W2L1: The Cosmic Mother


  • Connect with the archetype of the Cosmic Mother
  • Introduction to Kannon

The World Is Missing HER Voice

  • She/Her refers to the feminine aspect of Source Energy, which comprises both Male and Female characteristics.
  • Historically the Cosmic Mother has been treated with violent disrespect. Still, the Cosmic Mother never stops listening and responding to the cries of sentient beings in need of her help.
  • She is like a willow that bends without breaking.

What does the Cosmic Mother have to do with your journey through Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom?

The Cosmic Mother is the archetype of all things relating to the feminine face of God, Goddess, Source energy, etc. Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom is deeply influenced by my lifelong pursuit to embody the archetype of the Cosmic Mother. That may sound grand, but this seeking of the feminine expression of Source Energy is innate to many women and even some feminist men. I’ve seen this inherent feminine principle in little girls even as young as 12 months of age who instinctively bring their baby doll to their bosom (nurturing, loving and protection).

The Cosmic Mother has many names. Here are just a few:

Gaia, Cosmic Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, All That Is, Kannon, Kwan Yin, Guanyin (a translation from the Sanskrit Avalokitesvara or Avalokiteśvara, referring to the Mahāyāna bodhisattva of the same name), Chenrezig, the Virgin Mary, Guadalupe (Arab derived word meaning River of Light) and Tonantzin (the Aztec goddess Our Mother).

Personally, as a woman, I feel privileged to create opportunities in my life to be the embodiment of the Cosmic Mother’. One of those areas is during my work.

I enjoy consciously connecting to my innate feminine nature. I love showing up in the world as a supportive person, offering protection, safe harbouring, genuine praise, nurturing, and of course, feeding others (with food but also love and kindness, wisdom and sometimes stringent medicine). Anyone who enters my physical or virtual space is treated in this fashion.

The embodiment of the Cosmic Mother is also about expressing a desire to be creative and use our intuition to navigate our life’s challenges in balance with our Divine Masculine qualities of logic and reason.

Being the Cosmic Mother’s embodiment is innate to us all. Our feminine embodiment is a source of herself-authority, sovereignty, inspiration, and transcendence for many women. Even if she has disconnected from her feminine aspect or been violated or rejected by her feminine gender, the Cosmic Mother calls out to her, sensing her silenced voice.

We lose this delicate balance with the Cosmic Mother when we disconnect from the qualities she upholds. In this patriarchal world, we have many imbalances that contribute to global calamity. The oppression, discrimination, abuse, disrespect of women and girls results from the disconnection and disrespect of the Cosmic Mother and our Earth.

The insanity of our diminished connection to the Cosmic Mother is that we are dependent upon the Earth and its continued fertility. Historically, the Cosmic Mother was revered until an abrupt shift from Matriarchy to Patriarchy (around 3000 BCE).

Since that shift, it is harder to maintain balance and function as a woman in a patriarchal world, especially when and where the Great Goddess of mercy, compassion and protection is violated.

The Cosmic Mother is the essence of love, happiness, and liberation from suffering in her balanced form.

The Divine Creation Story

  • According to Christianity and other religions, God created the world in a specific order.
  • First, there was Light (Mental/Consciousness/Awareness), and then the other forms followed:
  • Water (Emotion/feeling) (#4 – Heart)
  • Earth (Physical) (#5 – Name/Identity/Presence in the physical world)
  • Stars (Wisdom/Spiritual) (#3 Head)
  • Fish, birds and ground animals (Grounding into our animal nature, the Animal Kingdom, our allies and helpers) (#1 Grounding into the Earth)
  • Human beings in God’s image (Creation/procreation) (#2 Navel)
  • Does this creation story remind you of anything?
  • The Listening Stations in the Self-Connection Meditation Practice represent the creation story.

We only manifest our deepest desires.

At the helm of Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom, there is a great guiding light in the form of the giant Kannon in Ofuna, Japan (below).

  • She is a Monument to Peace.
  • She is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.
  • She has foregone her entrance to heaven to assist humans in reaching the gates of heaven.
  • Kannon loosely translates to “She who perceived the sounds of the world.”

You meet your Conscious Higher Self and deepest desires when you activate the virtual temple. Ask for her assistance. Instantly she reaches out to you. Extend your hand to hers, receive her fully in your heart with gratitude.

We will continue to learn more about Kannon in the coming weeks. (-:

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