W3: What is the role of the teacher in your OIIEM practice sessions with vetted practice clients?

What is the role of the teacher in your OIIEM practice sessions with vetted practice clients?


The OIIEM teacher is always fully present in a supporting role during the OIIEM student’s practice sessions. 

OIIEM student’s are encouraged to embrace the opportunity to remove their training wheels knowing the OIIEM teacher is present to catch them if they wobble.

The first time the OIIEM student does a proper session, including a practice session, it is important to acknowledge that there are a lot of plates in the air and juggling it all at first can be daunting. Relax and remember the OIIEM teacher is there to support you in any manner necessary, even if that means stepping in and bringing the session to a gentle close. 

  1. The primary role of the OIIEM teacher is focused on the duty of care for you, the student, and the practice client.
    1. The job of the OIIEM teacher is to hold an energetic safe space where the OIIEM student has the greatest potential to feel safe and confident as they bravely activate mediumship with a practice client
      1. A safe space to activate mediumship must be a distraction-free, no pressure to perform and interference free zone for the OIIEM student
        1. The OIIEM teacher is not to do ‘Helicopter parenting’ during the practice session
          1. This is considered interference and is unhelpful to both the OIIEM student and the practice client in having a balanced experience
    2. The job of the OIIEM teacher is also to discern the information being shared by the OIIEM student.
      1. Discern the information between psychic or mediumship data 
      2. Discern Cold Reading techniques creeping in
      3. Loosing a connection with the spirits, the client or themselves in overwhelm
  2. The job of the OIIEM teacher is to also connect with the sitter and the presenting spirits
    1. To work in the background as a concierge with the presenting spirits in a collaborative manner with the Mediumship Guidance (the students and the teachers)
    2. The OIIEM teacher will also engage with presenting spirits and gather data
      1. Provides a second layer of validation for the OIIEM student
      2. The OIIEM teacher can fill in gaps for the practice client only if necessary, appropriate and supports the mentoring process
    3. A confident presence to support the practice client beyond the OIIEM student where necessary
  3. The OIIEM teacher will intervene only when necessary and appropriate.
  4. The OIIEM teacher will discern and document between psychic and mediumship data from the student.

OIIEM Practice Clients Vetted Criteria Includes:  

All OIIEM practice client’s are personally vetted and prepared for the OIIEM student for optimal learning.

  1. An open mindedness towards mediumship
  2. A developed emotional intelligence to be able to articulate their experience for validation purposes
  3. An open and compassionate heart that will be understanding of the OIIEM student as they courageously open up to their mediumship  


  1. As part of the C&C after the practice client leaves, the OIIEM teacher will unpack feedback and mentor the student to foster their advancement 
  2. The OIIEM teacher will fill in information gaps and prompt the OIIEM student if they have missed a Stuck Fear Truth opportunity with the practice client.

Additional Recommendation for OIIEM Student:

  1. Go back to your basics in OITEW, refresh your SFT skills by practicing on yourself.
    1. Remember STF is easy and always creates a shift in self-connection.
  2. If you can successfully reach your truth through SFT you can help a practice client navigate to their truth.
    1. One of the perks of using SFT on yourself (not mentioned in OITEW) is gaining awareness and catching yourself in Spiritual By-Pass mode. Likewise, you can recognize spiritual by-passing in others.