The OISI Four Aspects of Know Thyself + Dyad Worksheet

What does “Know Thyself” mean?

As the phrase implies, embrace the task of knowing yourself in ways rooted in understanding what compels you, who you are, why you are here, and your strengths and weaknesses?

Since the early days of OITEW, you have been on a journey of Self-Connection and self-discovery. 

In OISI, we will work through the other three aspects of YOU!

The two maxims that followed “know thyself” were “nothing to excess” and “certainty brings insanity.”

The OISI Four Aspects of the Ancient Greek Aphorism “Know Thyself.” 

“nosce te Ipsum.”

  1. Soul Gift (Received in OITEW)
  2. True Will (OISI Unit 2)
  3. Life Purpose (OISI Unit 3, next lesson)
  4. True Nature 

Each of the four aspects is similar, with relatable and influential qualities that blur the subtle differences to the casual on-looker.

Self-connection work is not something we should schedule into our day. 

Self-connection work is a lifestyle that should not compete with your former self and her ‘Groundhog Days’ of your past. 

Inspired by your True Will, the Inner Self is engaged with your self-connection work and will naturally take pauses in the day to rest, reflect, reset and reorganize aspects that have fallen off the path of your goals and visions of your Future Self. 

The trick is being efficient at redirecting your Outer Self to obey your Inner Self. 

How do we balance this relationship between the Inner and Out Self?

We must pay attention to the outer self-drivers that keep us from our inner self’s True Will, wisdom and desires.

  • Getting jerked about and reacting by outworn beliefs and patterns
  • Obligations to other people (contracts and agreements) that we are no longer in alignment with but still meeting
  • Distractions from electronic devices 
  • Social Media engagement. 

What is your Future Self? 

Imagine creating a future quantum slice of you. 

She would reside in an unconditional state, aligned to no time and no space until you decide to pull her into your reality.