W7L2: Physics Explanation

Overview & Purpose

A deeper understanding through the lens of physics

Physics Explanation 

The physical world consists of four qualities or dimensions: three dimensions of space (length, width and depth) and one dimension of time.

There is also a theory that the dimension of time (spacetime) is an illusion. 

There are many theories of infinite possibilities of other dimensions. For the purpose herein, we are looking at the physical world’s qualities and your place in it.

Descartes “…consciousness is the one undeniable fact of our existence, and I find it hard to disagree.”

During a Connection Meditation Practice Session with your Dyad partner, any or all of these quantum selves (aspects of the self) can be in communication with one another.

The Ultimate Self (pure consciousness, the highest wisdom, innate wisdom, higher-self, your inner Kannon-self) exists outside the time and space continuum and, therefore, is not subject to time and space limitations. 

The Ultimate Self is our true identity, and it is unique in the universe, unchanging while always aware of changes in time/space manifesting in the universe.

Hence, the Ultimate Self can view all the other quantum selves.

How do you connect to your “Ultimate-Self”

Self-Connection Meditation Practice is one sure way.

Consequently, the here-and-now self can potentially gain a clear perspective where we have created a lack of awareness regarding what needs to be changed to make a more harmonious state of balance.

At any given instant, there is an equal probability of being one of any potential infinite numbers of selves at different times and or other locations (in and out of time and space).

The Quantum Mind ‘Selves’

One version of the Quantum Mind Self is “the here-and-now self” (Present and accounted for)

One version of the Quantum Mind Self is “the here-but-not-now self” (could be anywhere) (Could be bi-location)

One version of the Quantum Mind Self is “the not here-but-now self” (could be at any point in the time and space continuum or beyond) (Could be bi-location)

One version of the Quantum Mind Self is “the not-here-and-not-now self”, which is the “ultimate self” (outside of the time and space continuum)

Sometimes a quantum self is connected to the “ultimate self”, but there is a block and therefore no direct way of relaying information from this connection to “the here-and-now self”

During your Self-Connection and Dyad Connection sessions, be open to recognizing any of these Quantum Selves and where appropriate invite your Recipient back to the Here and Now Self. 

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