Protect Your OISI Grimoire with an OISI Numeric Sigil

Why Protect Your 

OISI Grimoire? 

Primarily you are protecting your OISI Grimoire from prying eyes, judgmental and intrusive mindsets or malicious or trickery intentions.

Your OISI Grimoire requires robust psychic protection to include physical and non-physical, corporeal and non-corporeal presence, dimensions and realms.

Let’s begin with a simple but effective prayer of protection. 

What is an OISI Numeric Sigil?

A new tool for your Open Inward tool belt!



1st century AD early Christian and Jewish religious systems at a time when personal and spiritual knowledge was valued over orthodox and ethos. 

The word ‘Sigil’ is from the Latin word ‘Sigillum’ 

  • A seal or signet, signature or a symbol (an occult or magical mark).
  • The pictorial aspect speaks directly to the SB
  • Words/phrase/affirmation speaks directly to the Conscious mind

Three Sigil making Versions : 

Permanent version: 

  • These are made to last – meant to be active for a long time that requires recharging with intention/prayer/meditation/affirmation/personal energy – hold at any or all of the listening stations
  • Write on a piece of paper and tuck it out of sight on your alter
  • Tattoo
  • Carve into stone or wood

Semi-Permanent version: 

  • Draw on your body with a pen or marker


  • Draw on paper and burn (yang) Chi
  • Draw into a reflective surface from a mirror to water (bathwater, sink, bowl, a lake, river, ocean or pond or puddle.) (yin) Zen  

Background Information: 

What is the law of chaos?

Chaos theory is an interdisciplinary theory stating that, within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, interconnectedness, constant feedback loops, repetition, self-similarity, fractals, and self-organization, e.c.t. 

This behaviour is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.

How Does a Sigil Work?

  • A Sigil (often also called a Talisman) works as a sacred battery and can be empowered in any number of ways. 
  • I follow a yin/yang Taoist-inspired methodology.
    • An intentional vibrational pattern of receiving empowers a yin talisman.
    • An intentional vibrational pattern of yielding empowers a yang talisman.  
  • The Sigil works like a battery of sorts, and if a semi permanent sigile (not burned or destroyed) it will need to be re-charged regularly.
  • Charging and recharging Sigils involve specific and repeatable intentions and rituals. 

Charging and recharging Sigils examples:

  • Every time you open your OISI Grimoire, glance at Yang Permanent Sigil, & activate your BioSignature for your sigil to hurl it into activation

Let’s build your OISI Yang Sigil

using this OISI Grimoire Prayer of Protection:

Keep me, (Insert your full birth name) and my Grimoire safe, God, Goddess, All That Is, All That Ever Was and All That Ever Will Be, for, in you, I take refuge. 

 Inspiration comes from: 

“Keep me safe, my God, for in You I take refuge.” – Psalm 16:1 NIV

Document in your OISI Grimoire biosignature. 

Start with how this OISI Prayer of Protection makes you feel.

Use the Taoist Concept: 

First thought, best thought

From neutrality, your first thought/perception is the true thought

All else that follows is corrupted

For this exercise, we are going to Build an OISI Yang Permanent Sigil.


When your Sigil is complete, record it on the 2nd Dedication page of your OISI Grimoire. 

Pages 1,2 and the final page are Dedication pages. More on Dedication pages in the following lesson. 

Let’s build your OISI Yang Sigil

Step 1:

Create a positive present tense affirmation or prayer or use a specific one for one particular purpose.

For your OISI Grimoire use: 

Keep me (Insert your full birth name) and my Grimoire safe, God, Goddess, All That Is, All That Ever Was and All That Ever Will Be, for, in you, I take refuge. 

Step 2:

Remove all the vowels (aeiou y) and repeated consonants/letters

Keep me


(Insert your full birth name)

and my Grimoire safe,


God, Goddess, AlThat Is, All That Ever Was and All That Ever Will Be,


for, in you, I take refuge. 

Partial Secret Word

KPM —(insert the secret letters for your birth name) ND GR SF L TH V W B

Step 3: 

Assign each letter in your Secret Word to a Secret Number by following the chart below


K P M — N D G R S F L T H V W B


2 7 4 —(insert the secret numbers for your birth name)  5 4  7  9  1  6  3  2  8  4  5 2

Step 4: Reduction

The final step in creating your Secret Number is to remove any repeated numbers

2 7 4 —  5 4  7  9  1  6 3 2  8 4  5 2


Step 5: Intuitive Proces

  • Draw a shape such as a clock face or a random shape
  • Space on the edge of your shape 9 set points evenly spaced or how you choose
  • Assign numbers 1-9 to the set points on the clock face in a random order
  • Take your set of numbers from Step 4 and draw lines and shapes from number to number to create a pleasing design
  • Now redraw your sigil on page 2 of your OISI Grimoire
    • Gaze softly and admire your OISI Grimoire Protective Sigil
      • Repeat the affirmation
      • Activate the biosignature

Sigil Examples:

Yin Quality: Created with curvy lines and soft angles;

Yang Quality: Created with straight lines and hard curves. 

Use a continuous line.

When you are happy with your design and resonate with it, redraw it on your Dedicated Second page.


You just created a powerful protective, personalized symbol of Chaos!

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