The Law of Attitude

The Law of Attitude:

  • The only weapon that can harm you. 
  • Nothing, absolutely nothing, in the universe can harm you except your own attitude. 
  • No accident, no loss of a loved one, no natural catastrophe, no personal illness, no loss of property, or job hardship can harm you. 
  • It is only your attitude you take towards these events and experiences that hurts you. 
  • Your attitude is a state of mind.
    • It is often your attitude that motivates your decisions. 
    • Once decisions are made from attitude, we need to turn our attention to work out and understand why we made the decisions we did when did. 
    • We are where we are because of our previous attitude and decisions. 
    • Unless we know that information, we can’t know what is coming next. 
    • Do you want to know what is coming next for you?
      • It is not a mystery. It is all found in your past. 
  • Traumatic experiences are meant to happen to each of us in in incarnation. 
  • Each experience should be put in its proper perspective, resolved in a favourable manner, analyzed for the good it brought, and balanced with emotionally. 
  • Attitude has it’s degree of emotion and emotion triggers off one’s ‘ongoing-life-process’ or one’s ‘ongoing-death-process’ in the body. 
  • We choose by our attitude which process is to prevail. 
  • To whatever depths we sink below norm, materially, we can rise equally above our norm, spiritually. 
  • We reach a state wherein nothing material offers any hope and then the soul-mind becomes ready to receive the influx of power and inspiration from the etheric world or the superconscious mind.