W8 OIIEM Crossing Over Spirits Ritual Overview

OIIEM Spirit Crossing Over Ritual Overview

Overview & Purpose

  • Be a Sacred Witness as well as an intermediary with the spirit world
  • Connect with your Conscious Higher-Self, spirit team and mediumship guide and the presenting spirit(s)
  • Introducing the use of the OIIEM Spirit Crossing Over Ritual Script
    • Create an optimal setting for spirits to ‘cross over’. 
    • Hold the intention to receive integrative seed and thought forms from each listening station to preserve space and energy for spirit communications to be dominant. 
  • Swiftly, intentionally shift back and forth from conscious awareness to a connected space, open to the spirit world.


Time of the OIIE Spirit Crossing Over Ritual: 

  • Plan to do the ritual at a timed place where and when the paranormal activity is typically most active. Generally, this is late into the evening or in the early morning hours. 

Time frame: 

  • Plan for about 30 minutes in total

Duty of Care:

  • You have a duty of care to yourself, your client and the presenting spirits
  • I have a duty of care to you
  • If you find that you are out of your comfort zone or skill level in the midst of a process with your client, safely pause the process and contact me
  • Telegram messenger or laking1111@gmail.com
  • If it is urgent, 437-928-9826 (Canada)
  • For international calls, the Canadian country code is 1

The Medium’s Intention:

  • Please do not take on offering unsolicited advice to your client.
    • Co-creatively inquire about feeling mind process interpretations.

We can help spirits cross over because we are tethered to 3D! We are on the ground floor.

The Client’s Preparation Intention:

  • Your client should be encouraged to create and document/ground an intention ahead of the ritual.
    • Grounding and documenting on paper their intention strengthens the potential for a clear connection with spirit, and it is excellent for evidence instead of hear-say.
      • Have your client prepare before by writing out a list of things they need from their loved ones to identify with you, the medium. 
      • When connecting to spirits who are potentially stuck, you may not know who they are to do any preparation. Instead nurture an unconditional mindset.
        • Ask them to repeat their list aloud within an hour before their session.
          • Spirits will hear them, and if they are keen to participate, this gives them time to come up with their evidential answers and messages.

Managing the Client:

  • In most cases, you and the client will arrive at the location of paranormal activity together.
    • You will need to go through the opening of the Sacred Protective Space while you client is with you.

Set Your Client’s Expectations and offer direction before you begin

  • Once you meet with your client, give them a warm welcome. 
  • Greet their soul and their unique constellation (Spirit team, ancestors, etc.) with your heart.
  • Avoid chit-chat because you are already primed and ready to go.
    • Remember, mediumship can make people feel anxious, vulnerable and emotional, be warm, gentle and kind.
      • Invite them to relax, open their mind and their heart 
      • Your intention is to make them feel safe


  • You and your client have prepared an intention for the Crossing Over Ritual. 
  • I.E. “May we be an instrument of God, Goddess, All that Is, All that ever was and All that ever will be in the crossing over facilitation of any spirits in this space.”
    • Grounding your intention on paper strengthens the potential for a clear connection with spirit.
      • You will need this intention for the final step of the ritual. 

It is not appropriate or necessary for the client to participate in the sacred OIIEM Crossing Over Ritual 

  • You don’t need spectators! You must remain in control and manage the whole situation.
  • If they are related to the restless spirit, their presence may be beneficial (share I.e. in Nova Scotia)
  • Invite them leave the space before you begin if they are scared, or suspect that they may become disruptive during the ritual.
    • If you feel they can control themselves, invite them to visualize themselves in a bubble of white light, and sit quietly off to the side, outside the sacred space, as an unconditional observer while you proceed through the ritual.
      • They may still get upset and begin to process (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually).
        • Tell them ahead of time that you will gently support and guide them through a cognitive somato emotional release process (Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique) after the ritual is complete and not during.
          • You can’t do both simultaneously.
            • The integrative aspect of OIIEM is an essential part of the healing. I have yet to work with a Medium that supports clients in this way. 

OIIEM Spirit Crossing Over Ritual Intention Setting:

  • You have established boundaries (with the client and any other persons that may be present) and expect to be distraction/interruption-free
  • Have your usual tools handy if you feel the need
    • I.E., crystals, pendulum, oracle, incense, San Palo, Sweetgrass, sage, essential oils, etc.
  • Have on hand a digital recorder (phone recorder or Otter.ai app)

OIIEM Spirit Crossing Over Set-Up: 

Items to bring with you:

  • Phone or Digital Recorder (You may capture voice over spirit voices
  • Compass old fashioned one – less subject to electro magnetic energies
  • Safety – A half a dozen tea lights or candles in safe vessels
  • A lighter or matches
  • A small vessel for burning a small piece of paper (intention)
  • The piece of paper containing the OIIEM Crossing Over Ritual Intention
  • Due to the Taoist 5 Element foundation of this ritual, smudging afterwords is not necessary, however if this brings you comfort proceed with Incense, San Palo, Sweetgrass, sage, essential oils, etc.

Setting Up Steps

  1. Write on a piece of paper a symbol or name that represents the spirit you are helping 
  2. Write out the intention you have created
  3. Write over the top of you intention the following words: