W2: Sitter Preparations for an OIIEM practice session

Sitter Preparations

for an OIIEM Session:

Before your OIIEM Session:

  • I invite you, as the sitter, to create a document/ground an intention ahead of your session. 
  • Grounding your intention strengthens the potential for a clear connection with spirit and loved ones in the spirit world, and it is excellent for evidence instead of hear-say. 
  • Pick 2-4 people you would like to connect to in spirit.
  • Prepare a list of things you need to hear from your loved ones in spirit that identify them to the Open Inward Integrative Evidential Medium. 
  • Repeat your list aloud within an hour before your OIIEM session.
  • Spirits will hear you; if they are keen to participate, this gives spirits time to come up with their evidential answers and messages.

Pick 2-4 people you would like to connect to in spirit

  • Make a list under each name that would be sufficient proof of identity as evidential information
  • Consider that the souls you may not expect may be the ones that show up! 
  • Have no conditions or expectations

Identity Marker Suggestions: 

  1. What is the relationship between the spirit and the sitter?
    1. Maternal/Paternal/parent, grandparent, sibling, cousin, aunt/uncle, great aunt/uncle, and beyond, No blood relation, spouse, friend, colleague, or pets.
  2. What is the Spirit’s Name?
    1. The first letter of their name, common name, nick-name, full name
  3. How did they die?
  4. What was the general theme of their life?
  5. What was a massive life event?
  6. What were some outstanding personality traits?
  7. What was their primary career?
  8. Are there any outstanding unresolved issues between the sitter and the spirit?
  9. Did the spirit make any significant contribution to their community or the world?

OIIEM Practice Session Preparation Tips: 

  1. Take 5-10 minutes before to get yourself into an open-hearted and a relaxed state
  2. Arrive grounded and centred
  3. Make sure you are in a private space and won’t be disturbed
  4. Please be patient and understanding with the Open Inward Integrative Evidence Mediumship student. It takes a lot of courage to step into this level of connection.
    1. Allow her to take you through the process of the Open Inward listening stations you are already familiar with
      1. After the 1st Listening station, she will share her psychic findings with you, focused on an overall energy reading in preparation for the session balance.
      2. After the 5th Listening station (where you repeat your name), she will share her mediumship findings.
        1. It is essential to give her uninterrupted space to work on the presenting spirit connections that arise.
          1. For this reason, please don’t confirm or negate information until we ask you for your input.