OISI Oracle Duty of Care

OISI Oracle Duty of Care

Whether you’ve purchased a new oracle, such as the recommended Thoth Tarot, or pulled out one you have had for some time, here are some OISI tips for keeping your oracle clean and safe. 


  • Protecting your oracle from unbalanced energies and future inbound vibrations (+ or -), physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, is critical.


  • Always respect and protect your oracle like any living thing when not in use. 
  • You can keep your oracle in its box and still slip them into a safe storage container. 
  • I prefer to keep the cards in a bag.
    • I keep the original box and booklet together.
      • I rarely rely on the supplied card definitions, but this is a personal choice.
  • Wrap your oracle in a silk scarf, tuck it into a box or a bag
    • I love Japanese brocade bags or simple black silk bags with drawstrings.
      • If you know someone handy with a sewing machine, enlist their help. My sister made me some many moons ago.

Consecration Blessing:

  • The process of consecration is ancient. The intention is to clear any unbalanced energy, making the oracle ready for you to claim it and imprint it with your idiosyncratic energy and intentions. 
  • An oracle is a Pagan tool of divination. Traditionally divination tools would be consecrated before first use. In modern times, this is up to you.
    • I always purify a new oracle, and I then invite my Spirit Team to blend with my new oracle.

How to Consecrate your Oracle:

  • Again, this is entirely up to you! The internet and bookstores are flooded with information.
  • We will have a special OISI meditation for consecration and blessing your oracle!  

Regarding second-hand or gifted oracles:

  • I believe the process of consecration is critical to creating a clean canvas so your energy can make a clear solid imprint.
  • I am not a fan of acquiring second-hand oracles, so I am not keen to purchase and wear used personal items from clothing to second-hand jewelry shops.
    • I am not entirely comfortable entering second-hand shops.
      • I find the energy in these places is clingy, ‘lost’ and desperately looking to be ‘found.’
        • However, sometimes you need to ‘rescue’ something! 
  • For others, this is not an issue whatsoever!
    • It is all subjective to the individual. 


  • Spend time blending energetically with your oracle. 
  • Appreciate the artwork. 
  • Keep them on your person as much as possible while this blending process unfolds. 
  • If it feels right, rough up your deck (claim it)! I mark the edges with a blood-red marker, allowing the ink to ‘bleed’ onto the front and rear deck face. 


In the sun or moon, crystals, salt, or Dragon Breath.

Shuffle Ritual:

  • Make one up! I shared mine under working with the Thoth Tarot.
  • I am inclined to keep my most potent oracles to myself.
    • I do not allow others to touch, let alone shuffle them.
      • I also have a selection of oracles I am happy to allow others to engage with.