W7L4: Harmonics Connection Dyad Exercise

Overview & Purpose

  • Client Connection Experience Dyad Exercise
  • Be a Sacred Witness
  • Connect with your Dyad partner and your Conscious Higher-Self
  • Practice into the (Pain) Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique when necessary
  • Short Client Connection Script
  • Harmonics Connection Vocal Vowel Toning 


  • Schedule a Dyad Meeting: Set a mutually agreeable time with your Dyad partner.
  • Be sure that your scheduled time is after this week’s Group Intuitive Coaching Call.
  • Time frame: Plan for about 60-90 minutes in total
  • Preparation: Do the Self-Connection Meditation Practice just before meeting up with your dyad partner for the best results
  • Action: Dyad-Connection Practice and Conscious Higher-Self Dyad exercise

Duty of Care:

  • You have a duty of care to yourself and your dyad partner
  • I have a duty of care to each of you
  • If you find that you are out of your comfort zone or skill level in the midst of a process with your Dyad partner, safely pause the process and contact me
  • Telegram messenger or laking1111@gmail.com
  • If it is urgent, 437-928-9826 (Canada)
  • For international calls, the Canadian country code is 1

Intention: Practice

  • Please do not take on the responsibility of offering advice to your Dyad partner.
  • Share information as it was revealed to you in the spirit of practice.
  • Co-creatively inquire about feeling mind process interpretations.

Harmonize to Your Primordial Soundscape

Using our breath to create vocal pure vowel toning like a healing instrument is easy and quite impressive. 

Toning is done from deep in the belly, up to our vocal apparatus, to the thoracic inlet, to the shaping of the lips and tongue, bouncing off the upper palette and through all the bones in the cranium, the sound reverberates with a unique, dynamic tone and texture. 

We immediately respond to this pleasurable sonic bath shifting into a deepened state of being, and in some cases, a trance-like self-connection manifests.

Under what circumstances would you use this technique with a Recipient/Client? 

An ideal time to use Harmonics Connection to reharmonize with vowel toning is when the Recipient is feeling fragmented, angry, fearful, sad, stressed, tense, hyper-vigilant, disconnected, unsettled, ungrounded, scattered or overwhelmed by internal and external influences. 

During vowel toning, the Recipient can experience a total body-mind shift. Sometimes during that shift, an emotional release is triggered. Remember you can support them with the Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique. 

Also during the vowel toning, the sound vibrations of one’s own voice entrain a different mindset and brain wave frequency, resulting in an alpha meditative state. After vocal vowel toning, the Recipient has likely shifted and will feel calm and relaxed.

A (Ahhh) E (Eeee) I (Ieee) O (Ooow) U(Ehuuu)

Recipient Pro-tips: 

  • Never strain your voice
    • Subtle is the way to go; it’s an out-breath, not singing
  • Never judge how you sound; just allow it
    • Be present with your unique sounds

Sacred Witness Pro-tips: 

  • Invite your Recipient to write down on a piece of paper the vowels for their reference during their toning experience if they forget the vowels’ order – AEIOU with the phonetics. 
  • A (Ahhh) E (Eeee) I (Ieee) O (Ooow) U (Ehuuu)
  • If your Recipient enters into a trance-like state of self-connection, recognize this as an ideal moment to work directly with the Higher Self of your Recipient. (Inviting your Recipient to channel their Higher Self) 

The Client Connection Experience Dyad Exercise

Step 1: Preparation

  • Before you connect with your Dyad partner, do the Self-Connection Meditation Practice for optimum results.
  • Know by heart or have your Soul Gift Declaration handy.
  • Have on hand a notebook or, if you prefer, a mind-mapping app
  • There are many free apps available, and I currently use SimpleMind 
  • As a backup recording of your session, I use the free audio recording and transcribing app called Otter.ai
  • Mention to your Recipient/Client that you will be guiding them through a therapeutic harmonic technique near the end of the connection meditation.
    • Demonstrate the vowel sounds, so they know what to expect. 

The Recipient in the ‘Client’ Role Instructions

  • For your turn at being the Recipient (in ‘client-experience’), set an intention for your Connection Meditation Practice session and write it down ahead of time.
    • I.e. “My intention (for this session) is to receive clarity about what is blocking me from moving forward at this time.”
    • Please share your intention with your Dyad partner/Sacred Witness after the 5th Listening Station, before sharing intuitive findings and not before. 
    • The only caveat is if your Sacred Witness notices that you are (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually) processing, and takes you directly into Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique immediately after Stage 5
      • State your intention when you have finished your process through Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique

Step 2: Create a Sacred Space

  • One of you takes the lead role and be a meditation guide to activate the sacred space for the Dyad.
  • Use the new Short Client Connection Script
  • When you reach the 5th listening station, recite out loud both of your names in unison – you each say or preferably sing your name four times.
  • You are now both grounded within a virtual sacred space.
  • Remember you want to close/collapse with simple intention the virtual temple when you are done your Dyad session

Step 3: Kannon Invocation

  • If you are in a Dyad, recite or preferably sing the Kannon Invocation
  • If you are doing a Client Session, recite the Kannon Invocation silently

Kannon Invocation

Great Cosmic Mother

Who swiftly comes when called upon

Who hears the cries of the world

Who holds the gates of heaven open for all to enter

Who tirelessly offers mercy, patience, hope, love and compassion

Who fiercely protects

Bestow upon me your great wisdom

Through your heart, guide me to have trust and faith to understand humanity

and to brighten my light so that I may make a difference

So Be It

It is Done

Step 4: Soul Gift Declaration

  • In turn, each of you will declare out loud of your spiritual gift: My Soul gift is –
  • Be a Sacred Witness to each other by listening with your hearts open.

Step 5: Client Connection Experience Dyad Exercise

  • Decide who will be the Sacred Witness and the Recipient for the first round.
  • Switch roles for the second round so that you both do the exercise in each role

As the Sacred Witness: 

  • Guide your Recipient through each of the Listening Stations with the Short Client Connection Script
  • Ground by documenting all intuitive seed thoughts (thoughts, feelings, images, sensations) received in the Open Inward Connection Meditation Practice at each Listening Station.

As the Recipient (Client Experience):

  • Be open, follow the relaxation and connection instructions spoken to you by your Sacred Witness.
    • Enjoy the ‘Client Experience,’ embrace being taken care of with no obligation of seeking intuitive information or channelling your Conscious Higher Self.

Step 6: After Listening Station #5

Sacred Witness:

Allow your Recipient to experience a few breath cycles or longer if you intuitively feel beneficial. Then guide them to the next step.

After Listening Station 5, instead of inviting your Recipient/Client back to an alert state, proceed with the below script. You will invite your Recipient to gently open their eyes, sit up straight and prepare for vocal toning. 

Step 7: The Three Stages of Harmonics Connection Dyad Exercise

Stage One: Listening and Connecting to Primordial Sounds

Sacred Witness: 

“I invite you to open your eyes softly and focus on your cheeks, sit upright and tall, with your shoulders back, your chest open, and your hands resting easily in your lap.” 

“Visualize the base of your skull in alignment with your tailbone.”

“Calm and center yourself further by noticing your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose a few cycles.”

  • Give your Recipient space and time to experience several breath cycles. Then guide them to the next step. Your goal is to maintain a potent therapeutic and meditative experience.

Sacred Witness Guide Your Recipient to plug their ears:  

Sacred Witness: 

  • Invite your Recipient/Client to listen deeply in a relaxed, mindful way to their internal soundscape

“I’d like you to plug your ears by using your thumbs to compress both of left and right Tragus against the opening of ears.” 

 “Listen deeply in a relaxed, mindful way to your internal soundscape.” 

  • Allow your Recipient/Client to experience this sonic bath of primordial sounds for a minute or longer if you intuitively feel beneficial. 
  • Then motion to them with your hands and voice to gently return to an alert state.
  • Transition to Stage Two

Stage Two: Primordial Sound Connection Intention

Sacred Witness leads Your Recipient Into Vocal Pure Vowel Toning.  

“Together, we will tone the pure vowel single sounds A, E, I, O, U. 

With each vowel, we will inhale deeply and then as we exhale, we make one sound, with minimal tongue and a single mouth position. 

We will tone steadily. Allow the vibrations to dance through every cell of your body. 

On the count of 3, 2, 1…” 

Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Stage Three: Primordial Sound Connection Intention

Sacred Witness invites Your Recipient to Vocal Pure Vowel Tone by themselves.

“Now you are going to tone the pure vowel single sounds A, E, I, O, U by yourself. 

With each vowel, you will inhale deeply and then as you exhale, make one sound with a minimal tongue and a single mouth position. 

Steadily tone the vowels. Allow the vibrations of your voice to dance through every cell of your body. 

On the count of 3, 2, 1…” 

“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


tep 8: Sacred Witness

  1. Give your Recipient/Client time (30 seconds to a couple of minutes) and space in silence after the toning to bask in the sonic vibrational experience still unfolding in their experience until it intuitively feels like they are ready to move to the next step
  1. Then gently check in on how your Recipient/Client is feeling
    1. “Tell me, how are you feeling right now?”
      1. Their response may lead you to follow through with the Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique
  1. Ask your Recipient if they had any intention for today’s session
  1. Share your intuitive/psychic findings from each Listening Station with your Recipient/client 
  1. Where necessary, transition into Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique and or Pain-Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique 

Step 9: Session Closure Intention:

  • Intentionally break your connection to the sea of consciousness outside of your consciousness. 
  • You may have merged with energies during the session so it is important to break that connection. 
  • It is critical to restoring your energy at this point intentionally.

Gently Invite your Recipient to return to an alert state

“Thank you (Recipient). I hope you found this helpful. I bring this session to a close NOW.”

Recite quietly or silently to yourself:

“All consciousness, not my own, including spiritual energies, beings and souls that may have merged and connected to me during this session – you must leave my energy field now.”

“Conscious Higher Self and my Spirit Team, please clear my energy field now.”

Take a quick energy shower:

Wash your field with white, pinks and green light through your entire being. You intend to wash off all energy that does not belong to you.

Visualize while you recite:

“I restore my energy field with white, pinks and green flowing light from the top of my energy field down to the bottom of my energy field.

“Conscious Higher Self and my Spirit Team, please restore my energy field now.”

  • Mindfully enter a space of gratitude and appreciation for the work you have just done.
  • Acknowledge your Trust & Faith in the assistance you have received with gratitude by silently saying a heartfelt Thank you to the unseen world of your Conscious Higher Self, your Spirit Team, Kannon, and Galactic Masters.
  • Consciously affirm that you have received what you asked for and more.
  • Now take a transition breath.

Silently: “My deepest gratitude to the unseen world of my Conscious Higher Self, my Spirit Team, Kannon, and the Galactic Masters. Thank you.”


“You are now in an alert state. Open your eyes.”

Step 10: Switch Roles. Rinse and repeat in your new role

Step 11: Ground Your Experiences

  1. Please let me know what would have made this experience better for each of you?
  2. What would you want to ask me if I was there at your Dyad exercise?
  3. After your Dyad exercise, while your memory is still fresh, journal your experiences.
  4. Please share in the Telegram group chat

Step 12: Feedback Instructions:

  • Zoom Video File Format Upload Instructions:
  • Record and download your Dyad sessions as an MP4 Video File
  • After the zoom call, you will get an email notification from Zoom. It will contain a link to Zoom, where you will see download options.
  • Download your Zoom session as a video file MP4.
  • Make sure you download the video in Gallery View (For high-touch feedback, I need to see all participants faces)
  • Label the file: Program Week # + Date + Member Initial and Surnames
  • I.E. W3-04-15-2021+L.King+D.Smith
  • Under my name in Telegram, drag the MP4 video file into my chat, not the OITEW group chat.

Create Timestamps for Feedback:

  • I invite you to take responsibility for selecting the parts of your Dyad Exercise that you would like reviewed for constructive feedback.
  • Your goal is to uninhibitedly, humbly ask for mentoring guidance where you would like to improve, such as where you struggled, got stuck but also, your wins too! Share where you felt like a work of art in motion! Feedback is about celebrating your challenges and successes!

For Feedback: Review your Dyad Exercise Video

Set your intention: 

“Conscious Higher Self, please use our unique Bio-Signature as a way to help me to recognize where I need mentoring assistance to deepen my awareness and skill level.”

  1. You are essentially asking/training your Conscious Higher Self to activate your unique Conscious Higher Self Bio-Signature, at the specific timestamps where you require mentoring guidance.
  2. Compile a list of these timestamps for feedback (the beginning and ending timestamps).
  3. Order your timestamps in priority sequence (not linear time).
  4. Always start with your success timestamp!
    1. Build your confidence!
  5. Include your mentoring inquiry question with each timestamp.


Timestamp 1: 43:00 – 45:00 (2 minutes)

Mentoring Inquiry: I feel like I nailed this part – tell me, what do you think? I feel like a rockstar! Yeah!

Timestamp 2: 48:00 – 51:30 (3.5 minutes)

Mentoring Inquiry: Did my Recipient shut down at this point? What could I have done to help her back into being present and continue her process?

Timestamp 3: 20:00 – 23:00 (3 minutes)

Mentoring Inquiry: Did I miss an opportunity to delve deeper with my Recipient? I feel like I may have missed a signal from my Recipient.

Timestamp 4: 35:00 – 37:00 (2 minutes)

Mentoring Inquiry: How could I have better handled my Recipient’s response to my shared information? I felt like I did not know where to go next.

Total: 10.5 minutes for Feedback

Timestamps Feedback Request Word Document Upload Instructions:

Label as: Week + Date + Member Surnames

I.E. W3-04-15-2021+L. King+D.Smith.doc

Under my name in Telegram, drag the word doc file into my chat, not the OITEW group chat.

Step 13: WRAP UP

After your Dyad exercise, while your memory is still fresh, journal your experiences.

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