Orientation: Open Inward Best Practices

To maintain excellent Spiritual Hygiene and the Highest Standards of integrity:

Your DUTY OF CARE is first to yourself and then to each other.

Follow the GOLDEN RULE: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Follow the DIAMOND RULE: Go beyond the Golden Rule and imagine and act upon the thoughts and feelings (electromagnetism) from your most profound humility regarding the quality of treatment this person in your care deserves as a beloved, highly revered luminous being of light.


As the Sacred Witness, your most significant responsibility when connecting with another being at this level of non-personal, unconditional connectivity is not to project your unbalanced data.

Pay attention and document what and how you feel when receiving psychic data.

Psychic Information needs to align with the HIGHEST standards and the BEST FOR ALL.

When presenting psychic Information to your Recipient (even when it is challenging or contrary), share from a non-judgment and neutral mindset.

Psychic Information SHOULD always be about consciousness-raising, restoring balance, ascension, transformation and healing around emotional loss.

Psychic Information SHOULD speak to the Recipient’s heart, NEVER arouse fear.


When your fear comes up regarding the accuracy or sanity of psychic Information, this means that at that moment, you are not in alignment with your Conscious Higher Self.

Back up, breathe, deepen your connection to you intentionally, call upon your Conscious Higher Self to merge with your Conscious Self and validate this blending by asking for the activation of your Conscious Higher Self Bio-Signature.

The psychic Information must always come through love, not duality where you have black and white, judgment, fear, pain, damage, suffering or grief and so on.

Then, ask your Conscious Higher Self, “What is the best way to language this psychic Information so that it is appropriately received by my Recipient, with compassion, joy and love.


  • Please don’t ask for validation, but remain open to receiving it when the Recipient is ready.
  • This style of psychic inquiry often leads to validating evidence so trust the process.
  • Ask yourself when psychic data is coming through: “Is the Information healing and helpful?”
  • Be primed and self-aware of your electromagnetic field as you enter as a dyad within the virtual temple.
  • Be like a lighthouse, scanning the electromagnetic field, examining your senses, body, mind/knowing and spirit.

Train yourself to detect and discern the difference between receiving psychic Information and trying to sense with your mind.


A: Do this math equation in your head – 13×26. Now, how does that feel?

B: Now tune into your heart or your life force. How does that feel?

Pay Attention to your Breath:

When you are trying too hard to receive Psychic Information, you stop breathing.

Maintain awareness of your breath. Train yourself to let it flow. Keep breathing.

Use your breath as a focus tool to stay riveted to the presence of the unseen world.

Use your awareness of the frequency output of your listening stations. Intentionally shift as you need to self-correct to flow with dynamic electromagnetic energy more efficiently.

Use the connection through the Listening Stations to sit inflow while anchored in the middle of the earth.

Practice Presence:

Pay attention to what suddenly comes into your higher-awareness; a little ball of string falls – pull on it. Let it unravel; ask the source energy or spirit team to help you discern the psychic Information. Silently, ask Recipient’s spirit team to help you too.

Self-Connection work Versus Spiritual By-Passing:

  • Open Inward to Eternal Wisdom is firstly about cultivating a robust self-connection.
  • The deeper we can connect with ourselves, the deeper we can connect with others.
  • The deeper we connect to ourselves, the more efficiently we can shift from an imbalance into a better state of harmony.
  • We can self-correct back into our flow state with restored balance when we detect an imbalance.
  • To see the change happen/versus just recognizing when we are out of sorts) we can use consistent intention, affirmation, new actions, and higher self-awareness to see results.
  • Energy: Electro (thoughts) + Magnetic (feelings)

Pro-Tips for Channeling your Conscious Higher Self and Your Spirit Team:

Duty of Care to you:

If you are not feeling well, reschedule dyad work, work on yourself to rebuild your state of balance, doing what you can to be the most precise possible.

  • Believe you can connect to your Conscious Higher-Self (and your spirit team) (I believe Mindset).
  • Use a commanding intention with Conscious Higher-Self (and your spirit team) and your recipient’s Conscious Higher-Self and spirit team.
  • I acknowledge “I am a spirit”, which is why this quality of inquiry is possible.
  • Intentionally shift your perspective into a vertical or right brain, soul awareness.
  • Intentionally raise your vibration (chant, dance, sing, meditate, prayer work, merit-building, focus your intention) and importantly, expect to begin perceiving psychic data.
  • Always remain 100% present while channelling your Conscious Higher-Self.
  • Remember, you need an unhurried and safe space to source the most appropriate answers from Conscious Higher Self and your Spirit Team.
  • When you detect an energetic pause in receiving psychic information, move into a resting state, breathe and gently guide the communication to the next question.
  • Your answers be a word, a sound, a sensation, an image, a knowing or a vibrational signature full of data!
  • Document your findings as best as you can, taking the time you need without losing the connection.
  • Have trust and faith in yourself, Conscious Higher-Self, and your Spirit Team, even if you are unaware of them at various times.