Potential Mediumship Communication barriers and how to move through them

Potential Mediumship Communication barriers and how to move through them

When a Primal Language sign is not clear or forthcoming:

  1. Check you or your client are not ignoring or blocking your intention with a closed heart and or mind 
  2. Sometimes the spirit coming through is an unusual or unfamiliar connection for your client and is dismissed as unimportant. In reality, it could be the missing link to unlocking more data.
  3. Your client has expectations and conditions, counter beliefs, doubt or denial, not trusting or has lost faith and hope.
  4. Discounting or dismissing what did happen and what they did feel, think and experience
  5. The client is withdrawn and needs encouragement to know they can ask correctly and deserve a sign.
  6. Ask your Mediumship guide for assistance.
  7. Ask your client to make it easier by making their choice of an evidential sign easier and familiar between them and who they wish to connect to in the spirit world.
  8. Ask your client’s spiritual guidance for assistance.


When a desired loved one did not show up! 

While we can never guarantee a connection to a specific spirit, if, after the initial correspondence with the spirit world, a loved one the client had hoped to connect with is not presenting, I have a way to facilitate a particular soul to step through. There is no guarantee they will; however, we can only try. 

After I have finished sharing all my findings from the presenting spirits, I will ask the client if there is someone else, in particular, they were hoping to hear from but have not at this point. If so, I explain I have a way that might work if they are willing to participate in a direct invitation. 

A: The Spirit is the blocker 

Most of the time, I can connect to an existing spirit that is not yet fully developed in the spirit realm through the recitation of its full name. The relationship and or a photo can help dial them in too! 

Although getting this information is considered bending the rules a tiny bit, there are often good reasons why that spirit could not get to the front of the line. 

For example, some latent spirits don’t know how to come through, and the reasons vary. Still, it is often a lack of experience, where they are at in their healing process, having poor communication skills or an undeveloped self-connection. 


Ask your Mediumship Guide to intervene or facilitate making a connection to an assistant to the latent spirit. This intervention could be another ancestor or a higher spiritual entity. 

B: The Client is the blocker 

The problem is likely not the spirit, but the sitter is creating a barrier. For example, the sitter or client may still be deeply immersed in the early stages of their grieving, fearful of the actuality of the experience, filled with doubts and skepticism that making a connection is possible, or their expectations are out of alignment with unconditionality. Lastly, the client may be an atheist, and their absence of belief in a higher power obscures the way forward as a possibility in the quantum field. 


You may have perceived the answer through a listening station. The solution may entail discussing the ‘blocks’ suggested in the above paragraph or cognitive work with the client through the Stuck-Fear-Truth technique. 

C: The Medium is the blocker

Lastly, we must question ourselves as barriers to making a complete connection to a particular spirit. We can experience feeling pressured by the client’s expectations and lose our connection. Or we can lose our confidence, feel intimidated by the client or feel out of our depth.  


Ask our Mediumship Guide for assistance, return to a balanced and harmonious state, and reconnect to the desire to be of service at the highest level. 

Embody Mindset: 

Poised and in a state of Grace

Be genuine 

Unmet childhood needs: Not being seen or heard… 

Loop in your brain…