W5L3: Receiving & Perceiving Psychic Information

Receiving & Perceiving Psychic Information

Overview & Purpose

Receiving & Perceiving psychic information

What is alchemy

Alchemy transforms something from one normal state into something extraordinary while remaining true to its element. Alchemy has an excellent potential to manifest between the Sacred Witness and the Recipient. This potential creates a spontaneous, beautiful new form that never existed before and never will again.

From Where Does Psychic Information Originate?

All that is, all that ever was and all that ever will be. 

The Source

How Does Psychic Perception Work?

First things first, it’s essential to remain soft and receptive to your senses, open to observing your energy and any data presented employing your intuition and psychic perception.

Psychic perception is also known as non-local awareness. Non-local awareness recognizes that everything is in a state of vibration and entangled in the universe in wholeness. This entanglement is a non-logical, non-analytical process continually unfolding.

Be mindful of natural deflection factors that can occur.


Displacement occurs when one receives psychically accurate information; however, the information relates to the wrong ‘target’ or a ‘non-target.’ 


Causes displacement by the very nature of a great fear of something or a great realization/inspiration, a charismatic experience, or an affinity/attraction/fascination/compulsion to the subject, in some cases.

i.e. An obsessive attraction to another person

Personal Biases

Personal biases cause displacement when the psychic non-consciously filters the information’s interpretation through personal preference, belief, judgment, or suspected Recipient’s expectations.

Performance Anxiety

It causes displacement when there is pressure to give answers that reflect what the Recipient wants to hear versus the presented information.

A Natural Law of this Universe

We can only connect to others as deeply as we have cultivated our self-connection. 

Set your intention to have the highest and best outcomes and trust and faith in the information you receive.

Making Sense of Psychic Impressions 

It would be best if you cultivated a passion for exceptional listening and receiving skills and the ability to swiftly paraphrase any form of data from the language of alchemy, metaphors, to sigils and symbols.

There Are Two Movements

  1. Receive data
  2. Translate/Interpret data 

To understand the obscured language of our ‘other’ self, we want to avoid at all costs drifting from our original intention set at the onset in an inquiry. Eventually, this movement from receiving data and translating data speeds up to feel like one rhythmic movement with practice and discipline. It will become an effortless and precise movement like a well-crafted Swiss Watch but legions beyond anything remotely conceivable as mechanical.


  • The connection with received ‘data’ (psychically perceived information) should be experienced as if on a spectrum and not as absolute. 
  • The spectrum of data ranges from resistance to a deep familiarity. 
  • Either end of the spectrum can evoke instantaneous change and or a process of transformation. 

This part of the equation is entirely up to the Recipient.

Potential Reactions by the Recipient

Total dismissal of data/information can be a form of denial in the Recipient. Sometimes, the information is flawed due to a poor translation/interpretation by the Sacred Witness. The movement of data itself is from the source and, therefore, infallible by its nature. However, the receiving/translating/interpreting the information is not foolproof and is easily inflatable when the movement slows and natural rhythmic timing is lost. Stay in your feeling heart to manage the perception process. 

A deep curiosity and fascination with a translation/interpretation of received data can mean you’ve been overly decorative or seeking approval, seducing both the Sacred Witness and the Recipient’s ego in the process.

It’s impossible to be 100% accurate by the very nature of this process. We are not ‘source.’ We are always only partially correct and partially wrong to varying degrees. To seek 100% accuracy is the ego’s plan. 

You will begin to develop and hone your own translation/interpretation creative signature.

Translation/interpretation of data received from this spiritual process is a sacred act. The data in its original form represents the Recipient’s invisible qualities, the unique culture of who they are, including their typical characteristics.

The translation should not be decorative or seductive; otherwise, the waveform of information descends into the ego. You should also hold to neutrality, which liberates you from a social construct of either agreeing with or disagreeing with who that person is and what they believe to be true or false.

Even when your Recipient pleads for help around reassembling parts of them or their life, please stand down. It’s not your business to reassemble their life. Herein resides your massive responsibility to your Recipient.

The best you can hope for in your Recipient is the action of their self-correction through inspiration. A self-correction can look like turning the other cheek, letting go of agendas that hold them prisoner to drama and dilemmas they create and continue to develop.

One obstacle you may encounter as you share your translation/interpretation is a story of shame, blame or guilt in your Recipient. This self-incrimination slows to a stop their healing and transformation. Again, it’s none of your business if they should choose this path.

We must uphold the intention of maintaining the highest integral connection to the source of the data (All that is) while being aware and mitigating our own and the Recipient’s displacement and personal bias.

Another obstacle that you may encounter is when you have received ‘data’ your Recipient is not yet ready to receive. Remember, it is not your job or your business to force that data upon your Recipipent if they don’t ‘get it’ at the time.

We need to learn to understand the source of where the (psychic) information originates. You are the messenger. You can’t take credit for the information, only being the most transparent receiving/translation/interpretation and delivery. 

  • Stay in humility.
  • Hold your Recipient in a vision of balance and harmony.

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