Dyads: Know Thyself: Life Purpose Inquiry

Life Purpose Inquiry:

Dyad Instructions:

  1. Don’t read ahead and spoil your journey. Stay fresh and in ‘first thought.’
  2. Choose who will be Sacred Witness #1 and who will be Sacred Witness #2.

Recipient Instructions:  

Answer a set of questions with your first thought while imagining you are sitting in front of a mirror gazing at yourself.

Please note: 

  1. There are two sets of questions. 
  2. Only use one set of questions per round. 
  3. Use the first set for the first round. 
  4. Swap roles and use the second set of questions. 
  • Get quiet, relaxed and grounded. 
  • Eyes open, continuously looking at your Sacred Witness yet imaging you are looking at a mirror of yourself.
  • Focus your awareness on the space between your eyebrows
  • Allow yourself to drift deeper into a trance-like state
  • When you are ready, let your Sacred Witness know by raising your hand briefly
  • Listen mindfully as your Sacred Witness asks you to answer a set of questions
  • Answer from that trance like state with your first thoughts
  • Remember to breath

Sacred Witness Instructions: 

  • Ask your Recipient a set of questions while imagining you are a mirror in front of them
  • Softly, hold their gaze as if their life was in your hands
  • Get quiet and grounded 
  • Wait to get the go-ahead to proceed from your Sacred Witness (raised hand)
  • Before asking your Recipient questions, reaffirm your intention to be a reflective mirror vibrationally
  • Ask your Recipient one question at a time
  • Listen mindfully and document their answers
  • Stay open and do not comment on the answers provided

Sacred Witness #1 Questions: Ask your Recipient

  1. What are you currently learning through your life’s challenges?
  2. What types of problems do you solve?
  3. Using your intuition, share with me what you discern how those in my life benefit from my assistance.
  4. What do you feel I’d be good at being? 
  5. Where do you experience the most joy and happiness in your life?
  6. What is your super freaky genius zone? 


Sacred Witness #2 Questions: Ask your Recipient

  1. Part of your Life Purpose is to share what you have learned. Based on your life’s challenges, what have you recently learned that you are ready to share? 
  2. Using your intuition, share with me what strengths in me you discern?
  3. Using your intuition, share what you discern my greatest gift is? 
  4. What do you feel I’d be good at doing? 
  5. When you wake up if you could do whatever you wanted, what would it be?
  6. What keeps you focused and on track for your goals?