OISI Grimoire

What is Grimoire?

(European) (gramarye, ‘”magic and enchantment’) a magician’s handbook containing collections of magic lore, traditions, spells, rituals, secrets of Kabbalah, alchemy, astrology, secret knowledge for making powerful talismans, and instructions for summoning etheric world entities and performing many psychic skills. Syn. Black Book, Book of Shadows [June Bletzer, Ph.D.]

A Grimoire is also a place to ground ideas, inspirations, creations, elements, symbolism and spiritual beings that you encounter or resonate within your discovery processes. 

A Grimoire can also be where you document your spiritual beliefs and intentions. A Grimoire is the sacred space of your inner world. 

Grimoire pronunciation – (Grim – Wahr)

What is your OISI Grimoire? 

Your Open Inward Self Illumination Grimoire is your sacred documentation of your ongoing esoteric OISI journey through alchemy experiences, self-discoveries, magical creations and the resulting transformation enchantments. 

As of this day, your OISI Grimoire is a compendium of your private emotional, intellectual and spiritual journey into mystical, magical knowledge. 

  • Your OISI Grimoire is sacred and should be hidden from others except when it feels appropriate with your fellow OISI sisters. 
  • Your OISI Grimoire is not meant to be shared outside of OISI.
  • Your OISI Grimoire won’t always be perfect. You will be tempted to tear pages out, but don’t give in to ego, and don’t let ego stop you from being messy because being messy is about being on the edge of your evolution.

How to build your OISI Grimoire

Your Open Inward Self Illumination Grimoire should include obsessively detailed instructions, drawings, mind maps and artwork: 

What ideas to include in your OISI Grimoire are endless

  • Keep PAGES 1,2 and the last page CLEAN AND FREE as Dedication Pages
  • Always include Time and Date
  • Have a set of dedicated pens, pencil crayons, watercolours, markers
  • Dream workings & outcomes
  • Meditation & outcomes
  • Surrogate Dyad Exercise & outcomes
  • Personal discoveries about your True Will
  • Progressive intentional beliefs & outcomes
  • Affirmations & outcomes
  • Declarations & outcomes
  • Invocations, prayers and offerings & outcomes
  • Ritual ideas
  • Celebrations and holidays
  • Diary entries
  • Merit building contributions
  • Sigils and Talismans & outcomes
  • Personal accounts from Rituals, ceremonies and, exercises & outcomes
  • Miscellaneous practical wisdom that speaks to your soul and aligns with your True Will and your ascension process 
  • Your spiritual beliefs
  • Your psychic and intuitive wins
  • Favourite quotes and poetry that speaks to your soul
  • Declaration and empowerments
  • Code of conduct
  • Mantras you love
  • Your rules for life
  • Universal laws you resonate with and why
  • Things you want to attract, shift, make vanish or transform

You are creating a legacy descendent of all grimoires. 

  • Do fun and wild things with your OISI Grimoire
  • Give your OISI Grimoire a name
  • Splash essential oils on a page
  • Glue dried flowers, leaves, pictures from magazines and whatnot
  • Colour pages 
  • Put borders on pages
  • Stain pages with tea or coffee rings or berries and other natural dyes
  • Create sections
  • Create a secret language for extra secret pages
  • Add photos and drawings of loved ones, deities, gods, goddesses, angels, aliens and spirit entities.
  • Let your OISI Grimoire be an extension of you!
  • Add pockets and envelopes to pages, to tuck secrets, wishes or tiny crystals and herbs inside
  • Leave blank pages for filling later
  • Letters to your quantum selves
  • Letters to your past and future ancestors
  • Love letters
  • Clipping of hair or cremains from a loved person or pet
  • Life stories from different times and places
  • Experiences
  • Encounters with energy
  • Mirror work
  • Songs you are drawn to

Famous Grimoires

The Book of Abramelin, The Key of Solomon, and the Sworn Book of Honorius are a few grimoires from the Medieval or Early Modern era. 

Each purports to offer step-by-indecipherable-step instructions on how to invoke spirits and compel them to do your bidding, find buried treasure, and or grant your heart’s desires.

OISI Grimoire Dedication Pages:

The first page of your OISI grimoire acts as the vaulted front door. 

For the first page of your OISI Grimoire, I have a created special gift for each of you!  

A bespoke OISI Galactic Seal 

The second page of your OISI Grimoire acts as the blessing or dedication altar.

For your second page of your OISI Grimoire, you have created a sigil of protection!

The last page of your OISI Grimoire acts as the vaulted backdoor.

For the last page of your OISI Grimoire, I invite you to find a piece of poetry that speaks to you about radical self-love, honesty and acceptance and knowledge, your true will.

Poetry on Self Connection, Radical Self Honesty, Radical Self Acceptance, Radical Self Love: 

  • Rumi
  • Gibran
  • John O’ Donoghue 
  • Mary Oliver – Wild geese
  • Anne Sexton – Her Kind

How to charge your OISI Grimoire Dedication pages:

  • Resting in the sun, full or new moon
  • By bringing it into the Open Inward Virtual Sacred Temple 
  • By intentionally setting down a crystal or a crystal grid configuration
  • By smudging while reciting the affirmation in multiples of three
  • Singing to your OISI Grimoire your Soul Declaration, Kannon invocation

Reproduction of this document in any way shape or form is strictly prohibited. This document is for your personal use only as intended in the Open Inward work of Laurie Anne King. You are not entitled to resell, reproduce, or share this document and any breach of this may be enforced by the law. © 2018-2022 Laurie Anne King. All Rights Reserved.