W4L1: The Primary Intuitive Gifts

Overview & Purpose

  • Intuitive Gifts Overview
  • Learn about the primary psychic abilities
  • Understand the different Clair-Senses

The Primary Intuitive Gifts

We all come into this world equipped with extrasensory perception tools to deal with life. Some need upgrades, while others require the dust to clear.

Clearing the dust from our channels:

  • Requires honing, discipline, and practice.
  • Upgrades: Requires new Information; clearing resistance and change

Since you began the program, you have all been slowly opening up more and more through accessing multi-perspectives, also known as paranormal abilities:

  • Precognition – to perceive/predict the future, local and non-local
  • Retrocognition – to perceive/predict past events, local and non-local
  • Remote Viewing – to perceive/predict current events, local and non-local
  • Clairvoyance (inner eyes)
  • Clairaudience (inner ears)
  • Claircognizance (inner knowing)
  • Clairsentience (inner sensing)

Quantum Selves relative to time and space:

  • Here and now
  • Here but not now
  • Not here but now
  • Not here, not now

During your Self-Observation-Connection Session, your objective (undistorted by personal bias) is to hold the intention for an inspirational psychic re-boot, liberating your motivation to restore balance from within yourself. With compassion and humility, you can uncover the keystone of your suffering’s architecture and begin a self-correction process using your new tools (Self Connection Meditation Practice and the Fear-Stuck-Truth Technique).

How does psychic perception work?

Once you initiate the Self-Observation-Connection Meditation Practice with your Dyad partner, shift your awareness from ‘normal’ to ‘soul’ awareness. Remain soft and acutely open to your senses. Non-local awareness is where everything is in a state of vibration and is linked together in the universe.

A floodgate of information begins to come forward as images, sounds, sensations, emotions, thoughts and even constructs and concepts. Remaining neutral is critical in a state of non-judgment, acceptance & trust and not questioning presented information.

What are the Clair Senses?

“Clair” is a French prefix meaning “clear.”

“Clair,” the French collective word, means a natural cooperative of perceptual sensitivities, blending and harmonizing together continuously in our non-conscious, conscious, and super-conscious mind. Some people are more developed than others in these “Clair” areas. To varying degrees, everyone has a psychic perception. Our psychic sensitivities continuously interact with our standard five sensitivities (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell). The more we cultivate our awareness, the stronger our ‘Clair’s’ become and more connected to ourselves and the ‘source’ we become.

Clairsentience (“Clear Sensation,” Heart Knowing)

Clairsentience is the most effortless and natural “Clair” to cultivate information. Without external suggestions, it is the ability to sense information through a sensation or emotions/feelings within areas or the entire body—a process of receiving thoughts one had never experienced before. We need to heed an inner knowing that psychic impressions are mostly accurate. This information emanates from the Conscious Higher Self, sometimes with etheric world intelligence or not.

“This is the only kind of psychism that is harmless incoming at any time to the psychic because it comes within the body, down the kundalini to the stomach area, and does not disturb the psychic nor take his attention away from what he is doing, as other types of psychism can do.”

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary

Clairsentience is the most effortless psychic skill to cultivate and the easiest to doubt!

Clairvoyance (“Clear Eyes”)

Clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond normal vision without the physical eyes. Psychic perception is visually experienced in the head or beyond reality, time and space. i.e. purposeful images of people, places, events, objects, words, vibrational forms, living and deceased people, spiritual guidance. Most of this information is symbolic and metaphoric.

“…to see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes; to reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive ‘within the head’ or ‘in outer space’ something significant to this incarnation.; eyes open or closed; to see full-blown picture, part of a person or scene or an object, lights, words, colours, auras, geometrical figures, thought-forms, deceased friends, living friends, animals, or etheric world intelligence, all with a message or purpose; visions are shown regarding the past, present or future, etheric realms, and in symbolic form to be interpreted by the psychic.”

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary

Clairaudience (French, “Clear Audio”)

Clairaudience is the ability to hear etheric transmitted inaudible words and sounds when no other person or article generates any disturbance. Clairaudience can occur within the normal range of hearing but is experienced within the head of the psychic’ or out of the atmosphere.

Examples of Clairaudience are subtle, delicate sounds, music, nature, the etheric spirit world, organ chords, vibrations from nature and the cosmos (clicks, pops, organic sounds, musical instrumental sounds) to profound words and sentences. These sounds are projected from the etheric spirit world intelligence.

“These cosmic sounds and impressions register on the spirillae of the pineal gland and go through the same process that normal hearing goes through in the third-eye area of the head; easier to perceive when in an alpha state or after meditation; should be controlled at all times – to hear sounds at random could interfere with one’s task or cause an accident from the startling effect.”

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary

Claircognizance (“Clear Mental Knowing”)

Claircognizance is the ability to observe (without seeking) ‘knowledge’ about an object, person or location without verifying the information beforehand. The metaphor of a psychic download best describes Claircognizance. Sometimes this includes not understanding an inner knowingness (how or why they know). Claircognizance is also very subtle yet strong and tends to transcend the psychic’s ego. i.e. premonitions, insights previously never known, abstract concepts, problem-solving, strategies, inner knowing, ability to detect deceit despite presented evidence to the contrary and even inspirational ideas and inventions. (Not to be confused with remote viewing.)

Clairempathy (“Clear Emotional Knowing”)

Clairempathy is the ability to sense within their own body, knowingly or unknowingly, information, mindsets, feelings, emotions connected to a person, an object (not to be confused with psychometry.) or lingering in an area. In some instances, the psychic perceives idiosyncratic traits within their own body and knows that information sensed is not their own. Clairempathy is helpful when guiding another through an emotional process.

Examples of Clairempathy are when we sense old actions, patterns, feelings and emotions clinging to an area or an object.

Are you now suddenly supposed to be a Psychic?

Well, actually, yes. You always were.

Since day one of Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom, we’ve been laying down the foundation and stimulating your intuition. It’s time to hone your faculties. I won’t be teaching activation techniques. Your whole being is a highly sophisticated vibrational antenna. You can activate ‘you’ as an antenna for ‘tuning in’ to whatever channel you choose.

Pro Tips: 

Use your powers for good, for healing, please.

  • Start working in ‘First Thought,’ allowing information to be presented, which is quickest and most comfortable for you to connect the dots. You have corrupted the process by bringing expectations and conditions to the table. Your thinking mind will come to your rescue and make an even bigger mess.
  • Information will come through your senses. It may be visual one moment and feeling the next. You might become aware of a scent your inner nose is experiencing, colour, song, or a statement.
  • When you are grounded and centred, open all the doors to unconditionality with a clear heart and a firm intention of serving through your spiritual gifts.
  • The more you do it, the better you will discern the subtle information.

Guiding Principles

  1. The perception of the psychic realms is subjective by its very nature. Therefore, no one can honestly claim 100% accuracy or offer a guarantee. Any information you receive on behalf of your Dyad partner, ‘the recipient,’ should be provided in good faith and concisely.
  2. Your responsibility is to cultivate self-connection and understand the non-analytical nature of receiving and verifying information with your own feeling/intuitive/sentient awareness. If it feels wrong, chances are it is a displacement of information and not necessarily inaccurate information. Receiving impressions with all your senses is fallible.
  3. It is essential to recognize that sometimes information presented triggers an internal defensive alarm, triggering resistance. It is helpful to appreciate the difference between something that feels wrong and something that feels like one is resisting, i.e. resisting a transformational life-altering change!
  4. I recommend having the best possible experience, showing up rested, hydrated, prepared with pure intentions, and straightforward questions. Be focused, present, relaxed, stress-free and unhurried.
  5. Honestly, check in with yourselves on how open and receptive you are to the experience you are about to begin. You can’t force yourself to be available if you fear or are processing one of the 3 Lies (I am not enough; I am unlovable; I can’t cope).
  6. If you feel dread, hesitant, and in a state of disbelief or even skepticism, but you are still willing to give it a go, you can experience growth and healing that only new information can catalyze.

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