W6L3: The Art of Self-Connection Higher-Self Inquiry

Overview & Purpose

From the perspective of doing Self-Connection and Higher-Self channelling, take your inquiry skills to the next level by learning the art of mindful question formulation.

The Art of Self-Connection Higher-Self Inquiry

●      Start with what is most important to you at this time

●      Be direct about the areas of your life that you are currently focusing on bringing into more outstanding balance and harmony

Pro Tips:

  • Avoid asking questions that are judgmental and or about ‘seeking advice.’
    • I.e. What should I do about my stupid boyfriend?
    • I.e. When should I quit my life-sucking job? 
    • I.e. Why can’t I find the love of my life?
      • These ‘seeking advice’ questions engage the ego and perpetuate drama and a 3-D mindset.
  • Avoid a line of inquiry that is like an inquisition.
    • They often include Who, What, When, Where and Why. 
  • Avoid ‘Closed’ yes/no inquiry, especially when seeking advice around a specific action-orientated query (I.E. Should I quit my job?).
    • This type of inquiry is from the realm of duality (right/wrong). 
    • Answers can often be misleading, lacking in more details micro/macro information, and create a disempowering dependency on seeking this kind of limited advice.

The results from 3D mindset questions will lead to answers void of what we are looking for: Useful, empowering, inspirational,  non-dualistic, non-judgmental data points. 

Use Open-Ended Questions

  • They invite squeaky clean and a higher level of information to come forward.
  • They invite a collaborative and co-creative process with your Higher-Self

Valuable, empowering, inspirational,  non-dualistic, non-judgmental data points. 


  • Inquire about the quality of primary relationships
    • Remember to name the person and the type of relationship specifically.
    • Ask about the quality of your connection to your person.
      • I.e. Higher Self, please tell me about the quality of the connection to my husband, Donald?
  • Inquire into the state of your work-life balance
    • “Higher Self, please tell me about the quality of my work-life balance?”
    • “Higher Self, please tell me what do I need to consider that might help to improve my work-life balance and where it is out of balance?”

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