Interpreting Communications from beyond the Earthly realm

Interpreting Communications from beyond the Earthly Realm

For various reasons and agendas, non-corporeal beloved ones and spiritual guides, angels, aliens and group consciousness have a keen interest in communicating with us here on the earth plane. Let’s look at both separately as both can communicate and provide information in very similar ways, and discerning between them can be tricky. The only way to determine if a sign or communication is genuine is to trust our inner knowing. 

Beloved Ones: 

Those who have passed over seek to connect with their loved ones here on the earth plane to offer protection, and guidance and convey profound, meaningful messages. They want to share the reality of the continuity of life after death, eternity, and in-still remembrance. They are interested in providing the medium with genuine evidence.

Spiritual Guidance:

Similarly, we can receive communication from Spiritual entities or non-corporeal life forms, potentially existing at higher vibrational frequencies and consciousness. They frequently reach out to connect with us to offer protection, advice, guidance and direction.

What is the Original Primal Language of the Spirit?

If you want to find the universe’s secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibration. 

– Nicola Tesla  

The Primal Language is the original language of the spirit world whether the source is a discarnate being, angelic, elemental, alien or high group consciousness. Communications are through thought forms, feelings, metaphors, symbols, impressions, and sometimes physical sensations. Spirit can be pretty creative and determined to communicate, but we still have to unpack and interpret the Primal language carefully. 

The primal language of spirit (from beloved ones and spiritual guidance) is not limited or expressed as language as we know it. I believe all communication is vibrational, and it is our consciousness that translates the vibrations or frequencies into understandable language, symbols, metaphors, sensations, visions, narratives and so on. 

We receive these communications through our dominant psychic faculties as vibrations and frequencies of light encoded with information and energetic micro and macro transmissions (guidance, healing, warnings, protection, etc.) from the Unified Field. 

It is important to note that the Primal Language with loved ones is experientially felt like a familiar energetic resonance and often feels comforting and loving.

We must be open to discerning Spirit communications’ unique, subtle and non-verbal qualities. A spiritual presence has a characteristic vibrational signature that our hearts will recognize. Our loved ones in spirit know how we detect feeling loved and will make every effort to communicate with a non-verbal love language that is deeply familiar to us. As a medium, we become the mediator of that experience for the sitter. 

The experience of Primal Language with Spiritual beings feels like a revelation by revealing information we need to know, understand fully and put into action for our highest and best. 

When reciprocating with spirit communications, they nor we are limited to corporeal sight or sound. Higher Intelligent, all-knowing Consciousness can descend into our consciousness and pierce our hearts and souls, enabling us to instantly know vast amounts of information and inspiration without prior knowledge or study, thus revelationary. 

Evidential Mediumship through the Primal Language of Spirit:

Relevant awareness comes through your primary psychic faculties:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience
  • Claircognizance

Vibrational, Magnetic & transmissions of Frequencies:

  • Waves of empathy and compassion
  • Praise, compliment, affirmation and love
  • Comfort and joy
  • Unwarranted or random Happiness
  • Feeling seen, heard and valued
  • Peace and relief from worry
  • Humour
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual support
  • Hope, trust and faith restored through reunion
  • Reassurance and connection when feeling isolated 
  • Support when fearful of one’s death (we never cross alone)
  • Courage, strength and conviction when faced with challenges
  • Inspiration around getting unstuck, moving forward, creating change and transformation
  • Familiar associated feelings activated
  • Unexpected epiphany, insights, metaphors and visions

Physical Gifts:

  • Synchronistic encounters
  • Unexpected presents
  • Confirmations around direction or course  correction
  • Tricksters warnings
  • Pulling strings, opening doors metaphorically for you
  • Parking spot appearance when needed
  • Unexpected offers and shopping discounts on items desired
  • Helping you find resources to achieve your objectives and goals
  • The random appearance of feathers, coins, trinkets
  • Animals like birds behaving out of the ordinary
  • Visits in dream time, day-dreaming, or meditating
  • Messages through the radio, such as a song
  • Unexplainable flights and flashes of light
  • Flashes of colour or light when your eyes are closed
  • Shadows out of your peripheral vision, especially doorways and hallways
  • Unexplained electrical phenomena (buzzers, lights flickering, devices and phones behaving strange, etc.)
  • Timely messages through signposts, songs on the radio, random comments
  • Hearing their voice, feeling their presence, detecting their touch or weight beside you (i.e. on your bed or couch)
  • Awareness of their perfume or distinct smells related to them
  • Relevant books falling off a shelf
  • Spirit orbs, spirit smoke and apparitions

Can we ask for a sign? Yes!

  1. Get grounded and centred.
  2. When ready to ask, be clear and specific about the sign you’d like delivered
  3. Make it something familiar between you.
  4. Hold your request with magnetic feelings and electrical thoughts
  5. Hold your request in a sacred and private way
  6. Have no expectations or conditions
  7. Keep your heart and mind open
  8. Let go of timing