipient’s responsibility is to understand the non-analytical nature of how information is received, to verify any content offered by interfacing their personal experience with factual details. 

It is equally essential that the Recipient’s feeling/intuitive/sentient awareness is taken into account. If any information does not resonate at the level of truth in the Recipient, chances are it is a displacement of information and not necessarily inaccurate information. The data received is not infallible. We are merely a messenger acting on behalf of spirit.

It is essential to recognize that sometimes information presented triggers in the Recipient an internal defensive alarm and resistance is experienced. It is helpful to appreciate the difference between something that feels wrong and something that feels like one is resisting, i.e. resisting a transformational life-altering change!

I recommend that both the Sacred Witness and the Recipient be well-rested, hydrated, and well-nourished to have the best possible experience. They should both be prepared with balanced intentions, focused, relaxed, and unhurried. 

I also recommend that both the Sacred Witness and the Recipient connect to themselves beforehand and honestly check in with themselves on how open and receptive they are to the experience they are about to engage. 

You can’t force your heart to be available if you are fearful. If one is filled with dread and expectation, feels tentative or is a disbeliever or a skeptic but is still willing to give it a go, some part of that person has the potential to experience growth and healing that only new information can catalyze.

My principles as an intuitive coach and a psychic medium are respecting the Recipient and their freedom of choice. 

I believe it is critical to refrain from judgment and offering any unsolicited advice. 

I believe it is most efficient to explore the heart of the matter presented through the Connection Meditation Practice and any Open Inward tools and techniques you make us of, such as the SFT technique. 

We need only follow the presented information by facilitating the Recipient’s understanding of their unique healing and transformational process.

Lastly, it is also essential to understand the basic science of engaging in a psychic reading. An unconditional opportunity for connection, energetic melding, and blending of the Sacred Witness’s energy and the Recipients can begin to occur at a fundamental level. This approach produces the best possible outcome.


1.     Information offered during a session is presented in good faith, honesty, integrity and the strictest of confidentiality and as accurately as possible without judgment or alteration.

2.     In the process of a session, one should never offer legal or medical advice and will refer the Recipient wherever possible to the appropriate professionals.

3.     At no time should you in any fashion impose your will upon anyone, present or absent. 

The following are not part of my paradigm or my professional practice: Reference to the use of ‘Magic’ or Witchcraft; offering to cast or remove spells or incantations; offering to bring ‘lovers’ together or separate them by psychic means or powers and offering to provide winning lottery numbers or the like.

4.     At no time should you deliberately attempt to frighten a Recipient regarding forecasting or predicting future events, accidents and even deaths of loved ones. Predicting misfortune is irresponsible. The future is not etched in stone; it is forever changing with the choices, decisions and paths one takes.

Privacy Policy

The protection of everyone’s privacy is critical. You should never sell, trade, or rent personal information to others.

Never voluntarily disclose to any third parties, for distribution, marketing or promotional purposes, personal, professional or business information disclosed by others to you.

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