W3L2: The Four Forces Metaphor

Overview & Purpose

  • Deepen your understanding of gravity

How Do We Make The Magical Flight Up Into our Conscious Higher-Self?

It is our destiny to reach for ever-higher consciousness and wisdom. By design, like a bird, we can fly!

Each force has an opposite power that works against it

  1. Lift (Ascension into Conscious Higher Self – associated with the Feeling mind) works opposite Weight (Descension into the Lower Self – associated with the Thinking mind)
  2. Thrust (Intentional Effort – Feeling mind)) works opposite Drag (Resistance – Thinking mind)

The point of this metaphor is to demonstrate that we need these two sets of oppositional forces in perfect balance to activate effortless communion with our highest wisdom.

When the forces of flight align with each other, an airplane (or, as the metaphor goes, your Conscious Higher Self) flies or flows in a level direction of motion.

  • The airplane goes up if the forces of lift (your feeling-mind) and thrust (intentional Effort) are more than the weight (of the thinking-mind) and the drag (the internal resistance) into the feeling-mind
  • If the weight of your thinking mind and the drag of your resistance is more significant than the lift of the (feeling-mind) and the thrust of your intentional Effort, the airplane Conscious Higher Self descends into the thinking-mind
  • Just as drag (Resistance) holds something back as a response to wind flow, lift (Feeling mind) pushes something up
  • The air pressure is higher on the bottom side of a wing, so the airplane wing is continually experiencing an upward pushing force.


A balance in the two sets of polarities (Lift/Weight and Thrust/Drag/Resistance) relative to the moment and each other.

Each force should not be defined by duality but by its dynamic relation in their respective pairing or polarity. Each serves a great purpose. We aim to bring these dynamic forces together, expressed through the intentional self-connection relationship, creating a harmonized state.

We need just enough of our thinking-mind (Weight & Resistance) in perfect symmetry, harmony and balance with your feeling-mind (Lift & Thrust)


Ascension, connection to the heavens, opposite of gravity, rising into feeling-mind


Descension, connection to the earth, gravity, grounding, descending into the thinking-mind


Intention, motivation, passion, the active forward momentum quality of the feeling-mind


Practicality, caution, fear. The thinking-mind quality of applying the breaks and going into the opposition.

When in a state of balance and harmony, the two sets of polarities create the perfect opportunity for Ascension or Descension, appropriate and relative to the moment.

I.E. Descending into the harmonizing and balanced sense-making lower-self thinking-mind:

  • There is a time when we need to be practical and less Zen, so we descend or plunge deeper into the thinking mind.
  • There is a time when we need to be grounded enough to receive messages from ‘heaven’ or our Conscious higher self and beyond spiritual dimensions.

I.E. Ascending into the harmonizing and balanced higher-self feeling-mind:

  • There is a time when we need to be lateral, sensitive, creative, compassionate, and less cerebral and analytical.
  • There is a time when we need to be a crucible to be filled with empathy and compassion to respond to others’ needs, invoke healing and request assistance from ‘heaven’ or our Conscious higher self and beyond from spiritual dimensions.

Conversely, we can create imbalance and attract calamity.

I.E. Descending into the disharmonizing and destabilizing overly cerebral and destructively critical thinking-mind:

At times, we perceive ourselves, others and our life through the lens of ego’s limitations and old stories and habits.

I.E. Ascending into the disharmonizing and destabilizing overly sensitive, emotional, flighty, none-sense-making feeling-mind:

At times, we perceive ourselves, others, and our lives through the lens of ego’s sense of entitlement and self-aggrandizement disguised as our Conscious Higher-Self, an absolute imposter.

When in a state of balance and harmony in all forces, we find that perfect balance of ‘woman/man on earth under heaven.’

Change Your Brain

The more often we do the Self-Connection Meditation Practice – (the practice of going inward and rising into our Conscious Higher Self awareness), the more we benefit from its harmonizing influence. That big gray organ inside our skull is infinitely plastic and moldable. Expose it to this harmonizing influence, and our brain begins to change for the better.

What are Angels but humans with the additional power of flight so they may deliver messages from and to heaven?

The intention of cultivating our self-connection deepens our ability to access our Conscious Higher Self and our intuitive gifts.

There is no worksheet for this lesson however, I do encourage you to continue developing your awareness of being grounded in the crosshairs of the four forces.