OISI Coaching Event 10-11-2022

October: 11

  • OISI Know Thyself through Working with an Oracle
    • What is a Zen Koan
    • Quantum Considerations
    • When should we NOT work with an Oracle whether for ourselves or another?
    • The Kryptonite of Intuition
    • How to Overcome the Kryptonite
    • Why work with an Oracle?
    • An Oracle is not only for accessing predictive information:
  • Group Exercise to activate the awareness of two helpful bio-signatures:
    • Socially Ingrained Cerebral Conscious Dominance  
      • What is it about me that is not balanced? 
    • Non-Conscious Intuitive Analogous Imagery
      • What in my life has ended or needs to end because it no longer serves me?