True Will OISI Coaching Event

OISI 04-19-2022 Chat


00:32:44    Laurie Anne King:    What draws me to Chaos?

00:32:47    Lu Wang:    wonder

00:32:48    Dilshad Mehta:    excitement

00:32:50    Laurel Mentor:    Creation

00:32:57    Sandy Doble:    connection

00:32:59    Lisa Otto:    Excitement

00:41:26    Laurie Anne King:    Do you agree that it is indeed true that we are aspects of the Divine incarnate in the material world?

00:41:39    Lu Wang:    yes

00:41:39    Laurel Mentor:    yes

00:41:40    Lisa Otto:    Yes

00:41:41    Sandy Doble:    yes

00:41:52    Laurie Anne King:    What is your proof

00:42:03    Lu Wang:    i’m here but not here

00:42:15    Lisa Otto:    It’s a feeling, a profound sensing

00:42:16    Sandy Doble:    I am

00:42:29    Laurel Mentor:    It’s a bio signature, no words for it

00:43:02    Laurie Anne King:    Do you also believe that it behooves us to experience the whole gamut of our potential?

00:43:05    Lu Wang:    yes

00:43:07    Dilshad Mehta:    yes

00:43:14    Laurel Mentor:    yes

00:43:14    Sandy Doble:    yes

00:43:20    Lisa Otto:    Yes

00:43:23    Laurie Anne King:    What is your proof

00:43:29    Dilshad Mehta:    life

00:43:44    Sandy Doble:    creation

00:43:45    Laurel Mentor:    growth

00:44:30    Lu Wang:    determination

00:44:41    Lisa Otto:    Existence

00:45:47    Dilshad Mehta:    bliss

00:45:48    Lu Wang:    complete

00:45:53    Laurel Mentor:    whole

00:46:09    Laurie Anne King:    What would you imagine it would feel like to be with your soul mate?

00:46:10    Sandy Doble:    Whole supported

00:46:40    Lisa Otto:    Whole

00:48:05    Laurie Anne King:    What are you doing to fully express the agency of your future self into the NOW?

00:48:12    Dilshad Mehta:    nothing

00:48:14    Lu Wang:    imagination

00:48:19    Lu Wang:    I also had nothing

00:48:20    Laurel Mentor:    focusing

00:48:32    Lisa Otto:    Conscious living

00:48:36    Sandy Doble:    Creating

00:49:57    Lu Wang:    soft and receptive

00:49:57    Dilshad Mehta:    Heart work

00:50:15    Laurie Anne King:    

OISI SPIRIT GUIDE: What can you do to deepen your connection to your divine feminine, the creative aspect of you?

00:50:16    Lu Wang:    sorry my cam went wonky

00:50:23    Laurel Mentor:    tenderness

00:50:25    Sandy Doble:    Soften and be more accepting

00:50:56    Lisa Otto:    Allow the flow

00:52:57    Laurie Anne King:    How does it make you feel to know that the changes we make as we align more honestly with our True Will, are merely part of the sacred fractal geometry of life’s longing for itself?

00:53:09    Dilshad Mehta:    perfect

00:53:17    Laurel Mentor:    Joyful

00:53:17    Lu Wang:    good and relaxed, a sigh of relief

00:53:22    Lisa Otto:    Alive

00:53:24    Sandy Doble:    excited

01:00:02    Laurie Anne King:    In the finite timeline of this lifetime, I invite you to be 100% honest where you have been dishonest about the work of fully expressing your True Self, your Soul’s desire. What do you intuit will block you?

01:00:09    Lu Wang:    harshness

01:00:58    Sandy Doble:    judgement

01:00:59    Laurie Anne King:    What do you intuit will block you in the future from expressing your True Will?

01:01:04    Laurel Mentor:    Going into my head, ego.

01:01:16    Dilshad Mehta:    depression

01:01:18    Dilshad Mehta:    anger

01:01:22    Lisa Otto:    Fear, judgement

01:02:20    Laurie Anne King:    What is it about you, your mindset and your lifestyle that represents the consciousness of the 3d dualistic old world paradigm perspective?

01:02:27    Lu Wang:    fear and constraints

01:02:40    Laurel Mentor:    Being a victim

01:02:40    Lisa Otto:    Ego

01:03:12    Dilshad Mehta:    Feeling humiliation

01:03:18    Dilshad Mehta:    anger

01:03:19    Dilshad Mehta:    grief

01:03:36    Dilshad Mehta:    Disconnecting from the present

01:03:36    Sandy Doble:    Procrastinating

01:04:03    Laurie Anne King:    What is it about you that hesitates from stepping into your True Will to create your best you and your best life?

01:04:18    Lu Wang:    fear of being left out, ostracized from family

01:04:19    Lisa Otto:    Fear of failure

01:04:22    Sandy Doble:    Belief that I don’t deserve it

01:04:26    Dilshad Mehta:    What will other people think? I will look like a fool. I don’t know what talking about.

01:04:48    Laurel Mentor:    Fear just came up, no words

01:04:51    Dilshad Mehta:    Ill do something wrong

01:05:43    Laurie Anne King:    When last did your disruptive Soul’s Desire show up?

01:05:50    Lu Wang:    yesterday

01:05:55    Dilshad Mehta:    Just today

01:05:56    Laurel Mentor:    now

01:06:17    Lisa Otto:    Today

01:06:21    Sandy Doble:    now

01:06:29    Laurie Anne King:    What did you do?

01:06:39    Dilshad Mehta:    Gave in to the anger

01:06:49    Lu Wang:    I tried to think through a half baked plan and then stopped

01:06:59    Lisa Otto:    I acted

01:07:00    Laurel Mentor:    Resisted

01:07:06    Sandy Doble:    Accepted that I have to move

01:10:53    Laurie Anne King:    Reach back to the first awareness of that ‘seductive thing,’ that compelling thought that landed and began to take root in your consciousness?

01:11:11    Lu Wang:    Things are fine, don’t rock the boat. Sounds like my mom

01:11:17    Lu Wang:    probably early 29s

01:11:19    Lu Wang:    *20s

01:11:56    Laurel Mentor:    As a young child, feeling  I am not safe in the world

01:12:00    Dilshad Mehta:    Pre-teen- this is too chaotic, go to bed, go to my room, be alone, under the blanket

01:12:18    Sandy Doble:    What will people think. When I was about 12

01:12:58    Lisa Otto:    Feeling of perpetual fatigue…after becoming a parent with two kids

01:13:44    Laurie Anne King:    What has become of your life?

01:13:52    Dilshad Mehta:    isolated

01:13:55    Lu Wang:    lukewarm water, suffocating, boring

01:13:59    Sandy Doble:    hidden

01:14:02    Lisa Otto:    It feels muddy

01:14:03    Laurel Mentor:    Lonely, boring, repetitive

01:14:25    Laurie Anne King:    What has become of the world?

01:14:37    Dilshad Mehta:    fragmented

01:14:38    Lu Wang:    boring, shallow, fake, lacking in value

01:14:43    Lisa Otto:    It feels chaotic

01:14:51    Sandy Doble:    stagnant

01:14:57    Laurel Mentor:    Trying to make us feel small

01:15:38    Laurie Anne King:    What would you give for that True Will awareness again?

01:15:49    Lu Wang:    probably everything?

01:15:55    Lu Wang:    though I don’t think I could

01:15:56    Sandy Doble:    comfort

01:16:16    Lisa Otto:    My life…as in the life I live as I know it

01:16:28    Laurel Mentor:    My service

01:17:19    Laurel Mentor:    brb

01:37:30    Laurie Anne King:    What is the agent of change right now in your life?

01:37:37    Dilshad Mehta:    My dog, my home

01:37:41    Sandy Doble:    My will

01:37:45    Lu Wang:    catalyst (perhaps environmental), having a baby

01:38:00    Laurel Mentor:    My soul’s desire

01:38:44    Lisa Otto:    Consciousness

01:39:00    Laurie Anne King:    What have you done? /What did you do?

What did you not do?

01:39:22    Dilshad Mehta:    Moved forward. Created. lived

01:39:33    Lu Wang:    Being open to new ideas. Research. Haven’t put anything real in place yet

01:39:56    Lisa Otto:    Allowed flow, flowed, predict or constraint

01:40:19    Laurel Mentor:    Created an opportunity for change, committed to change . Dug deeper into my resistance.

01:40:40    Sandy Doble:    Joined this group. Accepted change. Didn’t change

01:41:15    Laurie Anne King:    What are the consequences of not taking that action?

01:41:28    Lu Wang:    deterioration, intense unhappiness

01:41:29    Lisa Otto:    Stagnating

01:41:30    Laurel Mentor:    Doubt, confusion.

01:41:33    Sandy Doble:    Stagnation,

01:43:12    Laurie Anne King:    Write down why you choose not to act on the agency of the moment but instead choose the soft path.

01:43:20    Lu Wang:    confusion, lack of confidence in my abilities, not sure what to do

01:43:37    Laurel Mentor:    It was easier, more familiar.

01:43:38    Sandy Doble:    Change is uncomfortable, and I don’t believe that I can

01:43:59    Dilshad Mehta:    laziness

01:44:29    Lisa Otto:    Less hassel

01:44:49    Laurie Anne King:    How must your life change, become different now, radically if necessary, with this second chance to become your True Will’s expression?

01:44:59    Lu Wang:    lose everything to gain everything

01:45:37    Lu Wang:    fearlessness, confidence, relief

01:45:59    Laurel Mentor:    Focusing on the affirmation I let come…

01:46:04    Lisa Otto:    To face the hassle…to have the confidence to meet it head on

01:46:25    Sandy Doble:    Accept my abilities and just get out there

01:46:41    Lu Wang:    Oh I see, ok. Being receptive to divine inspiration and having the courage to act upon them

01:48:59    Laurie Anne King:    First thoughts: 

See your life as a timeline.

Where does a red blip happen? 

How old were you? 

Where were you living? 

What was the event that happened to you where you were given a chance to step into your True Will? 

What did you do? 

What did you not do?  

Why not?

01:50:05    Lu Wang:    8, coming to Canada. I feel part of me didn’t understand what was going on. I see now that it was an important move though at the time, I resisted and felt very confused. I became more withdrawn and I didn’t have the ability or resources to approach the situation with positive confidence.

01:50:42    Laurel Mentor:    I was about 13, just looking out the window of the car, and it occurred spontaneously that I felt that I had a greater mission. I did not understand what I was supposed to do, I did not seek help, share how I felt.

01:50:58    Lu Wang:    As a result, I feel like I have the feeling of being resource-less and afraid as an imprint

01:52:26    Sandy Doble:    I got to see the future a few seconds ahead. Didn’t believe what had happened but wanted to believe a the same time. My doubts of myself and the thoughts of what will people think of me if I voiced what had happened. I was about 13.

01:53:18    Lisa Otto:    I was in my late twenties and I knew I had to go see my grandmother. She was sick and dying and I knew she needed feminine energy around her. My uncle told me to wait but I knew I had to come right away and I was present when she passed

01:54:04    Laurel Mentor:    I have lots of red blips…

01:54:48    Laurie Anne King:    Share your biggest takeaway from the meditation

01:55:05    Lu Wang:    feeling for the grander vision of my life

01:55:21    Laurel Mentor:    Trusting in the power of my true will.

01:55:30    Dilshad Mehta:    Need to come back to more self spiritual work in my life

01:55:39    Lisa Otto:    To feeling of freedom when connected to 1st thought

01:55:49    Sandy Doble:    I have so many more layers to uncover.

01:56:05    Laurie Anne King:    Share WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE?

01:56:11    Dilshad Mehta:    I do

01:56:17    Lu Wang:    need to become softer

01:56:29    Sandy Doble:    Acceptance of who I am

01:56:40    Dilshad Mehta:    Releasing anger

01:56:47    Laurel Mentor:    The mindset of, I’m too tired, I don’t want to right now.

01:57:57    Lisa Otto:    My ‘comfort’ of procrastination