W1L5: Learn about the Five Open Inward Connection Meditation Listening Stations

What are the Five Open Inward Connection Meditation Listening Stations?

The Five Open Inward Listening Stations are points on a map that relate to specific locations on your body that can reveal insightful information when activated. The information revealed reflects the present qualities of your self-connection, such as who you are and how you relate to yourself, others, and your life experiences. With mindful ‘kata-like’ movements through these stations, you will learn to tune in, assess your state of being and amplify your potential to balance and harmonize.

What is a Kata?

“Kata” is a Japanese word meaning literally “form,” referring to a detailed choreographed pattern of martial arts movements made. These movements can be practised alone, within groups and in unison when training. In Japanese martial arts are practiced to memorize and perfect the executed moves.” Wikipedia

What are Dharma and Karma?

In simplistic terms, Karma represents the hand we are served in the game of life or poker.

Our Dharma is how we play that hand.

“Dharma and karma are Sanskrit concepts that have been codified through the practice of indigenous Indian religions. 2. Dharma refers to one’s lifelong duty whereas karma refers to someone’s day-to-day actions and the negative or positive obligations these actions bring about.”

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The Eight Brocade

I learned this practice many years ago and practiced it early mornings with my husband in Australia. 

Shi Heng Yi a master. I invite you to observe his ‘kata’ movements. 

The quality and energy he brings to his practice take years or even a lifetime to master. Be inspired! You may even want to take up the Eight Brocade to compliment your beautiful growing spiritual practice.

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