W3L1: Bodhisattva Kannon Ofuna

Besides all her known qualities, Kannon’s role in Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom also supports our internal growth. Being on a spiritual path means navigating a constantly changing course. Some days our approach to ourselves suddenly widens or narrows to a trickle. At other times we are at the edge, reengineering our old boundaries and pushing and expanding outwards. It is a great feeling to take up more space in this Universe, and by that, I mean making a meaningful contribution.

During this program, agreements and alignments to aspects of yourself may transform. As a result, you become more authentic, as will your relations. I encourage you to trust in this natural blooming within and allow this new version of you to inspire those in your life.

“Rocks, willows, lotus pools or running water are often indications of her presence. In the chime of bronze or jade, the sigh of wind in the pines, the prattle and tinkle of streams, her voice is heard.”

— John Blofeld

Optional: Watch this Drone flyover and maybe get a feeling for the spiritual presence at this location:  Kannon of Ofuna, Japan

(Video Duration: 0.42 seconds, I suggest you turn the volume off).

Kannon of Ofuna, Japan is not just an 82-foot-high, 1900-ton concrete statue; She is equally a grand temple where the doors remain open for all to enter (of course, you have to pay the ferryman a token or two for your ticket).

The key to accessing in-depth information is recognizing it is often in plain sight. We miss experiences and opportunities when operating out of our thinking mind. Wisdom is a living experiential part of the collective non-consciousness of the universe. We are never separate from this realm of knowledge and insight. However, we can feel our absence when we are overly cerebral. Our Divine rights grant us access to this realm, and as such, we should make full use of these rights to enter freely.

How do we enter this realm consciously? 

We enter through the cultivation of our self-connection. There is a part of us that is rooted in this knowing. We are connecting to this aspect of ourselves and not something outside of who we are.

Following a path around this remarkable statue, tourists and pilgrims enter a set of rooms within Kannon’s figure. Many ritual articles, altars, and a small Kannon statue reside within this sacred temple.

Upon entering, I realized this was Kannon’s inner temple. I felt myself sinking deep into myself as if paralyzed. At the time, I believed I’d found ground zero to the cosmos. As Buddhists and tourists entered, I stood there watching in amazement as they made simple offerings and efficiently left. It seemed all were oblivious to this sacred space.

The inner temple is the Conscious Higher Self, the gateway to the mystery of the universe. There are countless statues of Kannon. However, this particular statue of Kannon in Ofuna, Japan, is where I made a profound and lasting connection. This imprint of Kannon has been visiting and guiding us during this program.

Remember, Kannon holds the door to the inner temple open for all to enter from here on. The inner temple leads to All That Is, All That Ever Was and All That Ever Will Be.

Kannon, as a Bodhisattva, can be visualized as female or male. Most predominantly connect to the female aspects, such as the intuitive Mother state, beauty, wisdom, tenderness, kindness, help, protection, nurturing.

She is not separate from the male warrior’s protective version of herself, like the four-armed or the thousand armed versions reaching comfort. Kannon has many other forms; loving, wrathful, passionate, fiery, protective, and compassionate. She offers protection to all sentient beings.

Optional: Do you want to know more about our Cosmic Mother?

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Optional: Deepen your connection to Kannon through her Dharma Teacher Amitābha or Amida Buddha




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