W1L3: Preparation is Everything

Before you do the Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice:

  • Let anyone in your space know that you are not to be disturbed unless it is urgent
  • Take care of last-minute details so that your time with yourself is gloriously free of interruptions and distractions.
    • that can easily interrupt the harmony of your energy as
    • Disturbances quickly interrupt the state of balance and harmony, requiring more time and energy to reconnect to yourself
  • Turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode or relinquish it to another room entirely
  • Plan on 5-15 minutes to do this self-connection practice – actual time will depend on how long you need that day to get into the right frame of mind

I recommend that you make Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice a part of your daily routine or as part of your spiritual practice. 

I also recommend that you do the Open Inward Self-Connection Meditation Practice when you need to return to a better state of balance and harmony. 

The more often, in quality measurement, you do the Open Inward Self Connection Meditation Practice, the longer you will remain in a balanced state of being and the more efficiently you will self-correct in the future, when necessary.

Spotify: Open Inward Connection Meditation Practice Playlist

Ask and Shall Receive:

  • With no expectations or conditions, set your intention on being a clear receptacle of ‘spirit.’
  • Ask your Higher Self, your Spirit Team, Kannon and the Galactic Masters to reveal to you only the most appropriate, subtle energy pulses in the form of clear information, sensation, or images related to the quality of your connection at each listening station.
  • Ask for unbiased discernment in interpreting your perceptions.

Archetypal Symbolism: 

During your Open Inward odyssey, you will encounter information that is familiar to you and new in the form of thoughts, feelings, sensations, and vibrations. You will also become aware of images, symbols, sigils, concepts, archetypes, etc. 

I encourage you to begin building your archive of psychic data.

I recommend you do your own research and perhaps invest in a book or two on the subject of symbolism.  

Here is a book you might find helpful as you go down the rabbit hole of discerning psychic data. It is only a suggestion for those keen to have a powerful resource that may help as you open up to receive more psychic information as we travel along this journey!

The Book of Symbols

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