W2L2: Dimensional Mindsets


Let’s take a step deeper into Spiritual Awakening. Now that you are well and truly on your way, you are becoming more aware and confronted by ideas of different levels and qualities of consciousness. You may even be questioning your life and reality as you thought you knew it.

When we settle because we are afraid, we get LESS

3D Mindset

When we wait for what we want, we get AMAZING

4D Mindset

When we let go into oneness,

our experience of ourselves, each other, the earth and the cosmos transcend

5D Mindset

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What is a 3 Dimensional Mindset?

I feel aligned to what is familiar to me when I –

  • Follow the rules set by authorities outside ourselves
  • keeps us from using discernment, accessing Higher Self and trusting intuition, and from knowing and seeking our truth/what we want
  • Believe in duality and limiting rules
  • Feel trapped by laws, traditions, obligations
  • Live in Fear
  • Resist and avoid change
  • Need to win, blame others
  • Exclude those who are different
  • Expect to be rescued
  • Entitlement mindset
  • Believe and feel like there is something wrong with me;
  • ‘I am not enough/unworthy’ thinking
  • Love my comfort zones
  • ‘What is familiar is safe’ mindset
  • Struggle to let go of the past
  • Struggle to receive and to give
  • Struggle to feel good about me
  • Believing feeling good about me is frowned upon/narcissistic
  • Struggle to feel deserving
  • Struggle to think I am good enough
  • Seek security outside of myself
  • Behave like a sheep – herd and ranking mentality
  • Rely on people in positions of authority to keep me safe
  • Believe I need to be in control of what is happening to me and others
  • Worry about anything and everything (ego)
  • Often get stuck in negative emotions (fear, sadness, anger, disappointment, hurt)
  • Cast blame onto other people and other times
  • Oscillate in thoughts and emotions that are not connected
  • Overly physically orientated (doing, striving)
  • Feel are out of balance, sick and rely on outside sources entirely to ‘get better.’

What is a 4 Dimensional Mindset?

I feel aligned to what is familiar to me when I –

  • Follow the rules set by authorities outside in balance with my inner knowledge of what is suitable for me.
  • I am aware of the concept of ‘polarity.’
  • I am inclusive in my thinking and doing (we are all the same, we are all one, we all belong)
  • To feel safe, access my faith through intuition and Conscious Higher-Self
  • Don’t worry anymore; I accept, adapt and overcome
  • Find it easy to let go of the past through inquiry work
  • Have relationships that are genuinely amazing and life-altering
  • Embrace change, feel worthy and have authentic self-esteem
  • Seek the kind of liberation that stimulates and evokes creativity, excitement and passion
  • Create relaxation, pleasure, joy, happiness, energy, ease, solve problems, download solutions, release the grip of guilt
  • Believe in reciprocity
  • Know that there are no limitations in the province of the mind
  • Am responsible for the self, self-experience and perception
  • Have let go of the 3D sense of entitlement
  • I am a solitary wolf seeking peace yet taking care of the family
  • Love breaking out of my comfort zone and growing, connecting with new information
  • Listen to people in authority but trust my intuition, Conscious Higher Self and find the balance
  • Focus on self-regulating my thoughts, perceptions and feelings about what is happening to me and others
  • Try to trust that everything is happening for a reason, even if I don’t understand yet
  • Know that thoughts become things
  • Am open-hearted
  • Am objective
  • Can move mountains
  • Love confirmation from synchronicity
  • Feel a kinship to those who are also in 4D awareness
  • Accept anything that makes me feel joy, loved, adequate, sound, etc.
  • Reject and investigate anything that makes me feel fearful, inadequate or bad
  • Know that positive, harmonious and balanced feelings and thoughts are the keys to accepting all beings
  • Am mental ‘First Thought’ orientated (being, thoughts, feelings, inner guidance)
  • When out of balance, sick – I examine thoughts and feelings to learn their impact on physical biology and discern the most effective internal and external procedures for healing.

What is a 5 Dimensional Mindset?

I feel aligned to what is familiar to me when I –

  • Experience receiving and giving Unconditional love without expectations
  • Experience receiving and giving Unity Consciousness
  • Believe I have experienced ONENESS and UNITY consciousness
  • Notice that fear, the need for safety, and a lack of trust NO longer EXIST or is greatly diminished
  • Observe my old dualities are now experienced from a polarity mindset, where somewhere between hot and cold, I am blending and in harmony
  • Operate from INNER GUIDANCE or intuition
  • Have no need for physical PAIN, which is the warning signal I am trying to live in the 3rd dimension
  • I Am aware everything is INTERCONNECTED, and every loving thought affects everyone.
  • When you give loving thoughts to others, you are giving to yourself
  • When you provide caring thoughts to yourself, you are giving to others
  • SURRENDER all CONTROL of thoughts and actions to a Higher Power or God, Goddess, Source Energy
  • Know I have NO NEEDS that are not already supplied or in transit
  • Believe REALITY is not entirely what we see, hear, or touch
  • Live outside the Matrix
  • Realize the only natural choice I have is either LOVE/TRUTH or FEAR
  • ACCEPT everyone and everything
  • I am aware of the people that come into MY life, and what happened doesn’t matter.
  • What does matter is the LOVE/TRUTH we share
  • Know that LOVE/TRUTH transforms all NEGATIVITY
  • Learn I don’t have to DO anything or GO anywhere (EXCEPT WITHIN) to HAVE meaningful insights and unique experiences
  • Focus on the EXPERIENCE of watching All that is, All that Ever Was and All that Ever Will Be orchestrate a plan that is so perfect it takes my breath away
  • Have an ENERGY FIELD that moves faster and is more fluid

All that is, All that ever was, and All that ever will be exists 

everywhere, and nowhere

All That Is

This all-knowing presence is still a mystery to science. I call it the creation of the Cosmic Mother. Science finds it hard not to admit that this nothingness has an ethereal quality. Science is still working out how a particle can randomly manifest and be unmanifest even in a vacuum of ‘nothingness.’

Nothingness is a myth. All that is, All that ever was, and All that ever will be can be anywhere at any time, with no limitations.

When we surrender to oneness (believing there is no separation), our experience of ourselves, each other, earth and the cosmos transcend.

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