November Bonus Dyad Exercises

Open Inward Inquiry Spreads:

The number of spreads is limitless; outside OISI, use what floats your boat. In OISI, we will use simple oracle spreads as we prepare to map a pattern onto the Open Inward process as a layout of inquiry. Each Listening Station represents a different quality of connection to the self. Pulling cards for each listening station or point of inquiry is an aid to your psychic investigation. 

  • Allow the energy to present itself and, if necessary, pull supporting cards to dig deeper until you intuitively feel the message is free-flowing. 

Bonus Dyad Exercise: Surrogate/S.O.S.

OISI Tune-Up Your Spirituality Oracle Spread

  • First Card – Recent Past
    • INTENTION: What has been your experience of your spirituality in the recent past?
  • Second Card –¬†Guidance
    • INTENTION: How can you elevate your experience of your spirituality today?
  • Third Card – Potential Outcome or opportunity
    • INTENTION:  What could happen or materialize/manifest in you and your life if you embodied the guidance offered?

Bonus Dyad Exercise: Surrogate/S.O.S.

OSIS Joy Triad Oracle Spread

  • First Card –¬†Presented Obstacle or issue
    • INTENTION: What is holding you back from joy and happiness?
  • Second Card –¬†Guidance & Direction
    • INTENTION: What do you need to understand to step onto a path of joy?
  • Third Card – Potential Outcome or opportunity
    • INTENTION:  How will Joy present itself?