W7 OIIEM Assisting Spirits to Cross Over

OIIEM Assisting Spirits to Cross Over

  • Anchor Point in 3D: When you come across a ghost or a spirit in a home, building, property or site, you intuitively realize that they are stuck,  unsure of where they are, or happy. Either way, they may not belong tethered to the earth plane. 
  • Sometimes you come across an Ancestor protecting a person or place. They likely will not want to cross over and may have an agreement with a living soul. 
  • Some can come into the earth plane and return. I.E. Darryl, spirit guides, angelic encounters, elementals, E.T.s

Reasons why spirits get stuck or earth-bound or person bound:

  • Spirit has recently passed and is often lingering due to attachment or intense grieving of loved ones
  • Someone moved into a new home, and a spirit arrived with them or discovered them already in the home
  • A tragic and or sudden loss event in the neighbourhood can leave a spirit discombobulated
  • Upheaval to the topography of the land or the tearing down of a dwelling, causing a disturbance to an earth-bound spirit that was resting peacefully
  • A passionate exploration of people who once resided in a location 
  • Spirit has made a soul agreement to remain earth-bound or very close to the individual as a guardian

How do you know there is a Spirit in a place/location or attached to a person?

  • Detect their presence psychically
    • Seeing gray or dark shadows
    • Seeing puffs of cotton baton-like transparent cloud-like material
    • Flashes out of the corner of your eye
    • Unexplained Movement
    • Unexplained Noises
    • Feeling touched
    • Detecting a weight change on your bed or couch beside you
    • Hearing muffled sounding voices as if in a different room
    • Air Temperature or Pressure Changes
    • Changes in the quality of light
    • Electrical Activity – flickering lights, sparks spiking out of power points
    • Pets and children detecting spirits
  • Detect their communications and engage
    • Spirit is directly reaching out to communicate with you, knowing you are a medium
    • A muffled voice sound that improves when the medium tunes in, revealing words, thoughts, images, bio-signatures, sensations, sounds, concepts, and life events and stories begin to become discernible

Spirits that are beneficial and therefore don’t need to be cast out.

  1. Ancestors
  2. Deceased Pets
  3. Angelic beings
  4. Elemental Spirits
  5. Spiritual Guides
  6. Ascended Masters from higher realms
  7. Animal and Mineral Totems

Spirit Attachments

Sometimes, a spirit forms a bond with a human and, like a parasite, lingers around them 24-7. A spirit attachement is also a problem to rectify. 

Darryl came home with a spirit one day. A young man he had been with at his passing on the side of the road in a motor vehicle accident. He was lost!