The OISI Three Highways of Consciousness

The OISI Three Highways of Consciousness

How to move our awareness beyond our conscious self and the limitations of our Five Senses to connect to our Sacred Observing Self (S.O.S.)

A Trifecta of connecting the physical to the spiritual realms of Higher Awareness

What is The Law of Surrender?

Surrender conceptually is about standing in your wisdom, accepting ‘what is, and ‘what is now,’ simultaneously, without conditions, reservations or resistance.

We are already familiar with the Law of Surrender through the experience of the OITEW Fear Stuck Truth Technique. 

The moment one crosses the threshold from their fear to their truth, the Law of Surrender has been activated. From that place of surrender, healing energy is released, quickening our growth and evolvement. We are set free of what held us stuck, prisoner to attachment, paralyzed by fear of change and haunted by a dissonant connection to our empowerment. 

To surrender is the only way to see how powerful you indeed are!

How to Surrender:

  • Open to receiving the quantum awareness beyond separation where you are me, and I am you, and we are no-one, no-thing, no-where, no-time.
    • We are sacred mirrors of each other because we are all one. 
    • The old 3d structures are collapsing.
      • It is now easier than ever before to surrender to the feelings and awareness of bliss, joy, and eternal happiness.  
  • To enhance your awareness, start with the intention of surrendering your current perception of self willingly so that you may voyage beyond.
  • Surrender your brain function, become mindless, and let go of what you think you know so that you may come to understand beyond this finite awareness of self.

What are the Organs of The OISI Three Highways of Consciousness?

What is the Central Channel? 

  • The Central Channel is an energetic pathway between the highest consciousness of Spirit and the lowest consciousness of matter. 
  • The life force of the Spirit and the consciousness of the soul flows along the Central Channel.
    • The central channel resides inside the brain stem and spinal cord and rides the tide of the cerebral spinal fluid.
      • This channel is an energetic organ of consciousness. 
  • As with all energetic organs, they are subject to becoming dirty with unbalanced energies.

At the Top of The Central Channel, we find the Pineal Gland.

  • It is a pinecone-shaped gland. 
  • The Sixth Sense/Intuition, the Seat of the soul, Third Eye. 
  • Jesus referred to the Pineal as the lamp of the body. When it is fully activated, you become a body of light. 

At The Base of The Central Channel, we find the Perineum.

  • Within the holy anatomy of the body, there is a sacred temple. In anatomical terms, it is called the Perineum. Focusing on this region can lead to the potential for experiencing expansive emptiness and vastness. 
  • The perineum is situated between the anus and the vulva in females and between the anus and the scrotum in males.
  • The Perineum is the point where all nerves end and governs the sexual essence.

What is the Medulla/Zeal Point or Mouth of God?

“The medulla oblongata at the base of the brain is the seat of life, formed from the seed cell, the original nucleus, entered by the soul at the time of conception. 

Vibrating life energy from the omnipresent cosmic source is continuously received through the subtle astral centers in the medulla.  

The medulla, the principal entrance for the body’s supply of universal life energy (Aum), is directly connected by polarity with the Christ Consciousness center in the single eye between the eyebrows: the seat of man’s power of will.” – Paramahansa Yogananda. 

Optional: Some Sadhguru Medicine