W7L3: Harmonics Connection

Overview & Purpose

  • Harmonics Connection Vowel Toning Technique
  • Harmonize to the Primordial Soundscape
  • Comfort Food for the Soul

Founding Back Stories

In 1986, at 23 years of age, I was a brand new mother. My husband was a long-distance truck driver and was often away from home. I did not have my Mum around to guide or support me as I fumbled into those first few weeks of coming into motherhood. I can remember it being quite scary, realizing I was responsible for this little person. When she was inconsolable, as babies can be at times, I became anxious and overwhelmed. 

Early on, thank goodness I had the good sense to ask for help. I remember asking for my Grandmother to help me.  I had visited her in England a short time before.  I was 7 & ½ months pregnant at the time and the airline almost did not let me get on the plane.  I knew that she was dying and pleaded with them to let me fly.  Shortly after that visit, my Grandmother passed away. 

Days after Elizabeth was born, I was on the couch, nursing her when I suddenly could smell my Gran’s perfume and I knew it was her spirit. I was aware of Gran’s spirit looking over my shoulder. I held Elizabeth up as if presenting her to my Gran. It was natural for me to ask her for guidance. When we ask ‘spirit’ for help, it may not always arrive at that moment in time, but when we truly need it. 

One day, baby Elizabeth would not stop crying. I had done everything right. She was clean, comfortable, fed, burped and well-rested. Still, she was a cranky baby. I became aware of a presence around me. It was my Gran. She was singing, but there were no words, only sounds. It reminded me of gospel sounds. Melodic and peaceful. I began singing along and soon realized I was making vowel sounds. To my surprise, baby Elizabeth began to stop crying, and we connected in this most profound moment. She gazed at me and slowly we both settled. 

From that day onward, I would tone the vowel sounds to baby Elizabeth, and then to her brother when he came along. I also taught this technique to Elizabeth when she became a new mother. 

If you find yourself in a position to use this technique with a baby, to be most effective, you need to match the baby’s volume and intensity and slowly turn it down into a peaceful whisper as you calm yourself. 

Much later in life, as a craniosacral practitioner, I ended up working on many newborn babies. I taught this simple vowel toning technique to many new mothers, and I also used it while treating babies who were fussing or processing while in treatment. This technique is a vocalizing sound vibrational healing experience. I would always invite the attending parent to tone with me. I have also used it to sort myself out when I feel anxious or want to enhance my self-connection. I often do it while driving. Lastly, I use vowel toning in readings where it is appropriate. The value of therapeutic toning has been known for thousands of years. 

My CranioSacral background and experience helped me to understand the therapeutic process of toning. From my experience, vowel toning is a way to unwind stress stuck in the thorax (chest cavity), thoracic inlet and throat. The process of unwinding results in deeper relaxation, activating the body’s natural healing abilities. The ‘Toner’ can breathe more freely, opening the heart and communication center and, in general, coming into a better state of balance and self-connection. 

The problem I faced as a new Mum was not my unhappy baby. It was not acknowledging the stress of being an inexperienced Mother. As I toned, I relaxed and opened up more to myself. Toning resulted in me making a deeper connection with myself and by the same token, with my baby girl. The deeper we connect to ourselves, the more profound others can relate to us and vice versa. My daughter needed me to be present and confident allowing her to feel naturally safe in this new world. She responded not to the sounds I was making so much as to the shift unfolding in me. 

Relevant Anatomy

Anatomically, the thoracic inlet opens up the thorax, the throat and all the way up to the roof of the skull. From an energetic perspective, when the thoracic inlet is opened, energy moves all the way up and through the crown gateway and Mouth of God (AKA The Bliss Chakra, Zeal Chakra) (Located at the rear of the base of the skull at the top of the neck c1/c2).

The Mouth of God

From the Client Experience Perspective: 

An ideal time to use Harmonics Connection to reharmonize with vowel toning is when the Recipient is feeling fragmented, angry, fearful, sad, stressed, tense, hyper-vigilant, disconnected, unsettled, ungrounded, scattered or overwhelmed by internal and external influences. 

During vowel toning, the Recipient can experience a total body-mind shift. Sometimes during that shift, an emotional release is triggered. Remember you can support them with the Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique. Also during the vowel toning, the sound vibrations of one’s own voice entrain a different mindset and brain wave frequency, resulting in an alpha meditative state. After vocal vowel toning, the Recipient has likely shifted and will feel calm and relaxed.

The Two Sides of Harmonics Connection

Side One: Primordial Sound Connection Intention

  1. Plug the ears by using thumbs to compress both of left and right Tragus against the External auditory canal, the opening of the ears. 
  1. With ears plugged, deep listening of the internal soundscape is a therapeutic outlet
    1. When connected through the Self-Connection Practice, make a clean mental intention to merge with your primordial internal world
      1. An activated intention opens up a path energetically to manifest that intention 

The memory of primordial sound is embedded deep in the core of who we are. Intentionally reconnecting to our unique primordial soundscape merges us with the experiences of timelessness and omnipresence (everywhere at the same moment). Listen for breath, heartbeat and swishy fluid sounds. 

Side Two: Toning The Pure Vowel Sounds

  1. Toning phonetically the pure vowel single sounds is a therapeutic outlet
    1. Tone one single sound with minimal tongue movement and a single mouth position
    2. When the pure vowel sounds are toned, the individual vowel sound structural vibrations move through the body at the cellular and energetic levels in concentric waves 
    3. Imagine the waves created when you drop a pebble into a still pond
    4. Allow the vibrations to dance through every cell of the body

This primordial sound bath creates a never repeatable, unique and distinct healing impression on our state of being, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

When the pure vowel sounds are unconditionally toned in a controlled, steady non-rhythmic way, at a constant amplitude, we begin harmonizing and balancing energetic pathways (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). This primordial sonic bath reverberates through the whole being, assisting healing, having a calming effect and helping to reconnect and resynchronize to self. 

Harmonics Connection Technique

At Listening Station #5, Hold Off on Sharing Intuitive/Psychic Findings

  • Sacred Witness, after Listening Station #5, do not invite your Recipient/Client back to an alert state.
    • Proceed with the Three Stages of Harmonics Connection Script where you will invite your Recipient/Client to open their eyes softly, focus on their cheeks, sit upright and tall, shoulders back, chest open and hands resting on the lap
      • See Step #6 for the Three Stages Harmonic Connection script
  • Hold off on proceeding with revealing your findings from each station and move right into the Harmonics Connection Exercise

The Three Stages of Harmonics Connection Dyad Exercise

Stage One: Listening and Connecting to Primordial Sounds

Sacred Witness: 

  • Instead of inviting your Recipient/Client back to an alert state, proceed with the below script

Sacred Witness Guide Your Recipient:

“I invite you to open your eyes softly, sit upright and tall, with your shoulders back, your chest open, and your hands resting easily in your lap” 

“Visualize the base of your skull in alignment with your tailbone”

“Calm and center yourself further by noticing your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose a few cycles”

Allow your Recipient to experience a few breath cycles or longer if you intuitively feel it is beneficial. Then guide them to the next step. 

Sacred Witness Guide Your Recipient to plug their ears:  

“I’d like you to plug your ears by using your thumbs to compress both of left and right Tragus against the opening of ears” 

Sacred Witness Invite your Recipient to listen deeply in a relaxed, mindful way to their internal soundscape: 

 “Listen deeply in a relaxed mindful way to your internal soundscape.” 

Allow your Recipient to experience this sonic bath of primordial sounds for a minute or longer if you intuitively feel it is beneficial. Then motion to them with your hands and voice to gently return to an alert state. Transition to Stage Two. 

Stage Two: Primordial Sound Connection Intention 

Sacred Witness lead Your Recipient Into Vocal Pure Vowel Toning  

“Together we are going to tone the pure vowel single sounds A, E, I, O, U. 

With each vowel, we will inhale deeply and then as we exhale we make one sound, with a single tongue and mouth position. 

We will tone in a steady manner. 

Allow the vibrations to dance through every cell of your body. 

On the count of 3, 2, 1…” 

Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Exhale, Inhale


Stage Three: Primordial Sound Connection Intention

Sacred Witness invite Your Recipient to Tone the Pure Vowel Vocals

by themselves

“Now you are going to tone the pure vowel single sounds A, E, I, O, U by yourself. 

With each vowel, you will inhale deeply and then as you exhale make one sound, with a single tongue and mouth position. 

Tone the vowels in a steady manner. 

Allow the vibrations of your voice to dance through every cell of your body. 

On the count of 3, 2, 1…” 

“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


“Exhale, Inhale


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