W3: Discernment between Psychic Perception and Mediumship Communication:

Discernment between Psychic Perception and Mediumship Communication:

The title says it all! Psychic perception is experienced differently than mediumship communications but in subtle ways, leaving you open to misinterpretations and awkward confusion. The ego can try to rescue the situation with ‘cold reading’ tactics. 

What is unintentional Cold Reading?

Cold reading inclinations are part of human nature. We don’t want to disappoint another. They have sometimes given legitimate psychics a poor reputation, with some clients believing that all mediums use such tactics across the board.

In reality, cold reading is a series of mentalist or tricks readers can use to give the impression they have acquired new evidence or information about someone when they are studying the subject and gauging the reading based on the subject’s reaction.

A Cold Reading is when the information regarding the ‘sitter’ comes from the Medium’s wisdom as a reaction to how the client receives the information offered. This ties into my biggest pet peeve – offering unsolicited advice!

Cold reading is a set of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, and mediums.[1]Without prior knowledge, a practiced cold-reader can quickly obtain a great deal of information by analyzing the person’s body language, age, clothing or fashion, hairstyle, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, level of education,  manner of speech, place of origin, etc. during a line of questioning. 

Cold readings commonly employ high-probability guesses, quickly picking up on signals as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not, then emphasizing and reinforcing chance connections and quickly moving on from missed guesses. Psychologists believe that this appears to work because of the Forer effect and due to confirmation biases within people.[2]

Information from either psychic perception or mediumship can easily get muddled if you are not paying attention to some critical qualities in the information received. 

When you don’t pick up on the subtleties and critical qualities of information, you risk filling a void which often looks like over-interpreting information from spirits and undervaluing information from psychic perceptions and vice versa.

When the medium is also psychic, it is ethically necessary that the Recipient/Sitter be clarified as to the origin of any information. Is the information mediumship based or psychic based? Or both! 

If it is neither, information now falls dangerously into the category of unsolicited advice. 

A Triad of psychic, mediumship and wisdom can work harmoniously together. Coherence

Psychic Perception: 

Psychic Perception, as a connection frequency or vibration, is fuelled by the psychic’s intuitive energy and capacity. It originates in the Psychic’s experience of their extra sensory skillset – their clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience, to name the top 4 ‘Clairs’. 

Psychics perceive and receive information, past, present and future, out of time, from the individual’s caporal form and the earthly material realm, including the vibrational nature of the Recipient.

Mediumship Communication:

Mediumship communication, as a connection frequency or vibration, is fuelled by the blending of the presenting spirit’s energy, the sitter and the medium triad.

The communication originates in the spirit world, not the medium or the sitter. The medium is the intermediary in a triad of communication between the spirit, the medium and the sitter. 

The medium receives evidential idiosyncratic personality details, aspects of their life, career, details of shared experiences, and articles that are memory anchors.

A medium does not always need a sitter and can just as easily connect as a dyad with a spirit without the need for an anchor recipient. 

The medium is charged with the responsibility of being the messenger of the spirit world, not the ‘sage’ offering unsolicited advice or ‘wisdom’ unless requested. 

Mediums perceive and receive the vibrational nature and information from non-caporal beings and realms. This includes loved ones, ancestors, angels, spiritual guides, ascended masters and simply Source Energy. 

Where things get confusing:  

The Medium uses their psychic skillset the same way a psychic uses their psychic skillset. The goal is always to ascertain information for the Recipient. 

Every medium and psychic has their unique set of psychic skills affording them the ability to offer authentic experiences. Many mediums are also psychic.  Not all psychics are mediums. 

Everyone can become a medium much like everyone can learn how to swim. Not everyone can become an Olympic Swimmer. 

When a spirit shows up in a mediumship session, generally speaking, the Recipient/Sitter may be grieving or feel vulnerable, disempowered and at the very least awkwardly or morbidly curious and or uncomfortable. 

During a Mediumship or a psychic reading, the Recipient/Sitter is in a dynamically less powerful position than the psychic or medium due to their accessibility to information sourced from the psychic realms and the Spirit World. This hierarchy serves the Recipient/Sitter in that it is human nature to more easily receive healing messages of love, resolution, continuity of life, closure and other validating evidence from a stranger versus a loved one concerned for the Recipient’s well-being.  

Another area that gets confusing is when a spirit starts offering unsolicited advice! Just because a spirit is in the Spirit World does not mean that they are now an ascended wise being and as such, advice should be taken with a grain of salt, in the same way, as anyone offering the Recipient advice. 


Exercise your intentional ability to shift your focus between both frequencies effortlessly and seamlessly yet with powerful discernment. 

How: Set your intention on your desired outcome. To be in Service.