W5 Open Inward Latent Spirit Invocation Technique:

Open Inward Latent Spirit Invocation Technique: 

  1. Ask your Client to ONLY share the relationship and the common name of the soul they had hoped to connect. 
  2. Add the name/relationship to your mind map below your Client’s name. 
  3. Silently call upon the assistance of your Mediumship Guide
  4. Return to the OIIEM Connection Protocol at Listening Station 5 and have your client
    1. Visualize that soul in their mind’s eye 
    2. Repeat the soul’s name with strength, clarity and confidence AS IF THEY ARE IN ANOTHER ROOM.  
  5. Proceed as you would typically to connect at the level of identity with the soul.
  6. If you are still not making a connection, determine intuitively where the blocking is coming from
    1. A: The Spirit, 
    2. B: The Client or 
    3. C: The Medium
      1. Follow through with the appropriate solution (Shared in the previous lesson)
  7. Document your findings or share them live and directly with your client