The OISI Three Highways Activation Dyad Exercise

Activate the Three Highways of continuous ascending essence, one highway at a time:

Preparation is Everything

I will drop you and your Dyad partner into a Zoom Breakout room! 

You will have 15 minutes – Go! 

  • Link: Before you begin, remember to perform the Gassho 
  • We are already within the sacred space of the Virtual Temple, so there is no need to activate another one
  • Decided which one of you is going to be the #1 Sacred Witness
  • Recite the Kannon Invocation

Kannon Invocation

Great Cosmic Mother

Who swiftly comes when called upon

Who hears the cries of the world

Who holds the gates of heaven open for all to enter

Who tirelessly offers mercy, patience, hope, love and compassion

Who fiercely protects

Bestow upon me your great wisdom

Through your heart, guide me to have trust and faith to understand humanity

and to brighten my light so that I may make a difference

So Be It

It is Done

Pro Tips:

  • To get maximum results, remain present, hyper-focused and self-aware of your experiences.
  • Each of you should have a pen and paper handy or a mind map program open to ground any experiences and findings during the activation of the Three Highways.
  • Focus on being open, relaxed and neutral.
  • If either of you should become distracted or very tired during the activation by your ‘monkey-mind’ thoughts, quickly acknowledge them, do a few cycles of Zen breath, relax and reset your intention to return to your deliberate sensing awareness.
  • Remain open to experiencing a subtle shift in your energy or breathing or a ‘knowing’ as you transition from one Highway to the next until you blend all three and bust through the roof of your skull, reaching your Sacred Observing Self.

Revisit: Zen Breath Work

  • Focus your awareness solely on your breath as it passes through your nostrils.
    • On the in-breath, you will detect a cooler temperature. 
    • On the out-breath, you will detect a warmer temperature. 
  • Even after a few breath cycles, your egoic awareness has shifted from your distraction, trigger, primary lie or pattern to the centring and calming connection to your breath.
  • Once you have a pattern established in your breathing in and out, observe your thoughts and feeling versus believing you are your thoughts and feelings.

The Three Highways Activation Dyad Exercise:

“Energy goes where thought flows.”

The Recipient Role:

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes and signal your Dyad partner to begin their Zen Breath Meditation.
    • Using the descriptions below as an outline for a script, guide yourself through the OISI Three Highways Activation Stages.
  • During the exercise, continue doing Zen Breathwork, and remain neutral, softly staring at your Dyad Partner, who is to be a sacred mirror.
    • In this role, your task is to move through the three Highways and reach your Sacred Observing Self in the Quantum Field.
      • Be like the unified field, no one, nothing and nowhere.
  • When your 5 minutes are up, ground your experience
    • Discuss with each other your experiences
      • Switch roles

The Sacred Witness Role:

  • While doing Zen Breathwork, intend to be a mirror of your Dyad partner in the Recipient Role. 
  • Softly stare at your Dyad Partner (in the Recipient Role) and allow your experience to unfold.
  • When your time is up, ground your experience
    • Discuss with each other your experiences
      • Switch roles


  • Centre in the Quantum Field
  • Relax while sitting or standing in alignment.
  • Do a series of at least three Zen Breathing cycles through your nose.
  • Bring your chin to your chest to make your brain subservient to your heart and activate the Law of Surrender.
  • Visualize and sense your Pineal Gland.
  • Visualize and sense your Perineum.
  • Visualize and sense your Bliss Point.

Stage One

  • Connect your awareness to your perineum.
  • Focus on contracting your pelvic floor inwards and upwards (Kegal exercise) from your perineum straight up the middle of your body along the central channel/tube of light to your Pineal Gland

Stage Two

  • Simultaneously connect your awareness to the space between your eyebrows and inwards to the Pineal Gland at the brain’s center.
  • While still contracting upwards from your perineum to your Pineal Gland, continue that focus on the space between your eyebrows and inwards to the Pineal Gland at the center of the brain.

Stage Three

  • Connect your awareness to the base of your skull/brain stem, your Mouth of God/Bliss Point.
  • While contracting upwards from your Perineum to your Pineal Gland, continue that focus on the space between your eyebrows and inwards to the Pineal Gland at the center of the brain.  
  • Now add the third stream of awareness from the Mouth of God/Bliss Point, where all three streams blend and ascend to the roof of your skull and beyond to your Ultimate Self, where your Sacred Observing Self resides.

Invite your Recipient to return to an alert state and share your findings:

  • I invite you to return to an alert condition (Pause.) 
  • Ask your Recipient: “How are you feeling?”
  • Record any final notes on your experience in your Grimoire. 
  • Share your most significant takeaway when we join as a group again in the main zoom room. 

Dyad Session Closure Intention:

  • You intentionally break your connection to the sea of consciousness outside your consciousness. 
  • You may have merged with energies during the session, so it is essential to break that connection. 
  • It is critical to restore your energy at this point intentionally.

Silently Close: 

“My deepest gratitude to the unseen world of my Conscious Higher Self, my Spirit Team, Kannon, and the Galactic Masters. Thank you.”

Please Remember: 

  1. When you have completed your Dyad exercise, end your session formally.
    1. Mindfully, face the East, go into your heart and silently express gratitude to Kannon and the energy of the Virtual Temple.