W2: OIIEM 12-Step Connection Protocol

OIIEM 12 Step Connection Protocol

  • Open Inward Integrative Evidential Mediumship 12-Step Client Connection Protocol
  • Includes the OIIEM opening and closing ritual and the Advanced OIIEM Advanced Client Connection



Overview & Purpose

  • Be a Sacred Witness as well as an intermediary with the spirit world
  • Connect with your client and your Conscious Higher-Self
  • Practice (Pain) Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique when necessary
  • Use the OIIEM Short Client Connection Script
  • Hold the intention to receive evidential and integrative seed thoughts, images, and sensations, from each listening station to preserve space and energy for spirit communications to dominate. 
  • Swiftly, intentionally shift quickly back and forth from conscious awareness to a connected space, open to the spirit world.


Time frame: Intentionally Plan for about 30 minutes in total for the practice sessions

Preparation: Do the Self-Connection Meditation Practice just before meeting up with your client for the best results

Duty of Care:

  • You have a duty of care to yourself, your client and the presenting spirits
  • I have a duty of care to you
  • If you find that you are out of your comfort zone or skill level in the midst of a process with your sitter, safely pause the process and contact me
  • Telegram messenger or laking1111@gmail.com
  • If it is urgent, 437-928-9826 (Canada)
  • For international calls, the Canadian country code is 1

The Medium’s Intention:

  • Please do not take on offering unsolicited advice to your sitter/client.
    • Co-creatively inquire about feeling mind process interpretations.

The Client’s Preparation Intention:

  • Your client should be encouraged to create and document/ground an intention ahead of their session.
    • Grounding their intention strengthens the potential for a clear connection with spirit, and it is excellent for evidence instead of hear-say.
      • Have your client prepare before by writing out a list of things they need from their loved ones to identify with you, the medium.
        • Ask them to repeat their list aloud within an hour before their session.
          • Spirits will hear them, and if they are keen to participate, this gives them time to come up with their evidential answers and messages.

Session Setting:

  • Working space is clutter-free and clean/purified
  • You have established boundaries and expect to be distraction/interruption-free
  • Have your tools handy
  • I.E., crystals, pendulum, oracle, incense, San Palo, Sweetgrass, sage, essential oils, etc.
  • Have on hand a notebook or, if you prefer, a mind-mapping app
  • There are many free apps available, and I currently use SimpleMind 
  • Set a timer and then bring things to a close
    • Time is energy in the Quantum Field, so respect energy and availability
  • As a backup recording of your session, I use the free audio recording and transcribing app called Otter.ai

OIIEM Client Connection Protocol

Step 1:

Preparation – Duty of Care: 

Three Activations & Four Layers of Protection

Working within the protective space of the virtual Open Inward Sacred Temple

The First Open Inward Activation 

The Open Inward Activation also creates your FIRST LAYER of protection. 

Get the temple ready and prepare yourself.

  • Activate the Open Inward Sacred Space for yourself, your Client and your Spirit(s) before your client arrives 
  • Move through the Open Inward Listening Stations as you learned in OITEW.
  • Intentionally expand through each Listening Station.
    • Your goal is to become a potent mediator between your client and the spirit realm.
  • Within the Sacred Temple, recite the Kannon Invocation. 
  • Last, from your heart, invite your Mediumship Guide to join you. 

Kannon Invocation Opening Ritual

The Kannon Invocation creates your SECOND LAYER of protection

Recite the Kannon Invocation

Kannon Invocation

Great Cosmic Mother

Who swiftly comes when called upon

Who hears the cries of the world

Who holds the gates of heaven open for all to enter

Who tirelessly offers mercy, patience, hope, love and compassion

Who fiercely protects

Bestow upon me your great wisdom

Through your heart, guide me to have trust and faith to understand humanity

and to brighten my light so that I may make a difference

So Be It

It is Done

From your heart, silently engage the services and guidance of your Mediumship Guide:

I call upon the assistance of my Mediumship Guide (insert name if they have one).

Please guide these communications with the spirit realms and preserve the highest order. 

Please assist me in discerning any suspicious entities and help me to usher them out of the virtual temple.

Please open the Cosmic Door between earth and the Spirit Realms now. 

I call forth spirits related to (insert client name) and invite you to make yourselves known to us now.

Hold steady and strong.

Proceed with the Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice

Step 2: Activate your Mediumship 

(We will do this step together before the practice client arrives)

The Second Open Inward Activation

The Advanced Open Inward Activation creates your THIRD LAYER of protection

Doing the Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice before you meet with your client, you will tether yourself safely to the center of the Quantum Field, intentionally expand and elevate your vibration and tune up your faculty as a psychic medium:

The Second Open Inward Activation

OIIEM Advanced Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice: From Week One

  • Eyes closed
  • Do Zen breathes for a few cycles in a resting position (hands, palms down, placed over lower and middle Dantian)
  • Bring your chin to your chest, open your mouth and allow your jaw to hang
  • Focus on the base of your skull, telling the tissues to soften and spread
  • Set your intention on opening your Mouth of God/Zeal point 


  • Eyes closed still, look up to the middle of your eyebrows and inwards to the brain’s center. 
  • Focus your stimulating awareness on your 3rd eye/pineal gland.
    • It will start to release DMT, the psychedelic molecule
    • You will feel a shift in your awareness
  • Continue with a few more cycles of Zen Breath until you feel a shift in your consciousness.

Pineal Glad

Commence the journey through the Open Inward Listening Stations

Elevate your vibration: 

As you migrate through the Advanced Open Inward Listening Stations, focus on expanding your energy into the Quantum field, with each Zen breath in all directions.

  • Activate the First Listening Station to Center yourself in the middle of the Quantum Field; 
  • Once you reach the centre of Quantum Field, visualize yourself tethering your Silver Cord to the centre of Quantum Field.
  • Move to the 2nd Listening Station, and feel your lower dantian/navel center expanding. 
  • Move to the 3rd Listening Station, and feel your upper dantian/head expanding.
  • Move to the 4th Listening Station, feel your middle dantian/heart-expanding
  • While there, notice your Silver cord is attached to every Dantian.
    • Tug at the Silver Cord to make sure it is deeply rooted in YOU and the centre of Quantum Field
  • Move to the 5th Listening Station, focus on your clean (unconditional, no expectations) intention of elevating your energy to be in service as a psychic medium.

OIIEM Prayer of Readiness

“I am now in service as a clear channel of spirit. 

I submit that I have 100% trust and faith in my connection to the Quantum Field. 

I intend to serve my client (insert name) and the spirit world from the highest for the best outcomes. 

So be it; it is done, God speed. “

Step 3: The Client Arrives

  • With Intention, hold steady the Sacred Protective Space.
  • Once your client arrives, give them a warm welcome. 
  • Greet their soul and their unique constellation (Spirit team, ancestors, etc.) with your heart 
  • Intentionally silently invite your Client to enter the virtual temple space.
    • Imagine you are holding the curtain open for them to pass over the threshold and begin their journey.  

Set Your Client’s Expectations and offer direction before you begin

  • Avoid chit-chat because you are already primed and ready to go.
    • Remember, mediumship can make people feel anxious, vulnerable and emotional, be warm, gentle and kind.
    • You must help them be in the best state possible and have the highest experience possible.
      • Invite them to relax, open their mind and their heart
        • You intend to make them feel safe 
  • Your client has prepared an intention for their session.
    • Grounding their intention strengthens the potential for a clear connection with spirit, and it is excellent for evidence instead of hear-say.
      • I.e. “My intention (for this session) is to connect with my ‘father’. My second intention is to receive clarity about what is blocking me from moving forward.”
        • Invite your Client to silently reconnect to their intention (what spirit they’d like to connect with, any questions they have for themselves)
          • Inform your Client: “Please share your intention with me when I have completed my process.”

The only caveat is if the client is (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually) processing. The integrative aspect of OIIEM is an essential part of the healing. I have yet to work with a Medium that supports clients this way. 

Tell your clients they may get upset; however, you will gently support and guide them through a cognitive somato emotional release process (Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique). ADD TO PREP CLIENT AHEAD OF TIME

Share a brief description of what they can expect during their OIIEM Session: 

Hello, my name is, and I am a psychic studying evidence-based mediumship with Laurie Anne. 

I understand you have received the prep for your session today so let’s start. 

  • If you don’t already have it, ask your Client to share and spell their common name and add it to your mind map.
  • Ask your client to share when you ask and to allow you to work the connection to strengthen the psychic connection, get evidence from the presenting spirit(s) and then their messages. 
  • Proceed with the OIIEM Connection Protocol.

Step 4: Open the Door to the Spirit Realm: 

OIIEM Prayer of Intention

Declare out loud:  

“I, (insert your full name) and (insert your client’s full name), step forward now to connect with Spirit in truth, love, and the highest and best. 

We sincerely and gratefully welcome those Spirits who wish to connect with us for the highest outcomes for all concerned. 

So Be It. It Is Done. God Speed.”

Third & Final Open Inward Activation 

The Advanced Open Inward Activation creates your FOURTH LAYER of protection.

  • Guide your Client through the Updated Quantum Field Connection Open Inward Listening Stations with the Short Client Connection Script.
  • Swiftly, intentionally shift quickly back and forth from a conscious awareness where you guide your Client to a connected space, open to the spirit world.
  • Ground by documenting all intuitive seed thoughts (thoughts, feelings, images, sensations) received in the Open Inward Connection Meditation Practice at each Listening Station.
  • You may or may not detect any spirits during this activation. 
    • If it happens, you will need to manage them until you can give them your undivided attention. 
  • What to do: Acknowledge the presenting spirit immediately through your heart and let them know (silently/telepathically) that you will engage with them very shortly. 
    • If the presenting spirits are impatient, ask your Mediumship Guide to explain your Mediumship process and usher them into a ‘waiting room.’
      • Make a record at which listening station the initial spirit connection to you and any other early identification information and integration aspects on your mind map. 
      • Hold steady on your course through the listening stations to obtain your client’s EVIDENTIAL AND integrative information.    

OIIEM Client Connection 

(OITEW Short Script)

We are going to become deeply centred in the Quantum Field. I will ask you to close your eyes and to follow a simple relaxation meditation. 


Then we will gently move through a set of hand positions, starting with resting your hands on the tops of your thighs. 

At this first listening station, I will share some preliminary findings regarding your overall energetic signature in preparation for the balance of your session. 

Then we will begin moving, resting your hands over your navel area, then on the sides of your head, resting your palms above your ears and then resting on your upper chest, ending with resting your hands on the top of your thighs. I will let you know when it is time to move to the next station. All you need to do is relax. 

At the last hand position, with your hands on your thighs, I will ask you to repeat your common name four times out loud, nice and clear and strong.

After I am done with your common name, we will return to an alert state, and I will share my experience and any evidential AND  INTEGRATIVE information and potentially correspond with the presented loved ones in the spirit world. NO GUARANTEES

Let’s begin. 

I invite you to close your eyes, become quiet, and focus on yourself.


First Listening Station: Grounding

OIIEM Intention: 

Hold this thought in your heart:

“Spirits and loved ones in the spirit world here for (insert client name), please come forward now and make yourself known.”

What is the quality of connection to the earth?

  • Relax from the top of your head to the ends of your fingers and toes.
  • Relax your face
  • Relax down through your neck and drop your shoulders
  • Bring your chin slightly down towards your chest.
  • Lift upwards slightly from the base of your skull from the back of your head, lengthening the back of your neck
  • Feel the tissues spreading at the base of your skull
  • Allow yourself to keep relaxing
  • Relax your whole body
  • If you notice any tension anywhere, repeat the word ‘This is easy, I am relaxing deeper and deeper”. 
  • Relax your breathing
  • Feel your elbows being pulled down to the ground
  • Relax your belly, your spine
  • Bring your awareness to your pelvis and imagine it softening
  • Feel your weight in your chair
  • Relax and open your hips deeply.
  • Relax down your legs, around your knees, deep into your calves, relaxing your ankles, pushing relaxation into your feet

Now tune into your place in the Quantum Field.

  1. Feel infinite space behind you 
    • Feel infinite space in front of you 
      • Feel infinite space to your left
        • Feel infinite space to your right
          • Feel infinite space above you 
            • Feel infinite space below you 
              • Bring your awareness to the middle of the balls of your feet
              • There is an acupressure point there called Bubbling Spring
              • Just by thinking about it, you activate it
              • You might have a sensation
              • Imagine pushing your energy through that point deep and wide into the Quantum Field.
              • Begin gently pushing your energy into the Quantum Field
              • Now Fill the Quantum Field with your energy 
  2. Find yourself in the centre of the Quantum Field
  3. Acknowledge: I am no one, no-thing, no-where. I am now here.
  • (Pause.) 
    • Document your findings


As part of the preparation for the next phase of this session, and while you are in this connected and receptive space, I’d like to share with you some information shared with me by Source energy regarding the quality of connection to your energetic signature, your overall energy at this time. 

You can softly return to an alert state now. 

Begin sharing your findings with your Sitter. Keep the energy low to not lose ground with how deeply they relaxed. 

Second Listening Station:

CLOSE your eyes and return to that deeply relaxed state

Hold this thought in your heart:

“Spirits and loved ones in the spirit world here for (insert client name), please come forward now and make yourself known.”

What is the quality of connection to their dominant narrative?

“Now, I’d like you to place your hands over your navel area.” 


Document your findings

Third Listening Station:

Hold this thought in your heart:

“Spirits and loved ones in the spirit world here for (insert client name), please come forward now and make yourself known.”

What is the quality of connection to the realm of thought?

Now, rest your hands on the sides of your head, with the heels of your hands sitting just above the top of your ears. (Pause.) 

Document your findings

Fourth Listening Station:

Hold this thought in your heart:

“Spirits and loved ones in the spirit world here for (insert client name), please come forward now and make yourself known.”

What is the quality of connection to the realm of emotions

Now, you can relax your hands and place them on the upper center part of your chest.


Document your findings

Fifth Listening Station:

OIIEM Spirit Identification

After the 5th Listening Station,  you are ready to fully open the door to Spirit. 

Hold this thought in your heart: 

This is your final call. Come now. 

I am ready to communicate with spirits who have come for (insert client name),

Please come fully forward now. 

Remain relaxed, and open your perception as if searching and waiting on a spirit to reveal itself.

What is the quality of connection to identity?

Now, you can rest your hands on the tops of your thighs, palms down. 


To call all the parts of you to be present, I’d like you to say your common name out loud four times from this nice connected place. 

Steady and strong

When you are ready, four times. 

This is for you.


Document your findings

Step 5: Return to an Alert State

Both you and your Client transition from an alpha meditative state into a beta conscious state

Gently Invite your Client to return to an alert state

I invite you to come back now to an awake state 


Step 6: Check-in on the Client

After Listening Station 5, invite your Recipient to an alert state. 

Ask your Client: “How are you feeling?

If they feel balanced and peaceful, begin Step 6 – your reveal of the ‘intuitive findings’ from each Listening Station.

If they are processing (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually), slide seamlessly into (Pain) Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique.

“Tell me, what are you feeling right now?” 

When you have taken them through the (Pain) Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique, 

Step 7: The Reveal!

“Let me begin sharing what information has begun to come through. 

Please allow me to work with the spirits to get as much clear evidential, and integrative information as possible. 

When I am ready, I invite you to share your intentions for today. 

I’d like to start by sharing what came through for you at each listening station.”

Then proceed with an integrative and evidential approach of offering a combination of engaging with presented spirits and sharing your ‘intuitive findings’ from each Listening Station. 

The Open Inward integrative, emotionally intelligent, supportive approach is what optimally supports the session to be a transformational and healing experience for all concerned.

Your client may begin to (physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually) process as they respond to your intuitive findings and spirit communications.

When necessary, transition into (Pain) Stuck-Fear-Truth Technique as often as possible.

After you have shared the bulk of your findings, and communications, invite them to share their intention or focus for their session. See the big picture and pull an interpretation together with the Client.

Optional: Sixth Listening Station:

If your client was very much hoping to connect with a particular spirit, and they have not yet shown up, this is where you can gently intervene. 

There are many reasons why a spirit does not show up. Often, they simply need a bit more assistance. 

Have your client share the full name of the departed loved one and the relationship to you. (My husband, my friend). 

Document this information in your mind-map. 

Instruct the Client to hold a vision of this departed loved one in their heart and mind’s eye as if they were in the house with them but in a different room. 

Have your client call out to them by the name they used to speak with them. Call out loud enough as if they were in a different room. Three times. Then go silent and search for them. 

“Spirits and loved ones in the spirit world here for (insert client name), please come forward now and make yourself known.”

Document your findings

Step 8:  Closure Intention

  • Ask your client what their biggest takeaway was and what was their biggest challenge. Document it. 
  • Thank them for their time and the honour of working with them at this intimate level. 
  • Intentionally break your connection to the sea of consciousness outside of your consciousness. 
  • During the session, you may have merged with energies, so it is crucial to break that connection. 
  • It is critical to restore your energy at this point intentionally.
  • “Thank you (Insert Recipient’s name). I hope you found this helpful. Let’s bring your session to a close NOW.”


  • Don’t linger and socialize with your client after the session. 
  • Let them go and be with their experience. 

Step 9: The Client exits the session

  • Say goodbye to your ‘Client’.
    • Close the zoom window or depart from your client.

Step 10: Closing Ritual

Recite quietly or silently to yourself:


OIIEM Disconnection Prayer

“All consciousness, not my own, including spiritual energies, beings and souls that may have merged and connected to me during this session – in the name of Jesus Christ, according to Cosmic Law, 

you must leave my energy field now.”

“Conscious Higher Self, my Spirit Team, and my Mediumship Guide, please restore my energy field now.”

Feel free to create your prayers!

Step 11: Take a Restorative Energy Shower:

Visualize while you recite:

  • Wash your field with white, pink and green light throughout your entire being.
    • You intend to wash off all energy that does not belong to you.
  • Mindfully enter a space of gratitude and appreciation for the work you have just done.
  • Acknowledge your Trust & Faith in the assistance you have received with gratitude by silently saying a heartfelt Thank you to the unseen world of your Conscious Higher Self, your Spirit Team, Kannon, and Galactic Masters.
  • Consciously affirm that you have received what you asked for and more.

“I restore my energy field with white, pinks and green flowing light from the top of my energy field down to the bottom of my energy field.

“Conscious Higher Self, my Spirit Team, and my Mediumship Guide, please restore my energy field now.”

“My deepest gratitude to the unseen world of my Conscious Higher Self, my Spirit Team, Kannon, and the Galactic Masters. Thank you.”


  • Now take a transition breath.

Step 12: Collapse the Sacred Space

  • Collapse the virtual temple when you have completed your OIIEM session.

Ground Your Experiences

  • While your memory is still fresh, journal your experiences.

Let’s review how the session went:

Feedback is about celebrating your challenges and successes!

I invite you to uninhibitedly, humbly ask for mentoring guidance where you would like to improve, such as where you struggled or got stuck, and celebrate your wins too! Share where you felt like a work of art in motion! 

  1. What stands out as a win from today?
  2. What stands out as a vital aspect of your Mediumship?
  3. What stands out as a weak aspect of your Mediumship?