Hone Work: OISI Grimoire Relationship Development

Hone Work: 

OISI Grimoire Relationship Development

Should you decide to accept this challenge, know that you are simply breathing a little more lifeforce into your OISI Grimoire and nurturing a relationship. 

During the Build & Activate your OISI Grimoire Coaching Event, you received the Secret Name of your OISI Grimoire. To name a ‘thing’ is to give it power and life. The hidden name of your OISI Grimoire is the key that opens the door for you and for you alone to communicate with this living presence. 

Open Inward Exercise: 

Do a Self-Connection Meditation Practice and after the 5th listening station, activate the 6th listening station using the Secret Name of your OISI Grimoire

Open up a dialogue by asking your OISI Grimoire if they have a message for you as you launch into this new partnership. 

  • Record your experiences directly into your OISI Grimoire. 
  • For feedback, please share your experiences in the Telegram chat!