Introduction to Mediumship:

Introduction to Mediumship: 

What is your ‘Why’?

I can share what ‘your’ why is because I get you. You are like me. I know that the spirits have brought us together to go on this journey. 

  • I know you want to make a difference in this world. 
  • You want to help others feel connected to loved ones who have passed over. 
  • You want to be a potent, accurate mediator between a client or a sitter and the realm of spirits for healing. 
  • You want to witness the catalyst of change in those who come to you as a sitter.
  • You want to serve loving souls longing to connect. 
  • You want to be in the service of bringing closure and easing the pain of grief and disconnection. 
  • You want to be an agent of peace and acceptance. 

How do you become a Medium?

Becoming a Medium is a rare event that naturally unfolds. 

  • 1 in a 100 may become psychic 
  • 1 in a million may become a medium. 

You do not choose to be a medium. It just happens. And when it does, the spirit world is often persistent. Coincidence on steroids – leads us to the spirits, people, methods, and philosophies we need to develop on this path. 

Life challenges, conflict and being compelled to overcome and adapt are massive karmic turning points that can be the catalyst that set one on fire spiritually. Usually, loss, illness, and trauma events open this obscured door. Some people have already done a lot of work in other life stories, so they come into the world with Mediumship switched on. 

A good portion of Mediumship unfolding (which never ends) is nudged by an individual’s Spirit Team, especially their Mediumship Guide. We need to understand our True Will, embrace self-growth, and bring a keen interest in studying spiritual teachings, mysticism, esoteric philosophy and even a scientific theory. 

The primary goal of Mediumship development is learning to connect with the self and as quickly to others, whether they are in the physical or spiritual realms. The skill of connection rules Mediumship! 

Simple Fact: The deeper we can connect to ourselves, the deeper we can connect to another. The quality of that connection is unique to each person, based on their nature and personality. No two mediums are alike. 

The skill of discerning the Primary Language of Spirit is 100% entangled with the life-long development of self-connection. Mastering this language demands a balanced mental focus between the polarity of being overly cerebral and analytical to being scattered and easily distracted. 

Constantly developing a body-mind awareness and balanced head/heart coherence leads to ever-increasing efficiency and clarity in evidential mediation mediumship, identification and sustaining a connection with the spirit realm, accuracy in the interpreting of the primary language and holding steady in the ‘no time, no space’ psychic stream of consciousness. 

How do you build your Mediumship Skills?

  • Study theory and philosophy of Mediumship
  • Embrace the opportunity to practice whenever you can
  • Become hyper-aware of and lean into your sensitivity throughout the day.
  • Meditation and Breath-work 
  • Discipline and balance any tendency to be overly cerebral, analytical, rational and orderly. 
  • Practice being in a flow state of coherence.
    • The spirit realm is a realm of chaos, constantly morphing. 
  • Mentor with another Medium skilled at connecting to you, your spirit team, and those who communicate with you from the spirit realm.
    • A medium mentor also needs to see how spirits communicate with you and how you are interpreting the information.

Levels of Mediumship:

  • Beginner: Gaining experience 
  • Intermediate: They would be able to provide reasonable evidence in their message and demonstrate the ability to hold a spirit link.
  • Advanced: They can demonstrate Mediumship in public or through private sittings. They would be able to provide good, precise evidence and maintain a sustained link with spirit.

What are the primary differences between psychic information and communicating with spirits?

  • Where is the information coming from? 
  • Is it based on communication from a spirit? 
  • Is it based on the interpretation of energy connected to a person or object? 
  • Is it a bit of both?

OIIEM was developed to be a fusion of accessing psychic and mediumship, balanced with integrative support through cognitive awareness processes.

Encountering Spirits with Unclear or Dark Agendas

It can be overwhelming when we open the door to the spirit realm as literally thousands and thousands of souls, monads and constellations will show up. We need to learn to be aware of what is going on at that point and to navigate through this realm respectfully.

First off, it is entirely possible to connect with undesirable entities. Anyone who claims to the country, believing we are always protected, or that dark entities are fictitious, has not yet had any experiences. It would behoove them to gain more knowledge in this area.

The world is full of people with dark agendas, and the realm of spirit is no different. Dark entities have different plans, including a natural curiosity or an interest in learning more about communication with other domains. We are all learning, all the time. 

As we open the door to the spirit realm, we can still encounter dark spirits and entities regardless of the layers of protection and intention. They can sneak into the Temple like a trojan, disguised as wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. 

How do you manage unwanted guests in the Virtual Temple?

We need to be vigilant about scanning the field in the Virtual Temple to detect all souls and suspicious entities. 

When we encounter a suspicious entity, we need to question them immediately and firmly escort them out of the sacred space. 

When you ask a suspicious spirit or entity to identify themselves, in the light of all that is holy, in the name of Jesus Christ, by the laws of the Universe, they must answer absolutely. 

This fundamentally Christian approach works because we primarily come from a Christian cultural influence. If our cultural influence were Muslim or Buddhist, the over-seeing deity would originate from the corresponding religion. 

Suppose you don’t ask a suspicious entity to reveal itself before Jesus Christ. They can beat around the bush, stir up chaos, conceal their true identity and hidden agendas, and feed you accurate psychic information. They are very good at tricking you into believing they are sheep and not a big bad Wolf looking to take advantage and potentially cause harm. 

Once a dark entity is locked energetically to you and or your Client, it can be like a virus psychically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically. 

How do we minimize these encounters? 

  • You want to be connected to your true nature, your spirit team, tethered to the earth and feeling strong and clear standing in your personal power, not your ego.
  • You want to be capable of summoning protection.
  • You want to be good at scanning the unified field for suspicious unbalanced energies.  

Here’s the thing I want to share. Regardless of all the precautions, you may still have an encounter. My hope is that you will feel confident in knowing how to handle the situation. 

Mediumship Preparations, activation of mediumship and layers of protection

As we progress through OIIEM, you will learn the Open Inward Advanced Self-Connection Meditation Practice and the 12-Step Connection Protocol, which includes three levels of activation and 4 layers of protection.

Connect with your Mediumship Guide:

Keep your awareness open to meet a very special guide whose purpose is to help protect you from suspicious entities and lower energy. They provide psychic information; they help you to scan the field for spirits waiting to communicate with your client and correspond with other spirits like a concierge. They also help to maintain the three-way link between you, your client and a presenting spirit. 

Our Mediumship Guides also need to learn to be good Mediumship Guides!

As we learn and evolve through practice and mentoring, our Mediumship Guides are learning alongside us!