W3L3: Deepening Your Understanding of the Open Inward Self-Connection Practice

Overview & Purpose

  • Deepen your understanding of the Self-Connection Meditation Practice

Deepen Self-Connection Meditation Practice

The quality of our self-connection can be observed and self-diagnosed at each of the listening stations. Their status at the time influences our mindset and overall state of being. Therefore, it is advantageous to inquire about the various conditions to make intentional and wise self-corrections at a body-mind level.

Any information you discern is neither + or -, right or wrong. The info provides insight into your state of balance. After completing the Self-Connection Meditation Practice, you can use your discernment and intention to self-correct.

If necessary, I recommend that you make use of that new shiny tool hanging off your tool belt – the Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique. You can also use mindful meditation, time with a pet, relaxation, a creative project, journaling, forest bathing, walking around on the earth in bare feet ‘grounding’, bodywork and working with affirmations around your spiritual gift. Whatever you do, ensure that your choice aligns with a self-correction paradigm, like Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom, where you access your Higher-Self for validation.

Examples of bodywork techniques that are based on a Self-Correction paradigm

  • I.E. Advanced CranioSacral Therapy, and not massage therapy.
  • I.E. Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), and not regular chiropractic adjustments.

If you need more help, ask for help –jump into my calendar and book yourself in for an intuitive coaching session with me.

Looking Deeper into Listening Stations, we discover their purpose.

The Listening Stations in this program are not energy centers or chakras that cycle energy. They are connection points to a set of polarities. A polarity represents two opposing forces or influences that seek to come into a state of balance.

At each station, we can discern if we are moving toward improving or deteriorating our state of balance as defined by each listening station’s polarities. Somewhere in the middle is a perfect spot of balance and harmony unique to each individual and relative to that connection moment in the space-time continuum. However, at that point of connection, we may detect imbalances, stuck energy and a lack of harmony with the other listening stations (which affects the whole individual). So, listen carefully, document your findings, and move to the next listening station until you have completed the practice. At that point, you can view the big picture and move into compassionate action to self-correct where necessary.

Listening Station 1:

Body Location: Upper Thighs

Realm: Physical Realm

The 1st station is a starting resting position. Tune into the presented information regarding the quality of your connection to your physical body, wellness, health, physical aspects of sexuality, physical mass, physical intentions, body-mind awareness and biological sensing intuition. It is also about the quality of your connection to the earth, your geographical and galactic connection, the natural world, the animal kingdom, the material world, and its physical attributes and structures, including material abundance, wealth, career or livelihood and the physical aspects of Soul Purpose and soul gifts.

We form a physical mass that bends the 4-dimensional cosmic grid’s fabric by positive or negative intention. We create a gravitational push towards zero point – the earth’s center. Stay tuned as we travel to zero-point for Listening Station 2.

Listening Station 2:

Body Location: Navel

Realm: Creative Realm

The 2nd station is where you will harness your imagination to enter the body energetically along a 16-18 degree diagonal pathway from your navel downward toward your body’s center in front of the lumbar spine. According to Sacred Geometry, this is the center of the body (Phi ratio in the human body). We can see this as a reflective connection to the Earth’s navel or Earth’s zero point – Nautical Golden X/Delphi.

Longitude and latitude have their most exciting meeting at a spot known as the Golden X. Earth’s zero point—its center, its belly button, if you will, would be at the “degree confluence” where the Equator meets the Prime Meridian.

You will move through a passage where your experience shifts from outer awareness to an internal connection. As you reach the center point, you have moved through the passageway to a heightened level of perception beyond the understanding you had at the first listening station. This awareness will remain with you for the duration of your journey through all the listening stations.

You activate your awareness of your ‘Lower Dantian’ with your intention.

Tune into the presented information regarding the quality of your connection to your unique narrative, you the narrator, your creation story, inspiration, intuitive creativity, manifestation, materialization, gestation, brainchildren, tribal consciousness, the creation of relationships, the creation of family and ancestral bonds, personal and group culture, personal art, writing, and poetry.

Listening Station 3: Head/Mental Realm

Body Location: Head

Realm: Mental Realm

The 3rd station is where, with intention, you activate your awareness of your ‘Upper Dantian.

Tune into the presented information regarding the quality of your connection to the thinking mind, the ‘mind space,’ the element of air, your beliefs, intellect, knowledge, wisdom, intellectual based intuition, awareness of polarity, duality, the subconscious, analysis, lateral thought, memories, and your paradigm.

Listening Station 4: Upper Chest/Emotional Realm

Body Location: Upper Chest

Realm: Emotional Realm

The 4th station is where, with intention, you will activate your awareness of your ‘Middle Dantian.’

Tune into the presented information regarding the quality of your connection to your feeling-mind, our compass, emotion, the element of water, the heart of the matter, your soulfulness, your emotional intelligence, outer social intelligence, the expressive qualities of your relationships, emotional pain body, empathic based intuition, and actions concerning your dharma and karma.

If we don’t know what we feel, we can’t understand our real story. We only know the limited narrative. We also lose that connection to our sense of knowing. We get stuck in our concerns about how others will think about our feelings.

Listening Station 5: Thighs/Identification

Common Name

Body Location: Upper Thighs

Realm: Body-Mind Realm

The 5th station is an ending resting position. With intention, you activate your awareness of the quality of your connection to your relationship to who you are, your spirituality and or religious identification, your sense of identity, purpose, archetype, personality, and your sense of belonging, worth and your place in this world.

The 3 Treasures

3 Dantian: Control and Store Energy

The Lower Dantian: 

  • (Jing) located two inches below the navel
  • The Lower Dantian is the energy source that builds the physical body and allows us to develop and use Qi and Shen (Shen is a heartfelt expression from the feeling-mind).

What is Shen:

  • Shen is one of the 3 Treasures and allows for consciousness, cognition, emotional experiences, and’ presence.’

What is Jing:

  • Jing is the energy that gives rise to the essence of who we are. It is primal to all of life.

The Middle Dantian:

  • (QI) located at the heart
  • The feeling-mind. The energy created from food and air relates to our emotions and thoughts.

The Upper Dantian:

  • (Shen) located at a center point just higher than the eyebrows
  • The thinking-mind. This energy is related to our spirit and or consciousness.

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