Orientation: Open Inward Heavenly Guardian

Introducing the Open Inward Heavenly Guardian, the OFuna Kannon of O’Funa, Japan

Take a moment right now, and open up your heart and your mind. At the helm of Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom, there is heavenly advocate, a great bright guiding gentle light in the form of the giant Ofuna Kannon in Ofuna, Japan

  • She is a Monument to Peace.
  • She is the Buddhist God/Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.
  • She has foregone her entrance to heaven in order to assist humans to reach the gates of heaven.

This deity is known by many as Kwan Yin, the Goddess/God of Mercy and Compassion.

Ofuna Kannon Temple is in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. This gentle statue of Kannon stands to the west of Ofuna Station. The 25-meter tall statue of the goddess of mercy was completed in 1960, after many instances of its construction having to be halted due to World War II. It now hosts the Yume Kannon Festival every autumn, where visitors can watch performances of music and dance from around the country.

The Ofuna Kannon Temple is especially known for protection against sickness and disasters, conception, easy childbirth, and health and happiness in children. Kannon loosely translates to “She who perceived the sounds of the world.”

I want you to know that every time you practice the Open Inward Meditation Connection Practice (which is the spiritual system you will be learning), you are held safely in a celestial temple. 

Within that sacred space, there is an Inner Shrine, the presence of Kannon, protecting us and supporting us and listening to us and, in particular, listening to our cries for help. 
And celebrating with us our insights as we arrive at new awareness and new information. 
I hope this brings you as much comfort as it does me. 

I want to share this particular photo I took of Kannon at OFuna in 2001 because I’ve had several profound experiences in this exact location, out of time and space in connection to Kannon. It all started in 2001, when I climbed the hillside overlooking the city of Ofuna, to get closer to this gentle giant. As I stood in front of that great white statue, my knees buckled beneath me.

Within the belly of this giant statue is an inner temple. The entrance is hidden in the rear behind a bush. I will expand on this connection to Kannon further into the program.



What you will encounter inside the virtual temple:

  • Our Open Inward Guardian KANNON

Within this sacred space is a Kannon shrine. It is there that you meet your Conscious Higher Self and your deepest desires. Ask for her assistance. Instantly she reaches out to you. Extend your hand to hers, receive her fully in your heart with gratitude.

This aspect of Kannon – is ready to receive you and be received as part of your spirit team. 

We will continue to learn more about Kannon in the coming weeks.