OIIEM Spirit Identification Protocol

OIIEM Spirit Identification Protocol

  • Review the OIIEM Identification List before your client arrives.
    • In your heart, invite the spirits of your client/sitter to kindly show up ahead of time and begin to prepare and be ready to offer evidence when I ask for it.
    • Be prepared to help spirits out in identifying themselves at the beginning of a reading., when they show up.



The moment you detect a presence, initiate contact: 

  • In your heart, ask the presenting spirit to respond to simple statements and communication starter points that will help you to determine who they are before your Client validates potentially accurately.
  • Give the presenting spirit cues, and they will answer with the Original Primary Language (thought forms, feelings, metaphors, images, statements, sensations, energy signatures and even personality quirks, and all psychic senses are subject to understanding this ancient language of energy).
  • Request that the presenting spirit prepares to provide at least 3-5 identity markers from this list while you continue through the listening stations. 
  • Let them know you will come back to them and ask them to identify themselves using at least these 3-5 things.
  • That way, they have not one identification point – but several different ways in which they could be known to a client.
  • Rather than just simply telling me that they are my client’s mother – I ask them to begin by describing how they dress, what they act like, hints about their personality, how they died, and even their name or the letter it started with, so you can know that this really is who you are connecting with.

OIIEM Spirit Identification

After the 5th Listening Station,  you are ready to open the door to Spirit fully. 


Come now. 

I am ready to communicate with spirits who have come for (insert client name),

Please come fully forward now. 

Remain relaxed, and open your perception as if searching and waiting on a spirit to reveal itself. 

What is The Original or Primary Language of Spirit?

Spirit does not use the last language they spoke, so it does not matter if you don’t speak the original mother tongue of the spirit. The existence of a universal Primary Language should be your first clue to not look for ‘words’ but open up all your psychic faculties to discern subtle pieces of information that require the coherence of your head and heart. 

Seed thoughts, emotions, energy, temperature shifts, patterns, visions, symbols, sigils, sensations, and patterns. 

OIIEM Spirit Identification Protocol:

Ask spirit to work with your OIIEM Spirit Identification Protocol.

Open intentionally to detect a directional (Left-Middle-Right) pull, an attraction, a sensation or a visual clue. 


  • Maternal Side 
  • Mother, GrandMother, Great GrandMother


  • Paternal side
  • Father, GrandFather, Great GrandFather

Spirits appear TALLER IF they are from an OLDER GENERATION.

Partway to the left:

  • Children, GrandChildren
  • Unborn children

Partway to the right:

  • Siblings, cousins, Aunts, Uncles


  • Non-blood relatives, friends, spouses
  • Pets,
  • Spirit Guides and Guardians
  • Animal Spirit totems, 
  • Extraterrestrials
  • Angels
  • Ascended Masters
  • Monads


  • Represents the pivot point of your awareness

Breath Life into the spirit long enough for their momentary actualization

What are remembered lives? pad out

Proprioception – unpack

OIIEM Spirit Identification Questions:

  1. What is your gender? Other, Male, Female? 
  2. Are you an Ancestor?
  3. Mother’s side – drawn/pulled to the left (Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother)
  4. Father’s side –  drawn/pulled to the right (Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather)
  5. Partner/spouse 
  6. Sibling/Cousin
  7. Child/Grand Child, Unborn Child
  8. Friend
  9. A friend of a friend is hoping to get a message from them
  10. Neighbour
  11. Pet
  12. Spirit Guide
  13. How did you die?
  14. What was your cause of death?
  15. At what age did you die?
  16. How old were you? 
  17. Birthday Month/Day
  18. What did you do? 
  19. Do you have any Messages for (insert client’s name)
  20. Tell me about prominent features of your personality, characteristics, your nature
  21. What did you look like?
  22. What was your appearance?
  23. What is your dressing style?
  24. What is your name or a letter of your name?
  25. What is/was your role in this person’s life?
  26. What was your job or career in life?
  27. What important memories do you share with this person?
  28. Did you have any pets?
  29. What objects can this person remember you by?
  30. What did your home look like?
  31. Where did you live when you were alive? What region?
  32. What are any important days, numbers, or months that you and this person can relate to?
  33. Who else do you know in Spirit?
  34. What is something that you can say or give that would be heartfelt and touching to this person?
  35. Can you validate any decisions this person has made?
  36. Do you have any scars, injuries or birthmarks?
  37. What signs do you use to show that you are around and present?

These are just a few of the things that I ask deceased loved ones to share with me before and during the reading. 

Preparatory meditation

By asking these questions before your client arrives, you give your Spirit-speaker an opportunity to take the edge off their stress. You are letting them know, as the medium, that you are here to help, that you are there to support and that you will do anything you can to assist them in connecting.

Evidence Pro-Tips: 

  • Your Mediumship Guide will learn your OIIEM system of identification and will pass this information onto spirits wanting to make contact! 
  • As soon as you discern through knowing, sensing or seeing a spirit, acknowledge the spirit and document it in your mindmap to report it to your Client after Listening station 5.
  • Your interaction with the spirit will feel ‘real,’ palpable, and emotional.
  • Always ask spirit questions silently and telepathically.
    • You don’t want your client to hear you because you will pick up on their answers telepathically if they do. 
    • You want to pick up on the information from the spirit. 
    • You want to avoid picking up on information through the Client about the spirit.
  • When you are getting information from the spirit and not the client, you know you have made a solid link with the spirit.
    • Embrace the full sensory metaphysical experience!
  • Pay attention to all sensations in your body, pressure, pain, tingling, anything! 
  • Speak everything you detect objectively: “They are showing me…, they are telling me….”

Can We Ask Spirit for their Name? uppack

  • You can ask anything of a spirit once you have established a connection. 
  • Ask in order of priority which is getting evidence-based information.
  • Getting specific details like dates and Names is rare. 
  • It seems to be coveted, and part of the parlour theatrical entertaining outworn mindset of mediumship
  • Don’t place value on getting names
  • The goal is to make a connection to the essence of the spirit. 
  • This is more critical in delving into the energy of the spirit than getting a name.