W4L6: Introducing The Short Client Connection Script

Introducing: Short Client Connection Script

Congratulations! You are now ready to transition to the 5 Stages Short Client Connection Script! 

Learning the long Learner’s Script is such a critical phase. Now, at Week 4, you have diligently built a relationship with the 5 Listening Stations through the Learner’s Script. 

You should ‘know’ the listening stations at a body-mind level at this point in the program. If you transition too quickly to the short script, you may not be able to do the heavy lifting by holding the energy for the Listening Stations at a body-mind level of awareness. 

Thank you for being patient with this imprinting process. It is much like learning to ride a bicycle. The Learner’s Script is like a set of training wheels helping you find that balance until you have imprinted the connection information required at a body-mind level.

Short Client Connection Script:

We are going to use gravity to become deeply grounded.

Then we will do a set of hand positions, starting with resting your hands over your navel area, then on the sides of your head resting your palms above your ears and then resting on your upper chest, ending with resting your hands on the top of your thighs.

At the last hand position with your hands on your thighs, I will ask you to repeat your common name four times out loud, nice and clear and strong.

Let’s begin. I invite you to close your eyes, become quiet and start focusing on yourself.


First Listening Station:

  • Imagine you can feel the gravity, a downward pushing sensation, from the top of your head to the ends of your fingers and toes.
  • Use this downward pushing sensation to relax every part of your being
  • Relax your face
  • Relax down through your neck and drop your shoulders
  • Bring your chin toward your chest, making your brain subservient to your heart.
  • Lengthen the back of your neck
  • Allow yourself to keep relaxing and following the pushing down sensation of gravity
  • Relax your whole body
  • Notice any tension anywhere and imagine gravity easing the stress
  • Relax your breathing
  • Feel your elbows being pulled down to the ground
  • Relax your belly, your spine
  • Bring your awareness to your pelvis
  • Feel your weight in your chair
  • Just imagine you can push that gravity into your hips so that they relax deeply.
  • Guide that downward pushing sensation of gravity down your legs, around your knees, deep into your calves, relaxing your ankles, pushing into your feet
  • Bring your awareness to the middle of the balls of your feet
  • There is an acupressure point there called Bubbling Spring
  • Just by thinking about it, you activate it
  • You might have a sensation
  • Imagine pushing your energy through that point deep and wide into the earth. (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Second Listening Station:

  • Now, I’d like you to place your hands over your navel area (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Third Listening Station:

  • Now, rest your hands on the sides of your head, with the heels of your hands sitting just above the top of your ears. (Pause.) 
  • Document your findings

Fourth Listening Station:

  • Now, you can relax your hands and place them on the upper center part of your chest. (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Fifth Listening Station:

  • Now, you can rest your hands on the tops of your thighs, palms down. (Pause.)

Document your findings

  • With the intention of calling all the parts of you to be present, I’d like you to say your common name out loud four times from this nice connected place. 
  • Steady and strong
  • When you are ready, four times. (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Return to an alert state and share your findings:

  • I invite you to come back now to an alert state (Pause.) 
  • Ask your Recipient: “How are you feeling?”
  • I’d like to invite you to share your intentions for today
  • I’d like to share what came through for you at each of the listening stations

Download this script!

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