W3: What is the Pineal Gland?

The Seat of the Soul! 

Your Crystal Palace

What is this marvellous tiny gland called the Pineal?

  • Located in the middle of the brain, the Pineal Gland has a super freaky ability to feel light! 
  • Go on, ‘feel’ light? How does it feel? 
  • The Pineal can detect light because it is connected to the optic part of the brain and has retina-like structures.
  • When we are babies and require loads of sleep, the Pineal secretes melatonin until we reach puberty, when it begins to shrink. Is this why teenagers prefer to be up late and wake late morning? 
  • The Pineal gland is also the gateway to the Third All Seeing All Knowing Inner Psychic Eye. 
  • The Pineal gland is highly sensitive to the electromagnetic activity of the heart when it is in coherence with love, compassion, and expansion. In this state, the Pineal gland vibrates in harmony and coherence with the heart, leading the two to move Into entrainment. This is the activation of intuition, inspiration, psychic vision and experience moving out of time and space. 
  • The Pineal gland is the conduit or a sacred doorway between the physical and the astral, etheric and spiritual realms. 
  • The Pineal also secretes DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a powerful psychedelic substance linked to spiritual and paranormal experiences. 
  • The Pineal gland swims in a sea of cerebrospinal fluid and has more blood per cubic volume than any other organ. It is therefore considered the more energetically charged part of the body. 
  • The Pineal gland has a significant history spiritually. Look at the ancient Egyptians’ “Eye of Horus,” and you will see the anatomy of the Pineal gland. The Pineal gland was revered so highly that it was preserved separately during mummification. 

A medical text will tell you that this tiny gland calcifies as we age; however, as far I can tell, it only calcifies and atrophies when we don’t use it for sensing beyond our five senses. 

We don’t just use our Pineal gland to pick up on psychic information and spirits in the spiritual realms. We use our entire energetic being, including the densest body, our physical being. 

When the Pineal gland has secreted DMT, we are moving into an altered state of consciousness, where we are aware of the Quantum field. 

Delving into all the energetics of the human energy field is beyond the scope of this program, but the internet is a great place to start if this study intrigues you. 

Indications of a healthy Pineal Gland:

  • Ability to move into higher states of consciousness
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Clairvoyance – see others’ energy easily
  • Sleep better too!

Indications of an unhealthy calcified Pineal Gland:

  • Stuck in a duality mindset: Confusion, envy, jealousy, judgement, disconnection, isolation. 

How do you get your Pineal Gland to feel more light?

  • Open the door to spirit! A lot!
  • The therapeutic use of psychedelics
  • Spiritual growth work when you move out of the mindset of duality
  • Meditation
  • Reduce everyday exposure to things like fluoride and radiation.
  • Supplements such as Turmeric/black pepper, Iodine, etc.

What is the Crystal Palace?

Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal

Three glands encased in the middle of the brain and at the brain stem vibrate together to form the Taoist Crystal Palace. They form the balance point between our brain’s reasoning and instinctual parts. We can awaken this trilogy of spiritual awareness with imagery, imagination, intention, and awareness. 

This session contains powerful frequencies which will help to stimulate Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Pineal Gland. For Best Result, Use Headphones/Earphones


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